In The News: Arizona Serial Killers

I actually had two people send me the same article. How awesome is that? Scott and Flic both sent this to me and I thought I’d share it. I’ve seen this mentioned on various sites but never got around to posting anything about it.

Seems like Arizona is being stalked by not one, but two serial killers. One seems to randomly shoot his targets and the other is a rapist and murderer. According to the article “Fear and paranoia have gripped this sprawling city amid reports that not one, but two serial killers have been striking separately in recent months, killing as many as 11 people at random on the darkened streets. ”

The random shootings are being compared to the Beltway Snipers that hit the MD/VA/DC area a few years ago. I remember being scared to get gas or just be out in public because you never knew where the snipers were. I was suppose to visit a friend at a DC college and had to cancel because of the fear. I can understand how these people are feeling.

People are being gunned down while bike riding, waiting for the bus and just pumping gas. Six of the killings being attributed to the “Baseline Killer,” whose name refers to the street where he is believed to have committed his first crimes. They believe he wears some sort of disguise and five of his victims have been women.

The “Serial Shooter” most likely watches his victims and then waits to strike. Most of his victims are shot from behind while doing normal activities. The shootings happen early in the morning or during night hours. The Serial Shooter is responsible for what they believe are a total of five shootings.

The latest killing was at about 9:30 p.m. on June 29, when 37-year-old Carmen Miranda is believed to have been attacked by the Baseline Killer as she vacuumed her car at a carwash. Detective Dave Barnes said a surveillance video shows what he called a “blitz attack.” Police have set up two task forces made up of 120 officers. There is also an award for information leading to an arrest or suspect.

The Baseline Killer is believed to have started by committing robberies and sexual assaults. He then escalated to killing four months later but police won’t say if his latest victims have been sexually assaulted or not. The Serial Shooter they say has been killing victims since May but he’s only been linked to a few crimes. They do think though that he’s responsible for up to 21 random shootings.

You can find the article that was sent to me here. Most of the information above came from that article but below you will find some more links.

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3 Responses to “In The News: Arizona Serial Killers”

  1. That is just FREAKY. God I get chills just thinking about it.

  2. I too lived through the DC/MD/VA sniper attacks. It was heart-stopping everyday just to get back and forth from work. It was so random, that’s what made it difficult to understand, there was nothing you could do to make yourself safer without becoming a hermit. I remember feeling bad because once I’d heard there was a shooting that day, I could breathe a little easier. These Arizona killings reminded me of the same, and I feel for the people living through it.

  3. […] In The News: Arizona Serial Killers I actually had two people send me the same article. How awesome is that? Scott and Flic both sent this to me and I […] […]

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