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Except for a select few, sooner or later a serial killer will get caught. It could take months or even years. Below you will see how some ended up getting busted because they were careless or because they thought they were unstoppable.

Dennis Nilsen
The end came for the “British Jeffrey Dahmer” when he began disposing of his victims by the ill advised method of flushing their dismemembered bodies down the toilet of his North London flat. When the building pipes became clogged, neighbors called a plumber who was understandably staggered to dicover that the blockage was caused by a thick porridge of putrefying human flesh.

Joel Rifkin
After committing 17 murders, the Long Island prositute killer was caught when police spotted him driving without a rear license plate. When they pulled him over after a high speed chase, they discovered the nude decomposing corpse of a woman in the back of the vehcile.

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
This pair was stopped when Norris couldn’t keep from bragging about his role in the 1978 murder spree to an old prison pal, who turned around and told the information to his lawyer, who then in turn gave the information over to the local police.

As you can see, sooner or later the criminal makes a careless mistake that can lead to their arrest. It can be something as simple as bragging about a crime, to something as simple as a traffic stop.


~ by B on July 10, 2006.

5 Responses to “Busted!”

  1. The one I wonder about the most is the “Zodiac Killer” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’ t think they ever caught the person.
    I’m glad they finally caught the BTK guy..man he’s creepy!

  2. But yeah, that BTK movie sucked.


    Keep it up ANO!

  3. It is true that sooner or later criminals will get caught. And so far the blog is coming along nicely, ever think of adding pics to the names….but nicely done..

  4. What a fascinating and unique idea for a blog!

    Please, keep it going!

  5. You know, I always half wonder if they don’t want to be caught. Some times it seems like these killers are so far ahead of the police forces trying to catch them, and the mistakes they make that lead to their arrests are stupid ones. Of course they get no publicity if they’re never caught. Either way, I’m glad they’re off the street.

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