Unsolved: Mad Butcher Of Kingsbury Run

Before I go on with this post, for those who are interested in Karla from the previous post, check out this link. It talks about her release from prison and more.

A decade after end of the Toledo Clubber murders, Ohio was once again the site of another unsolved serial murder case. What made this case notable was not only the unusual savagery of the killings but the involement of Eliot Ness, the lawman of Untouchables fame.

In happened in Cleveland during the Great Depression. In September of 1934, the lower half of a woman’s torso with the legs severed at the knees, was found washed up on the shore of Lake Erie. She was never ID’d and her story quickly became yesterday’s news. Only later on would the people of Cleveland realize that she was the start of something horrible.

A year later two boys stumbled across a pair of headless, decomposing male bodies. Both bodies had their genitals severed. The boys came across them while walking along Kingsbury Run, a weed infested ravine on the east side of Cleveland. Postmortem exams concluded that the two men had been decapitated and castrated while alive. The older of the two victims was never identified but the younger victim turned out to be Edward Andrassy. He was well known amung the police and had a rap sheet of petty arrests. He was also known for having an affair with a married woman who’s husband had threatened Edward’s life. The police concluded that the two murders were crimes of passion.

In January of 1936, the hacked up remains of a 41 year old prostitue were found behind a Central Avenue butcher shop. Four months later, two boys once again walking near Kingsbury Run stumbled upon a man’s decapitated head. The next day, searchers found the naked corpse which was covered in various tattoos. Despite these tattoos and the best efforts of those involved with the case, they were never able to discover the name of the victim.

On July 22nd, another headless body was found but this time it was across town for the Run. A few months later though the killer returned to his favorite dumping ground. While waiting to jump a train, a homeless man sporred the halves of of a human torso. The missing parts which included the head, arms and genitals were never found.

Of course the newspapers started to have a field day with all the unsolved murders. Front page stories ran on a daily basis talking about the hideous monster who could have comitted these crimes. Eliot Ness was the recently hired safety dirctor for Cleveland. He found himself under extreme pressure to solve the murders and to get this monster known as “The Cleveland Torso Killer” and the “Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run” off the streets. Nothing made a difference though. Even though rewards were offered and officers inteviewed hundreds of suspects, no one was ever arrested for the murders. For two more years, more bodies were discovered. Twelve more to be exact.

The remains of the last two victims were found in August of 1938. What happened to the Butcher after that, no one knows for sure. Some speculate that a Cleveland doctor named Frank Sweeny was the killer. Then an immigrant named Frank Dolezal confessed to the crimes but later recanted. He claimed the police beat the confession out of him. A month after his arrest he was found hanging in his cell.

Some true crime buffs believe the Butcher moved onto to LA, while others agree with Oscar Fraley, the Eliot Ness biographer. He claimed that the real culprit was a mentally ill unstable premed student. The member of a prominent Cleveland family, the killer eluded arrest by having himself committed to a mental hospital where he later died in the 1940’s.


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18 Responses to “Unsolved: Mad Butcher Of Kingsbury Run”

  1. I remember this one. I guess its good that he went to a mental hospital, but sad that they couldn’t catch him before having himself committed. I think this was similar to “Jack the Ripper.” I know I saw it on some documentary on serial killers.

    Anyhow, keep it up!

  2. Oh my goodness, its funny how there are mysteries right there in your city. I live in cleveland i have never heard of this. This is sooo crazy i dont understand how so many people are killed and the killer is never found Law enforcement suck booty!!

  3. yeah this website sucks.it has no information on what im looking for.

  4. This dude is crazy, I wonder why people do stuff like that. In a letter he wrote to police he basically said he was a scientist. This guy must have had a lot of mentally issues.

  5. I think this killer worked on the rails for the B and O lines.Able to get in and out. Not beinng noticed because he belonged there in the yards.

  6. This one has always been a real stumper. I live in Cleveland and remember hearing about this for the first time when I was a kid. I have been fascinated with the case ever since. The real mystery just begins in Cleveland, though. There were a series of eerily similar murders in Pennsylvania during the decade before the murders began in Cleveland. Interestingly, when the butcher’s murders stopped here, bodies started turning up again in PA and continued for several more years there. None of the Pennsylvania victims were ever identified either and the cases were never solved. There are several books available about the murders. It makes for fascinating reading for anyone interested in true-life murder mysteries, especially crime buffs from Cleveland.

  7. u suck ..!!!
    wat a hell of fuck!!

    do’t post anything if u can’t make it reliable…

  8. How can any self respecting individual find it surprising that
    the cleveland butchers identity has remained a mystery.Detectives
    at the time had to rely on social or/and material ties between victim and perpetrator to solve ninety per cent of murders.
    Most serial killers do not know the victims.When these ties
    are absent the task of apprehending the killer often becomes
    insurmountable.Also consider that MOST of the cleveland butchers
    victims were unidentified.(to dale officer your positioning of
    “either”leads me to assume that you believe none of the victims
    were identified.This is wrong.ps I bet that you are a cop.

  9. To Guy Next Door, NO I realize that two of the Cleveland victims were positively identified and a third was thought to have been, although the latter’s identity was somewhat in doubt because she had been dead for more than a year when her remains were discovered and was basically a pile of bones. Plus, although the woman she was initially thought to be HAD mysteriously disappeared several months before, her disappearance had occurred much more recently than the coroner believed the victim to have died, making it impossible for that victim to have been who she was thought to be, assuming the coroner was correct, that is. What I MEANT to say was, “like most of the Cleveland victims, the PA victims were never identified…” And, for the record, no, I’m not a cop. I have just done my homework where this case is concerned.

  10. If you are as knowledgable about most other cases as you are
    about this one then I retract my rather pendantic jibe and
    offer an apology.I wonder if you have ever came across the bizarre case of DR Teet Haerm,a young swedish pathologist
    whos profession may have envoked a far more sinister interest
    in the morbid condition than than the job title entailed.
    Feel free to post your insights on this page.I look forward
    to them.I rarely meet anyone with whom I can discuss
    cases of obscure nature.

  11. By the way,dont lead yourself to believe that i assumed you were
    a cop due to your “extensive” knowledge of the case.

  12. You don’t have to be a cop to know much about a case. I’m just reminding you!

  13. I see alot of people are fascinated by a unsolved murder or two,… perhaps even facinated by the killer responsible. My question is this,.. how many of you are FASCINATED by the terror and pain the victims endured before they perished? Terror ,pain and bloodshed, isn’t that what most of you are here for? A glimpse of a mutalated body, a persons frozen expression of terror. The same people that stop on a freeway to see blood at an accident. I would guess that most killers seek out this fame, a chance at immortality, this site and others like it lend credence to my belief. I myself am here to research a book, and due to it’s nature and my previous statement should do quite well since it will contain scenes of violence and blood,.. afterall that’s what sells, that and sex.

  14. it is a gross over-generalization to assume that anyone interested in the study of violent crime attains a form of morbid gratification from doing so, and the idea that websites like this one serve to perpetuate and glorify criminals lacks substance and undermines the sociological benefits taken from the categorization and study of particular abhorrent crimes. I question your credentials as a self proclaimed writer as your ideas are poorly constructed and and obviously formed with out any real body of knowledge and/or substantive fact available.

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