In The News

I went around and gathered some article links on recent news stories. Links will be broken down by topic/subject. Some links you might have seen here before but most people find this blog by trying to find information on more recent topics. Just trying to give some readers what they want!

“Son Of Sam”
Son Of Sam Denied Parole
Son Of Sam Killer Denied Parole For 3rd Time

William Richard Bradford
L.A. sheriff hopes to I.D. 50 women in killer’s photos
Girl Killed in ‘79 Branded As Serial Killer’s Prey
Convicted killer lived in Oregon during crimes
Information may tie killer to 2 more victims

Robert Browne
Colorado killer claims to have slain 49 more victims
Did Robert Charles Browne Really Murder 48?
Choice of victims made Browne especially dangerous

All links will take you right to the article. To find more information just go to Google then News and type in their names.


~ by B on August 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “In The News”

  1. Ano,

    Question, if he killed as many as he claims, and possibly more, why didnt the FBI, or police detect him, in couple cases they seem to be rather hurried and very opportunistic as well as sloppy.

    Anyway have a good day….

  2. Greg, sometimes it takes years to solve a case. It’s even harder when cases might fall into different states. It’s hard enough to get police in the same state to work together, let alone in various states across the country. Plus if they aren’t aware that a serial killer is on the loose, they aren’t going to compare notes so to speak.

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