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While chatting with WatchList in the BE Shoutbox, he mentioned some serial killer movies he had. Some were B movies and others were informational from A&E. Well, I went looking at the A&E website and found all kinds of “movies.” I hate calling them movies but anyway here are links and information on a few. I haven’t seen any of the movies listed below so I can’t tell you how good they are. If anyone out there has seen them, let us know what you thought!

Profiling The Criminal Mind
In SERIAL KILLERS: PROFILING THE CRIMINAL MIND, Douglas leads an electrifying journey into the unexplored territory of our society’s dark side, providing an up-close and powerfully personal perspective on some of the most savage serial killers in history. Through the work of Douglas and other profilers, you’ll get as close as you would ever want to get to notorious killers like Atlanta child murderer Wayne Williams, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

It’s a haunting journey and one that exacts a very real cost on the investigators involved. But it is a trip the profilers must take in order to unmask the complex motives driving humanity’s most notorious adversaries.

American Justice: The Happy Face Killer
For all their horror and brutality, serial killers are often a predictable lot. Criminal psychologists say that nearly all share certain characteristics: abuse as children, urges to set fires and violence against women. But THE HAPPY FACE KILLER defied these stereotypes, and it helped him remain free for five years.

From the discovery of the first body through two false confessions and the trial of the real killer, AMERICAN JUSTICE® examines the search for a criminal whose motivations defied expectations, and who grew bolder with every life he took. Obsessed with reports that others were being “credited” with his acts, Keith Jesperson eventually told his story to the police–but seemed more concerned with making sure that it was reported in the media.

Biography: Jeffrey Dahmer
He is one of history’s most psychotic killers, a man who emerged from a normal suburban upbringing with a sickening hunger that could not be slaked. The incredible case of Jeffrey Dahmer captured headlines and imaginations worldwide. The appalling details of his crimes were as disturbing as they were compelling, but what drove him to commit such hideous acts? Leading psychologists explore the forces that may have motivated him, and police detail the extraordinary and sickening details of the case as they were discovered. Shocking photos from the crime scenes reveal the depths of Dahmer’s depravity. And in an exclusive interview, Dahmer’s parents talk of the child they raised, and their shock and horror at the discovery of his crimes. Join BIOGRAPHY for a disturbing look at the life and crimes of the cannibal-killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Biography: Aileen Wuornos
 Aileen Wuornos was heralded by the press as America’s first female serial killer–a claim as outrageous as many of those made by Aileen herself, including the contention that all seven men she murdered tried to rape her and that in her time as a prostitute she had sex with 250,000 men. BIOGRAPHY® strips away the hyperbole to examine the truth about her life and criminal career. Her brother reflects on their difficult childhood and friends shed light on what happened after she left home as a teenager. Friends detail the run-ins with the law and failed relationships that pushed her further into desperation throughout the ’80s, while police officers, prosecutors and psychiatrists talk about her crimes and the high-profile trial that captured the nation’s attention.


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  1. I am sorry. But I can’t read a thing on this site … I can’t event ell what I am typing!

  2. Yay! I think this is the 2nd post mentioning my name here at this loverly serial killer blog. The next thing you know, there will be a post all about me (unless no one finds the bodies). The best part about this idea of for a blog is that you will never ever run out of new material to talk about… (especially since the FBI estimates that there are up to 50 serial killers in the US operating at any given time).

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