Albert Fish

albert_fish_1903.jpgAlbert Fish, where does one begin. Out of all the odd things about this man, the one that stands out the most is his age. He started killing in his 60’s. Most serial killers start in their 20’s or early 30’s but there’s a first time for everything. It’s said that he killed at least 15 children but molested many, many more. His victims mainly came from the low income areas. Now on with our program.

Albert Fish was born as Hamilton Fish in Washington, D.C., to Randall Fish of Kennebec, Maine and his wife Ellen of Ireland. Albert Fish later stated that his family had an extensive history of mental illness. Albert claimed much later that his mother unable to care for him, put him into an orphanage where he was ruthlessly whipped and beaten. He said that he was the only child who looked forward to the beatings. By 1890, Albert had arrived in New York City as a house painter. In 1898, he was married to Anna and they had six children together. She would later leave him for another man, leaving Albert to care for their children on his own.

On May 28, 1928, then aged fifty-eight, Fish visited the Budd family in Manhattan, New York City. He was responding to a work wanted ad placed by 18-year-old Edward Budd. At the Budd’s apartment, Fish found Edward perfect, but then met his younger sister, ten-year-old Grace. He explained to Mrs. Budd that his niece was having a birthday party in upper Manhattan. Mrs. Budd felt uncertain about letting her young daughter go to the party with this man she just met but she allowed it. Little did her parents know that would be the last time they would see their daughter alive. Over the course of the next six years, the New York City police conducted a massive manhunt for the little girl and her kidnapper.

Then in 1934 a letter arrived to Grace’s mother. It described in disgusting detail what had happened to her daughter. The writer stated that he never took her to a party, but instead to an empty house where he killed her and then ate her flesh. Somehow the police were able to track the letter to it’s writer. A trap was then laid and Fish was arrested. While in custody he explained that his original target wasn’t Grace but her older brother. Once he saw little Grace though, he quickly changed his mind and made up the birthday party story on the spot.

albertfishxray.jpgDoctors examining him for his trial, claimed that he was a sadomasochist, indulging in self-mutilation, driving needles into his body, mostly around his genitals. He said he tried sticking a needle in his scrotum but it was too painful, and there were needles in his pelvis that were permanently embedded. He would stuff cotton balls soaked with lighter fluid into his rectum and set fire to them. He is said to have consumed not only the flesh of his victims but also their urine, blood, and excrement. He attributed these tendencies to the abuse he suffered in childhood. He also claimed God sent him on “missions” to kill. His murders often involved slow torture. He would tie children up and whip them with a belt cut in half with nails sticking through to tenderize the flesh for cooking. Fish called his weapons “implements of hell.”

On January 16, 1936, Albert Fish became the oldest man to be electrocuted at Sing Sing.

Wikipedia ( some of the information found here came from this site, it also features the entire letter which I choose not to share here. It’s too much even for me)


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16 Responses to “Albert Fish”

  1. He’s one sick mother. I’m quite familiar with the story, and I think your blog idea here is a really good one. I would suggest putting some kind of explanation of the blog at the top, though.

  2. there has to be some kinda of gene that these killers have inborn.

  3. I came here by ways of Paranormal Experience. I’ve read since the beginning of your blog. All I can say is, “WOW!” I wish I would have thought of it first. Anyhow, great blog, I’ll definitely be back to read more. I’m always reading up on these things, it amazes me how these people come to be serial killers, but as you say, when you read up on their history, it would be more amazing if they came out completely normal. And you can’t help but feel sorry for the child they were, but being totally disgusted at what they are capable of in adulthood.

    What’s got me commenting on this particular post is that Stephen King and Peter Straub use the personality and characteristics of Albert Fish in the book “Black House.” Of course, I haven’t finished reading the book, but I recognized the name and they reprint part of that letter that was sent to the mother in the book. Anyhow, he is referenced more than just a little bit throughout what I’ve read. Might be an interesting read for you in the future, that is if you like Stephen King and Peter Straub.

  4. Very cool blog. Albert Fish began killing way before he was 60 years old. He was sixty five years old when they executed him. Six years prior he killed Grace Budd.

    Check out the film by John Borowski, the filmmaker of H.H. Holmes:

  5. this is the most sycotic shit i have ever heard of…. This man most have been tormented by demons and much much much worse to want to do the things he did… I have been studying Sr. Albert (for an english paper I’m not just syco too) and i found many picular things and i would also like to say that many websites say that he killed nearly 400 children….. not fifteen… however, I could be wrong….

  6. What is that picture of …i’m not quite sure-

  7. This is more intense than Jefferey Dalhmer. Sorry if I spelled that last name wrong, but you know who I’m talking about. Anyways, I have never heard of a case such as this. I heard of Albert Fish throughout my studies when being in Psychology, but I forgot about the intense behavior with the self torturing. As merely a student, I cannot even come up with any comment as to what may have really pushed this man over the edge after all these years. The only thing I can understand is this man’s fetish with pain when it comes to being spanked, but I do not understand where the murder of childeren come in. Very compelling stuff.


  9. im doing a report on him. your site helped me. thanks.
    hes a very interesting and unusual man.

  10. HOLY CRAP. this guy was seriously a freak! I don’t know how you can end up as much of a freak as this guy.


  12. Why is there no more information of his other victoms? Only the girl gracie? Where ca i find more?

  13. Albert Fish is my Father

  14. This guy is nothing but a crazy ass nut.

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