The Kallingers

This case envolves a father who enlisted his own son to be an accomplice in a serious of horrible crimes.

Born in 1936, Joseph Kallinger was abandoned as an infant and later adopted at 18 months old by a sadistic couple. They would beat him with a hammer, subject him to floggings. As a child he was gang raped at knife point by a group of older boys.

With the way his childhood was, it’s no surprise that his teen years were worse. He was a pyromaniac and would masturbate while clutching knives. Kallinger would also stab pornographic pictures. He was admitted on two occasions to various mental hospitals and was declared as a schizophrenic sadist who showed hostility towards woman.

As with many serial killers, he was able to pass himself off as normal. He married twice and had 7 children. He even opened his own show repair shop in Philadelphia. To everyone around him, he was a normal man.

Of course behind closed doors things were’t what they seemed. In early 1972, three of his children filed abuse charges against him. His 13 year old daughter had claimed that she was branded on her thigh with a hot spatula. He was convited but then release a few months later and put on probation.

By 1974 he started to hear voices. Not only did he hear voices, but these “voices” came from a floating head named Charlie. Charlie ordered him to kill and castrate young boys. Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, the father asked his 13 year old son to help him. On July 7, 1974, they lured a young boy into an old factory where they stripped him, gaged him and then cut off his penis.

The next victim was his on 12 year old son. Kallinger drowned him in a pool in the cellar of an abandoned rug factory while his other son watched. Then in November of 1974, the two of them went on a mutli-state rape and robbery spree. They invaded homes in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. This went on for nine months. Near the end of the spree, they invaded a home in New Jersey where they held 8 people at gunpoint. When one of the female victims refused to bite off the penis of one of the men, Kallinger slit her throat. Two weeks later they were arrested.

The son was released into foster care. The courts believes he was acting under his fathers influence. Kallinger was senteced to life in prison where he claimed he was God and declared that he had the desire to slaughter every person on earth. He died of a seizure on March 26, 1996 at the age of 59.


~ by B on July 18, 2006.

10 Responses to “The Kallingers”

  1. did you lose someone in a horrible crime?

  2. Not at al. As far as my know my family has never been the victim of a horrible crime. I just happen to find this topic to be an interesting one.

  3. Wow, this is really interesting. Don’t know if I should be reading it seeing as I have terrible nightmares, like when I watch scary movies. Nonetheless very interesting. I will do an introduction for you soon! By the way I came over from Mr. Fab and I’ll be back!!

  4. Sadly, there will never be a shortage of material, eh?

  5. Sad but morbidly fascinating.

  6. It’s a very fascinating case.

    There’s a book by Flora Rheta Schreiber that does an amazing job of bringing this case to life (fortunately not literally), titled The Shoemaker: The Anatomy of a Psychotic.

    It’s a great read!

  7. His kids could’ve have been or maybe serial killers in the making. That’s very sad b/c children’s minds are impressionable ones.

  8. I agree with esw. For a child to be exposed to that and the murder of his own younger brother with his father as the killer, that kid is going to need a lot of therapy. Any child would be tramatized one way or another after witnessing such things.

  9. even though i probobly won’t get a reply but i need chapter summaries about the book The Shoe Maker: Anatomy of a Psychotic, i need them by today for a project..SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!

  10. Where are all the Kallinger children today?

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