Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

karlahomolkapaulbernardo.jpgThis case is interesting for many reasons. First of course is the fact that one of the first victims was Karla’s younger sister and that it’s a husband/wife team. Then came the trial and the media publication ban. Although it was originally said that the ban on publication of details of the case was to protect Bernardo’s right to a fair trial, the Crown would later reveal, in a memo from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, that it was really to protect the families. Facts were being twisted. Some would take facts and information from other serial killers and would make it part of the Bernardo/Homolka case. Time to try and seperate fact from fiction.Karla and Paul are considered the “Ken” and “Barbie” of serial killers. The young Canadian couple appeared to be the perfect couple but like most serial killers, behind closed doors were secrets and gruesome tales.

Like many previous serial killers, Paul grew up in a highly dysfunctional family. His father was a Peeping Tom who molested his own daughter. He grew up to appear to be a normal young man but inside hid a monster. Everyone thought he was an accountant but he actually made his money by doing some small time smuggling.

When he met Karla it was a match made in Hell. She was eager to please her new man and encouraging as well. Paul later on expressed the fact that he wanted to take away Karla’s younger sisters virginity. Oddly enough, Karla basicly jumped at the chance to help him. She stole animal sedative from the clinic she worked at and on December 23rd, 1990 their violent history together started. After Christmas dinner, the pair drugged the 15 year old and then raped her in the basement. Karla even held a halothane soaked rag over her sisters mouth to make sure she stayed unconscious. During the attack, the sister threw up and choked on her vomit which caused her death. Somehow this death was called “accidental.”

Between June of 1991 and April of 1992, the couple snatched three more teenaged girls. Karla and Paul would take turns raping and torturing the girls. In an idiotic move, they would video tape their crimes. When they finished, they would dump the bodies in a lake or ditch. While all of this was going on, Paul began raping women on his own, with Karla’s encouragement of course. When he started to abuse Karla though, she turned on him. He was already under suspicion as the “Scarborough Rapist” and now murder charges were added.

Paul Bernado was sent to prision for life, while Karla was given a lighter sentence. In fact, Karla was released from prison on July 4th, 2005. How ironic that on a day that here in the United States we celebrate our freedom, a women who took that away from others was set free.

There’s plenty of information on Karla which can be found here. Information on Paul is here. Both are Wikipedia sites. For the latest news on the case and on the crimes check out Crimelibrary.

If I posted everything I found this post would be pages long. Hopefully those of you who are extra interested in this case will check out the various links above.


~ by B on July 23, 2006.

48 Responses to “Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka”

  1. This one hits very close to home. My sister actually worked down the street from Bernardo’s home when he was still just known as “The Scarborough Rapist.” Here in the east end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). At the time my Sis was a teen who took public transit and there was always the fear of this unknown predator who was becoming more and more violent with each crime. And then the rapes just stopped …. little did the residents of Scarborough know that the monster had gotten himself a bride and moved to the Niagara area ….

    And I can assure you that NO ONE here was happy with “The deal with the devil” that saw Karla serve a mere 12 years for her participation in these horrific crimes.

    I never bought the battered wife defence …. and we can only hope that she does not find another monster now that she is free and living somewhere in Quebec.

    • I know tht the girls were raped but how were they tortured? They never really go into tht..

  2. They didn’t live far from me when I lived in Ontario, scary stuff. I recently watched the movie about Karla, with the girl from That 70’s Show, and I also read a book about them a long time ago.

    It really is quite a story…

  3. I remember this. Very strange case.

    BlogMad hit. Eeek!

  4. I read the novel about these two a few years ago. It made my stomach turn. As evil as Paul Bernardo is … somehow I find Karla Homoklka even moreso. Did I read somewhere that she is going by the name Karla Teale? If I remember correctly, Teale is Paul’s birth name. If this is true, it’s pretty odd that she would take the name of the man she supposedly turned on in her own defense.

  5. there are sick people everywhere! i do remember hearing about them.

  6. Teale is actually the last name of a fictional serial killer that Paul was fond of from a movie and I do believe it’s the name she uses now.

  7. Karla was actually released early. She was released in April or very early May and lives in Montreal … athough she’s trying to get them to allow her to have a passport to travel … then she could basically live anywhere if she took off.

    She had very heavy restrictions put on her when she was released but went to court and had most of them turned over. She a free woman and THAT is very scary. She’s currently a penpal of an American murderer and wants to see him when he’s released (shortly!).

    They hunted in my neighborhood too. A block from my home. Paul was stalking a woman that lived in a house near us. This lady happened to live next to some of our friends. The police knocked on her door one day shortly after they had arrested Paul and showed her a gym bag. She identified it as hers and claimed it was stolen from her car a few months earlier. The police had found the bag in Paul’s trunk along with photos of her coming out of the gym, at her house and of the neighborhood.. They figured he was either stalking her to rape her or else to kidnap her so that he and Karla could torture and murder her at their leisure.

    I haven’t read any books or seen the movie about them and I never will. I’m sick to death of them and their time in the limelight should be over. They disgust me.

  8. I lived in St Catharines during that terrible time …….my daughter was the same age as Karla’s sister at that time….this is something i will never forget….just hope this never happens again but i know that isnt true …….as there is alot of nuts out there….. scarey……..have a nice day…….deb

  9. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Karla not only drugged her sister for her husband’s peverse sexual fantasies but aided in the kidnap torture and sexual degradation of the other 2 girls. For this she got 12 years which is 4 years for each life she took. Whoever was responsible for the deaths Karla or Paul Bernardo the parents of the victims have seen their loved ones precious lives be reduced to a punishment term of just 4 years.
    Lesley Van Outen one of the Manson followers has served 25 years for stabbing Mrs La Biana – 25 years for one life.
    Karla got 12 years and is young enough to have her own family I wonder when and if she becomes a mother she realises the enormity of what she did when she raises her own flesh and blood. I have every sympathy for the families of Leslie Mahaffey and Kristen French whose innocence was taken in such a dreafdful way.
    How can 12 years compensate their loss?
    How can this be justice?
    The tapes said it all and the deal sould have been revoked. It was clear that Karla was a participant and could have released the girls and she chose not to. Unforgivable and hard to forget.
    Rest in Peace Tammy, Lesley and Kristen

  10. I heard the other day that Bernardo’s claims of being the Scarborough rapist have been proven wrong by the authorities. Apperently he just wanted to stay in the spot light a bit longer and get more attention.

  11. One week after the rape and death of Tammy, Karla and Paul made a tape were Karla is rubbing Tammy’s underwear over Paul naked body and is she say’s “Paul. I wish we had four kids, so you could fuck each one of them”. The thought of this witch ever having children makes me shudder, Paul was a rapist when they met after that girls ended up dying you do the math. If she was proven to have killed any of the girls her deal would be void, Tammy didn’t die from the sexual assault she died from the drugs Karla administered, so why she still got her deal it is beyond me…When interviewed by police she states that her and Kristen French became friends and talked about boyfriends and dogs, half an hour after this so called conversation Karla rapes the child with any empty wine bottle…..

  12. i want to believe that some people deserve second chance. and after watching the movie anout karla i thought so. then i watched the interview with karla (theres one at the www site)… and i doubted that she feels any remorse. you know why? the interviewer asked her about her relationship with her family. she didnt know what was the question about!!! surely the interviewer meant Tammy murder, shouldnt it be obvious for karla???

  13. Is the movie out yet?

  14. The movie is coming out in the US on DVD format in April 2007.I would have liked to have seen it get more publicity by being shown on the big screen but I’m not surpised that didn’t happen.

  15. this guy is nasty he should die

  16. You know she’s just had a baby boy…?!

  17. this makes me proud to be an american, cause trust me that bitch & that sick fucker she was married to would be scheduled to fry in an electric chair if they had pulled some shit like that over here in the usa! (no offense at all to any canadians!)but damn! i mean i am not familiar with how different the laws are from the usa’s, but the usa would not have given a fuck about a damn plea bargin when they saw those tapes, that would have been OV (over)-

  18. Now she is a mother she will understand the pain she caused others by her evil deeds.

  19. Im doing a report on this two losers and i want every one to know when that movie comes out im buying it. I cant believe she would give him her own kids. What a Bi*tch

  20. Also i wish they had more years of prison. How can a woman help and let her husband rape and kill other women. I could see if she was forced to do it, she is not ugly she could found another man in no time

  21. I hope everyone interested in Karla the movie gets a chance to see it on dvd.It will be released on april 3 by all the major venues ( blockbuster etc.We had a limited theatrical run here in the states and recieved some very positive reviews.I think it is one of the best true crime movies in recent times.Catch it just for the amazing performances of Laura Prepon an Micha Collins as paul and Karla. Joel Bender director of KARLA

  22. Karla should still be in jail. Period! Paul doesn’t deserve to die. He should be kept alive as long as possible in that cell that he can barely turn around in. He needs to rot and know the rest of the world could give a fuck about him. Death is way to quick and easy for a sick man like Paul Bernardo. Paul acutally has a girlfriend who is allowed to come visit him. That should not be. he should be treated like an animal because that is how he behaved. As for Karla. Her child should be taken away from her after what she said and did. She should also be locked up until her final moment in this world. She should be in a cell much like Paul’s. This world is unjust. Canada is the most unjust. There is no justice for those families.

  23. Unfortunately the Canadian Justice System doesn’t work the way we would all like. I went to school with both Karla and Tammy… My first year at a new school Tammy one grade ahead and Karla on her way to highschool. Tammy very outgoing and friendly did not deserve to be given away like that. Karla has no self respect. Karla and Paul both deserve to suffer the way they made their victims suffer each pull of a finger nail, each time they cut someone’s hair.. slowly dying of the torture they made theses girls endure. Canada really needs to adopt the theory of the death penalty but instead of quick and easy death it needs to be a horrendous as the crimes they’ve committed. I still live in Niagara and cannot comprehend how the parents of Karla still include her in their family unit. I would disown her if she was my child!!!!

  24. A day will come when all of our trespasses will be held to the light, yours mine and thiers. It wont be the laws of man that will punish these two assholes it will be the eyes of the lord. Im sure that hell has two spots open just for them.

  25. It’s an incomprehensible and absolutely disgusting fact that the incompetence of the police involved in the case combined with the stereotypes involving “women as victims” has added up to a psychopathic bitch like Karla Homolka being allowed to get off easy for her EQUAL part in the commission of such horrendously cruel murders. Our system is fucking flawed. Women are just as capable of committing crimes as men are. Even violent ones as was the case here. In my opinion, which I am sure millions share, how the authorities dealt with the case is an absolute travesty of justice and regardless of any plea bargain made, there is no justifiable reason for this fucking bitch being let off in 12 short years. Just like any male offender, she should be left to rot in prison for the rest of her natural life. This is absolute bullshit. It goes to show how ridiculous it is that extremist feminism has lead to our society being blinded to the darker side of womens’ nature. Victims my fucking ass! Feminists have actually brainwashed our whole society to believe that men are evil and women are victimized angels, demonstrated clearly by the way this case was handled. I am appalled.

  26. I have read a couple of books on the two sick fuckers and I wish that Karla was in the same spot that Paul is in today. I want them to rot in jail and to be put in the normal part of jail where others can interact with them. Maybe one person will see who they are and know what they did and fuck them up the ass with a broom stick handle and hurt them like they did the poor children they killed. I wish they could die in jail and make everyone feel a small bit better that they fucken died by the hands of others.

  27. I must say I agree with Taloshaen… while it may be true that men are more often capable of extreme cruelty, it’s not impossible for women to be too…

    Karla obviously got OFF on being victimized by him, she WANTED to be dominated, but she could only handle so much before her narcissism made her rebel… and she clearly didn’t give a shit about the girls he raped and killed… she was excited by that too, even if she knew she shouldn’t be and felt guilty about it (which she probably didn’t). If victimization were an excuse for those crimes then Bernardo would have only gotten a few years in prison himself; He had a horrible childhood, but who the hell cares? You don’t rape and murder little girls and blame it on your mother.

    Karla should be in jail for the rest of her life, preferably in solitary confinement like he is.

  28. Everything i’ve read about these sick sick people shows that they actually enjoyed what they did. She is more evil of the two and should never have been released. May they both rot in HELL forever more. May the souls of their victims rest and heal in GOD’s kingdom.

  29. Bernardo’s psychopathy is not in dispute. But had the ineptitude of the police and the Crown not been what it was, he could have been captured sooner. Perhaps then it would not have politically necessary to make this histrionic narcissist the author of all evil. Our own FBI helped bungle this case, and everyone had a point to make and an ass to cover. Unfortunately all their points are wrong. Karla was not Bernardo’s “compliant victim”, and Bernardo does not meet the DSM-IV criterion for a sexual sadist. Behaving sadistically does not make one a sexual sadist, which is a rare and rather esoteric diagnosis. As for who actually killed the girls, Karla possesses the cool, calculating nature needed for that; there is too much evidence of hysteria and histrionics in Bernardo’s personality make-up for him to have been the actual killer. What exactly is Homolka apologizing for in all those notes to Paul? Bernardo maintained he sought a “fantasy life of three-way sex in which everyone was happy”. Delusional perhaps, but it has more of the ring of truth than Karla’s story, wherein Bernardo reportedly strangled Kristen French for a full seven minutes. Seven minutes? Try holding on to anything as tightly as you can for a full seven minutes and you’ll see how absurd her version is…

  30. Karla Homolka still living the high life in Montreal under the new name of Karla Leanne Teale.

  31. I just heard about this awful story. I was born in 1990. I found a book at my sister-in-law house and wanted to read it. I cant believe this really happened. This is so wrong and they both need to be tortured like they tortured their victims. They was nasty poeple and who would want to be friends with people who acted the way they did to one another, and to their own friends. I read the book DEADLY INNOCENCE GOOD BOOK !!!

  32. I just got finished reading the book Invisible Darkness. I think both of them are depraved and they surely deserve a harsher penalty. I do not know how the hell Karla got out of this shit, but she has a child of her own. WHAT? She should be steralized. She is disgusting. She tried to play the role of the victim. It made it easier for her to get in character after studying psychology. I wonder does she know how much a fucking sick idiot she is. I hope that Paul gets his ass kicked in prison.

  33. I would just like to comment that Karla was Canadian which means your 4th of July has no relevance with regards to her release, but its no great shock that an american would take a tragedy like a monster getting out of jail and make it about themselves… think before you speak.

  34. I find it totally unbelievable that Karla is now walking free and has a child of her own. Is there no justice in the world? Karla should be rotting in jail – not enjoying life on the outside while the families (including her own) have to grieve forever for their murdered daughters. She was (and is) a monster.

  35. i t a with all of you who are saying how horrid karla was and still is,i would be scared i would get shot walking aroung FREE after all the disgust she is/had done….

    i have the story on now everyone channel msnbc showing it alot
    this year and in 06. you would THINK for their and especially imo
    HER ABHORRENT JUST DESPICABLE actions regarding her own flesh n
    blood 15 yr old kid sis,for her to do just”this”SHOULD FRY IN THE
    CHAIR/GAS CHAMBER,GOOD RIDDENS,BUT as others saying she only in
    her mid or late 30’s still very young to have OTHER KIDS so sad.
    rest in peace les,kris,and the other one so sad i hope she dies
    someone kill karla this sick woman and SERIAL KILLER SHOULD NOT BE
    ALIVE AT ALL.she is really horrible human sad.i blame
    her actually more as she could have precluded this from going further.people like her should not live and her sis les,and i think the other one named tammy are in heaven i believe,karla should be shot hung killed on the spot for the gruesome acts she
    allowed to happen to all three,even her sis.

  36. i say rest in peace to all victims.
    agree with the last comment from melendez. i agree good post and
    i agree.she should watch her back if i was her roaming the streets
    out there in canada,or was it new york,i am going to watch it on
    msnbcc now again. forgetting where this happen but i agree with
    your comment.

  37. I just saw the movie. That chick from “That Seventies Show” is drop dead gorgeous. After seeing the movie, I looked up some pictures of the real Karla… Fuck, man. She doesnt even come close. A woman who looks like that DOES NOT deserve to be portrayed by the hot-as-fuck 70s show chick. Karla = 4.5 at best. Donna = PERFECT 10

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  45. For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  46. “It goes to show how ridiculous it is that extremist feminism has lead to our society being blinded to the darker side of womens’ nature. Victims my fucking ass! Feminists have actually brainwashed our whole society to believe that men are evil and women are victimized angels, demonstrated clearly by the way this case was handled.”

    Gender studies fail. It’s funny how simpletons with imaginations running amok think little to no engagement with gender theory makes them an expert. If this dolt had bothered to read feminist theses on this horrific crime he would see that feminists are anything but complacent. Dolts like this need to learn that their sheer ignorance of the peer-reviewed literature on female violence does not amount to knowing the facts in their entirety. Still it never ceases to amuse me how misogynist imbeciles use this crime to vent their infantile hostility toward feminists. Their borderline sociopathic contempt for feminists, and, I suspect, women in general, suggests they’ve got quite a bit in common with Bernardo and Homolka. If they’re too stupid to see the irony in this they’re probably too stupid to comprehend anything at all.

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