Serial Killer Groupies

Rock Stars and athletes aren’t the only one’s who can claim groupies. Since the begining of time, women for one reason or another have fallen for convicted killers. Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez married one of his groupies, Doreen. You can read an article about her here. Even Scott Peterson who was convited of murdering his pregnant wife has had his share of women trying to win him over and claim to love him and support him. Ted Bundy married his groupie during the actual trial in Florida.

Everyone has different opinions and thoughts on why some women are drawn to killers and murderers. Here are few of those reasons:

  • Beauty and the Beast syndrome: they like the idea of getting close to danger that will probably not hurt them, but there’s always the slight chance
  • Low self-esteem: some women believe they cannot find a man and since men in prison are desperately lonely, it’s an easy way to get involved
  • Hybristophilia: some people are sexually excited by others who commit violence
  • Attention: when they do something like get involved with a killer, people talk about them and often the media puts a spotlight on them
  • I really feel this is something that should be looked at more deeply. Did these women have abusive pasts? Come from broken homes? There has to be more to it then what meets the eye. I mean, you have killers who had familes, who’s wives left them because of their actions. Then you have these women who come along and feel like they’ve found their soulmates in someone who has taken anothers life. Perhaps it’s deeper then any of us can understand, just like the actions of the one’s they have for one reason or another fallen for.

     What are your thoughts on this?


    ~ by B on July 17, 2006.

    3 Responses to “Serial Killer Groupies”

    1. I was announced back in the end of May that one of Peterson’s penpals was a juror from his murder trial…

      Have you seen It is a site set up so that you can become penpals with prisoners. My favorite is one Mr. Kim Wilson (view his profile at

      • wow! I just found this, linked to…very interesting indeed. FYI ..Kim Wilson’s site expired. We didn’t even know what his crime was. In Texas at the time his site was made, you had to call the state to find out what they did. That’s a rule at Cellpals. If we find out, it’s too hard to be objective in promoting the sites. The only ones we totally balk about are child molesters, if by some means we find out what they did.
        I have NO problem with people being extremely careful, when using sites like ours. Do you mind if I put a link on page 2 of to your site?

    2. Perhaps they are women who fit some of the criteria for serial murder, but do not have enough to act on their impulses? They’re drawn to “complete” psychopath?

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