Books: Perfect Victim

4-115perfect-victim.jpgThis is a book I own and do recommend. It’s an interesting read and helps you get inside not only the head of those who committed the crimes, but also the head of the victim herself. The following information came from

Some may find it unbelievable that a 20-year-old Oregon woman could be enslaved by a sexual sadist for seven years–that even after being able to move freely during the day, she would allow him to lock her into a wooden box every night. Perhaps it’s a minor failing of this book that the authors do not elaborate on the psychology that made her such a “perfect victim.” In other respects, though, the story is well told, with an impressive accumulation of details: the woman’s capture, the tortures she endured, the brainwashing techniques, the fiendish contraptions her captor constructed, the slave contract he made her sign, and the increasingly strained relations within the peculiar family that included master, slave, wife, and child, all inside a single-wide trailer. As well-known attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi writes, “A gripping and disturbing story of the secret life of apparently normal people. At once, horrific and engrossing.”

I will add though it was a book I had to put down and pick back up. It flashed back a little too much for my own personal taste.


~ by B on July 18, 2006.

One Response to “Books: Perfect Victim”

  1. I see you have an Anne Rule link. She is the QUEEN of true crime. One TC book I read that just blew me away (not by Anne) was The Zodiac Killer. Chilling book and I highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it.
    I love your new blog.

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