H.H. Holmes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic H.H. Holmes real name was Herman Mudgett. He was born in the southern end of New Hampshire’s Lake District. He was born in 1860. He had the reputation of being one of the smartest children in town but was known to be slightly odd as well. Herman’s father showed him “love” by beating him on a pretty regular basis.

Herman kept to himself during his childhood. He did manage to have one friend by the name of Tom but he died in an accident while exploring with Herman. Tom had fallen from the upstairs landing of an old house the two were in and Herman saw the accident very clearly.

Since Herman was a smaller boy, he was an easy target for the bullies around town. One incident stuck with him. Two older classmates waited until the doctor left his office. Once the doctor left, the two older boys forced Herman into the office where they forced him over to a skeleton. Herman was hysterical as the skeletons bony fingers touched his face. The boys finally let him go and Herman said shrieking on the office floor.

By the age of 11, he was conducting “experiments” on animals. After a year of college in Vermont, Herman transferred to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He graduated with a medical degree in 1884. By then he was a con artist who would claim thousands from insurance companies. He would take out a policy in a fake name, would then find a corpse and then tell the insurance company that the dead body was the person on the claim.

In 1886, he moved to Chicago and was by now known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He found work at a local drug store that was owned by an elderly old woman. Before the year was out though, the owner had suddenly disappeared. When someone would ask about her, Dr. Holmes would explain she was away visiting relatives.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic With the money from the business and his schemes, he built a new home in a lot across from the pharmacy. He would call this building The Castle. It contained over 100 rooms that were linked by secret passage ways, fake walls, concealed shafts and trap doors. Some of the rooms were sound proof and had peepholes. Some even were attached to gas pipes that were connected to a large tank in the basement. With these pipes, he could fill any room with deadly gas. In the basement he kept surgical tools and even an oven that was large enough for a human body.

After moving into the Castle, Holmes invited a watchmaker named Conner to set up shop in a section of the pharmacy. Conner had a lovely wife and an infant daughter. Holmes soon made Julia, Conner’s wife, his mistess. Julie became pregnant by Holmes and when Conner found out he left. Holmes was not prepared to be father. He performed a crude abortion on Julie which killed her. He then kill her infant daugher with chloroform.

In 1893 the Chicago World’s Fair was going on and rooms were hard to come by. Holmes took advantaged of the situation of rented out his rooms to visitors. Few of his guests were ever seen alive again. During this period, local medical school would receive a regular supply of skeletons from Dr. Holmes. No questions were ever asked.

Holmes was finally arrested when he was caught trying to conduct another insurance fraud claim. Not only did he kill Ben Pitezel in order to file a claim, but he killed three of his children as well. The horros that were found inside the Murder Castly sent shockwaves through the area. After his conviction he confessed to 27 murders, although authorities thought the count was closer to 50.

~ by B on August 4, 2006.

36 Responses to “H.H. Holmes”

  1. Ok, so this so-called “house” of his sounds like Michael Jackson’s Wonder Land for kids, but in this case to other Serial Killers. I am happy that he got caught. Any person like that does not deserve to be on the streets. I hope he died a painful death, cause if he didn’t, I’m sure he’ll make it up in the After Life.

  2. hmm he sounds like a nice guy

  3. he was hung but his neck didnt snap right away and twitched off and on for over 10 minutes till pronounced dead 15 minutes after the trap was sprung

  4. Actually Ned and Julia Conner split up before she became pregnant. Mudgett intended to kill her, it was not the abortion that did it. He already had two kids. Also, Julia’s daughter was 7, not an infant.

  5. Hm, I cant agree with you in this particular case.

  6. i hope he died screaming and begging for forgiveness

  7. Just toet you know most of your information is wrong! Try reading The Devil in the White City Written by Erik Larson its a great book!

  8. weren’t his chice of victims petite blondes?

  9. he died because he got sent to prison and later got hung

  10. he was attracted to teeeh

  11. teeth

  12. it took him 15 minutes to die after being hung

  13. he didnt scream and beg for forgiveness..but he did try to change his story many times

  14. devil in the white city is a good book,i agree, so you should all read it if you havent already

  15. erik lason make the devil in white city back in 1893 for h.h holoman just get in the book when erik was reading the book and he was writing the reading and the from the h holman and daniel back in the older days……….And he was hang 15 minutes an die. And he was also asked for forgiveness try to change the story . p.s js

  16. And h.h holmes made a builing and he was live in apt and got a house…….

  17. h.h holmes was a kill and murder and he was bad news for chicago and the states of Illions. and he is a bad guy.

  18. And he kill 27 people in chicago,and his teeth was white and yellow …………….

  19. And h.h holmes was lie that he was a dr.holmes and he was not a dr and he kill his daughter and his children and he was a pramary . and he large tank and humans and gas.

  20. hahaha your all pathetic. this man has been dead for over a century, and your still talking about how much you wish he received a painful death? try worrying about the murderers that are out there today, instead of murderers who you never had to live through.

  21. I think this information is wrong, does any one agree??

  22. Dear Jessica, I checked the information and it is not wrong. Dont worry i checked with multiple websites

  23. HE CRAZY


  25. he was a doctor, he got his PHD from michigan and he never ment to give julia an abortion he ment to kill her and julia’s husband left before julia and holmes got pregnant, her daughter was 7, and holmes had two other wives and i think a child with each, the second wife’s uncle was almost killed by holme’s friends and caught holmes in 1891 or 1892 trying to forge his signature for money, holme’s didnt kill his wives or his children, he jsut abandoned them, he was a man who loved money, who had a fetish for dead women, and it just so happened he was the most hansom man most women have ever seen,a sick fonz of his time, he got both out of “castle”, he was caught by a insurance company trying to commit life insurance fraud, his last days were a complete lie, he even wrote a memoir and got it published, when the bodies of peiztler’s children were found he asked to have time to think of an explanation, when he knew he was going to die , he wrote out directions for his lawyors for when they bury his body, so it wouldnt be stolen, every man who came agaisnt holmes died, detective geyer i think a few weeks after, the porsecutor, the priest who presided at holme’s funeral died of mysterious causes, the judge, the warden of the jail who hanged holmes commited suicide days after

    estimates go as far as 200 killings but no one will ever know, during the chicago police search of the castle one night it was burned and took with it the sinister dealing of h.h.homles-mudgett

  26. The tv show Supernatural did a whole episode on him and it is very accurate

  27. Well the H.H. Holmes stories are great
    this one is ok but not all the info is correct
    I am fascinated with researchin serial killers
    and I have looked up h.h. Holmes at least a dozen a times
    and theres alot more to it then this
    like for instance the abortion thing
    he intended to kill Julia
    And there isnt enough info here
    it doesnt say ne thing about Detective Geyer diggin up Alice’s and Nellies Bodies, or ne thig about Piezel, the two girls father
    and a man he used to get away with insurance fraud.
    Other than tht it was ok…
    not real interesting though…

  28. I wonder if he raped anyone in the house…. well he’s one hell of a psycho.

  29. I like your blog. I have a fascination with serial killers as well, not sure why but I have always wanted to figure out how someone could do such horrible things. I also really like you picture heading at the top! Looks great.

  30. i hope he burns in hell.

  31. FYI – He never even performed an abortion. He convinced her that they were not ready for a baby and told her he could do the procedure himself. He took her to a room where everything was set up, but instead smothered her with high doses of chloroform until she stopped breathing and then went to her daughter and did the same.

    Read Devil in the White City. Brilliant.

  32. where do you find the citations that the info the person who made this website used?

  33. Considerably well executed blog!!

  34. I’ve been saying someone should make a movie about this guy the first time I saw the documentary as much as I actually like Leo I wouldn’t have picture him as H H Holmes.

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