Pedro Lopez: Monster Of The Andes

Born in rural Colombia in 1949, Pedro was one of 13 children who’s mother was a prostitute. At eight years old, he was kicked out of the house when his mother caught him molesting one of his own sisters. On the streets he easily fell victim to a pedophile who promised him food and shelter. Needing both of what was offered, he went with the man and was raped in an old building.

By middle-adolescence, Lopez had turned to being a car theft, something that landed him in jail at the age of 18. Two days after he started his 7 year sentence, he was gang raped by fellow inmates. Not long after, he killed all four of his attackers. Since it was deemed self defense, only two years was added onto his sentence.

Release in 1978, he embarked on a nomadic career of sadistic murders that would earn him international infamy as possibly the most prolific serial killer of all time. Traveling through Peru, he raped and strangled numerous young girls. Many were snatched from local tribes. He was once caught during the attempted abduction of a young girl. He was caught by the locals and was beaten, tortured and almost burned alive. Lopez was saved by an American Missionary.

He was deported from the country but that didn’t stop his homicidal ways. He simply moved onto Ecuador and Colombia. He was finally caught in 1980 when he tried to lure a 12 year girl from a busy marketplace. Once in custody, Lopez was silent about his crimes, not saying a word. He did finally open up to a cellmate, who turned out to be a Priest in disguise. When he was confronted by the authorities after telling his tales to the Priest, he confessed.

In the two years between his release from prison and his capture, he claimed to have killed 100 girls in Ecuador, the same number in Colombia and many more in Peru. He would search the market places for innocent looking children. Once he found his target, he would lure them away with little gifts. Once he had them in control, he would rape and strangle them at the same time. Watching them die would add great pleasure to what he was doing.

At first the police didn’t believe his claims. The numbers seemed too high but once Lopez lead them to secluded area they changed their minds. They recovered the remains of 53 female victims, ages 8-12. He was convicted in 1980 and is now serving life in prison.


~ by B on July 22, 2006.

38 Responses to “Pedro Lopez: Monster Of The Andes”

  1. omgosh this guy is a sicko!! thats the thing i dont understand, they have to know its wrong the 1st time they do this. i wonder if they dont stop because it just feels too good, maybe like a loving relationship would satisfy us, this does for them. i wonder if they have a book about this guy.

  2. It is so creepy that there are so many people like this out there. Keep up the great work you’re doing on this blog. I love it.

  3. There is a movie about this man called “chonicas”.

  4. Sorry “cronicas”

  5. im only on here for a class but there’s way worse of people
    but yeah it doesn’t justify that what he did was right
    it’s still distgusting

  6. OMG yeah i have deffinatley seen the movie about this guy
    it’s pretty good too i would advise you guys to see it

  7. Lopez was actually released from prison if you can believe it or not thanks to the international jail system and his whereabouts are currentlly unknown although many are certain he was murdered.

  8. Are you serious? He was released from prison? So if he was not infact murdered, he could be any where?

  9. he’s a crazy dude thats for sure……….by the way he only killed 3 out of the 4 inmates that raped him.

  10. and this is all known how?

  11. The movie was really good. It’s quite funny knowing that any person on this earth could be talking to a demon posessed psychopath and have NO CLUE… you could be talking to one righ now…

  12. The last thing is false, hes out of prison, check it out on wikipedia. This sick freak is out there somewhere

  13. Im on this because of school work, but with a childhood like that its no wonder he turned out like that. At least he’s stopped.

    Or has he???

  14. oh by the way thats really good reading, scary but good.

  15. ahh its all good. we need random people like this to give us hundreds of books to read.

  16. okay the guy is in prison for life there is no way he could get out. O by the way he killed more girls than what they are saying.

  17. He actually was released in 1998 on the border with Colombia. No one has seen him since, but I think I just saw him at WALMART buying some duct tape!

  18. Lopez was never caught. According to the Biography channel, he was hospitalized in a mental institution for a few years in Columbia after serving time in Equador. Upon being declared sane in 1998, he was released once more, and has never been captured. The penal system in South America is so unbelievably corrupt. The only reason anyone searched for him at all was because he killed a middle class child after killing countless poor people. Then, because there was no such thing as “consecutive sentencing” in Equador, the maximum sentence he could receive was 16 years whether he killed 1 or 3000. He got out on good behavior!

  19. my wife is from ambato and her friends daughter was the last intented victim of lopez he was stabbed to death in prison in ecuador he was convicted in ecuador and murdered in jail in ecuador in a womens section of the jail please check

  20. yall are stupid

  21. I know Pedro. I know where he is today. But i am keeping my word to him, my mouth is shut.

  22. a real monument to humans incompetance & fricking inability to contain dangerous people, yes he was last in an insane asylum in columbia and deem sane and released! Nobody knows where he is but if he is alive, he is surely back to his old ways.

  23. dude this is tripy man
    but its not all his fault
    if he had a sutable enviorment growing up he would have never turned totally phyco man
    fo real!

  24. there is no excuse for wat he did, just because he had a bad up bringing does not mean he can do the same. wat happened to “treat others how u would lke to be treated?” and know one knows wat happened to him because there is no death certificate . . . .

  25. this is so sickening im obsessed with these kind of guys and i dont know y they do it…..i guess they think it makes them powerful…..well guess what it doesnt it makes u disgusting….

    • yes katie…fascinating indeed what the mind is capable of…death can be indee euphoric to the right a drug..

  26. im sad now reading that i lived in Ecuador when i was a little girl not around that time though..that was a lot people poor children

  27. i like penis

  28. Colombia releaeses murderers after only a few years.

  29. thats bull shit no one really knows what has happend the truth is they through him into the lion cage at the london zoo and the animals tore him to shreds

  30. there is darkness in many souls…sometimes the darkness is controlled…sometimes it can’t be..i control mine…but some of the thoughts are far worse than this man

  31. and as Katie above said…this can be fascinating to study…for how far into darkness can we dwell..torture can be like an all consuming drug..nothing to do with power but with an emotional release equivalent to the most pulsing orgasm known to man or woman…a release similar to endorfins i see inflict pain beyond imagination…to have to insert a trach so the victim will not asphixiate due to swelling of vocal chords from screaming….

  32. imagine..being shackled..naked..spread eagle..imagine a scalpel..imagine your toes..the scalpel sliding just under the nail..slowly..back and forth as if to disconnect the nail from the toe…imagine..such a tender sensitive..imagine…a rest in between..perhaps with a clock nearby..promising a return by a certain time..imagine..inflicting the same…a different toe now…imagine a rest again..longer period of time..tic toc goes the clock..burning the toe to stop bleeding..area would swell..more sensitive yet..imagine the helpless feeling when the sadist walked in..this time nothing hiding the identity..a sure sign..that you would not live to tell..or would be so warped as to be unable..

    • Karl,
      You are a sicko and sound like a serial killer…you should be investigated yourself.

  33. Released from Jail? This makes me lose faith in humanity.

  34. Wait, he is not spending the rest of his life in jail. He was released for good behavior many, many years ago. Nobody knows where he is now. The police ARE looking for him, he’s wanted for another death from 2002. Shows you how long he’s been free!
    Many believe him dead.

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