The Kobe School Killer

This was probably the most disturbing case I’ve read about and I’m sure some of you will agree.

During the spring and summer of 1997, Japan was rocked by a hideous crime. On May 27th, several people spotted what appeared to be a manikin’s head resting in front of the gate to one of the local junior highschools in the port city of Kobe. Once someone examined the scene closer, they realized the head was not fake at all. It belong to Jun Hase, a 11 year old mentally challenged boy who had been missing for several days. In side the mouth, there was a note that read: “Well, let’s begin a game. Can you stop me, police? I desperatly want to see people die. I think it’s fun to kill people. A bloody judgement is needed for my years of great bitterness.”

A rash of crimes had hit that area lately. A 10 year old girl had been beaten to death with a steel pipe in March and a 9 year old girl was stabbed the same day. Before that, 2 other school girls were attacked by someone with a hammer. Along with human victims, 2 dead animals had been found near the school. One was a bird who was decapitated and the other a kitten who had its paws cut off.

Knowing they had a serial killer on their hands, the police staretd looking for the last person seen with young Jun. He had been a man in his 30’s. In the month of June, the killer started sending letters to local newspapers. In these letters he claimed that murder brough him an inner peace. He went out to say he would kill 3 children a week.

Finally at the end of June the killer was caught. Instead of joy, there was shock. The killer turned out to be a 14 year old boy. Like many serial killers before him, he started showing signs at an early age. He enjoyed torturing animals, played around with hunting knives. Once he lined frogs up on the street and ran them over with his bike. He kept a detailed journal of his crimes and rituals. After luring Jun to a wooded hill, he strangled him and removed his head with a saw. Afterwards, he took the head home where he washed it in a purification ceremony before leaving it at the school gate.

Under Japanese law, the killer could not be jailed because of his age. One way or another he is expected to be back on the streets by the time he is 18. Based on that information, in 2001 he would have turned 18. Obviously now you know why I find this to be one of the most disturbing cases I’ve read. It’s one thing for an adult to go around and murder people, but for a 14 year old child? That just shocks the hell out of me. This is why it’s important to pay attention to warning signs.

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~ by B on July 15, 2006.

11 Responses to “The Kobe School Killer”

  1. Awesome new blog!

  2. Thanks JW!

  3. very interesting case. weird.

  4. This is very very creepy, yo.

  5. Maybe they could institutionalize him. He’s obviously not fit to be out on the streets; he’s a danger to society.

  6. Holy…

    I have a hard time processing stories like these. I can’t allow myself to fathom such horror….

  7. While it is crystal clear that permanent institutionalization of Shinichirou Azuma (yes, that is the the Kobe School Killer’s true name) would definitely be the best course of action, Japanese law unfortunately prohibits this. The only possible alternative would be to saddle him with a career with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, preferably with front-line units such as those on tour in Iraq – such a vocation would give Azuma a proper outlet for his killer instinct.

    I am fully aware of the fact that photographic depictions of Azuma exist on the Internet and elsewhere, but they prove frustratingly elusive. Does anyone have possession of said articles? If so, please contact me at – I dearly need at least one photo for my collection. Thank you!

  8. wow this is sick and desturbing. I dont see how a 14 year old boy could do that to other kids and ANIMALS. The people and things that are innocent. Its just desturbing. people like this need to be found and PUT AWAY.

  9. Does anyone know whats going on with him now?

  10. I’d love to get an updated image of him

  11. And 20 years later, here I am reading up on this. Wow, so interesting. I wonder where he is now…

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