African-American Serial Killers

We always think that most serial killers are white, while that’s true, over the course of time there have been a few that weren’t.

Henry Louis Wallace: He restricted himself to victims of his own race, like most typical serial killers. One way he was different though was that while most serial killers pick random targets, he picked people he knew. Between September of 1992 and March of 1994, Wallace raped and strangled nine young black women in Charolette, North Carolina. They were all people he knew. One was his girlfriends roommate, others were friends with his sister. His first six murders happened over a 20 month span but his last three were within 72 hours. He was arrested in January on 1994 and confessed to all nine killings. He was sentenced to death.

Carlton Gary: He killed outside his race. His combination of intelligence, charm and cunningness made him extremely dangerous. He was arrested in May of 1970 as a suspect in a rape-murder of an 85 year old woman from New York. He managed to shift the blame to someone who knew. After escaping prision, where he was being held on lesser charges, Gary made is back to his hometown of Columbus, Georgia. Between September 1977 and April 1978, the city was hit by a number of murders. The victims were seven white women, the oldest victim was just shy of 90 years old. He was later arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to 20 years in jail but after just four years he escaped. In 1984 he was charged with the murders and sent to die in the electric chair.

Celeophus Prince Jr: He too preyed on victims outside his own race. Between January and September of 1990, he murdered six women in San Diego. He stabbed one of his victims over 50 times and left bloody circles around his victims breasts. This would become his signature. Prince even killed a mother and daughter and bragged about it to a friend. He would even wear the woman’s wedding ring around his neck on a chain. He was called the “Clairemont Killer” during his nine month killing spree. He was arrested in September of 1991 and convicted of six counts of 1st degree murder, twenty counts of burglury and one count of rape. He was sentenced to death and is being held at San Quentin.


~ by B on August 9, 2006.

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  1. You need to get out a bit more!

  2. I’m curious, why have you omitted Wayne Williams?

  3. And yes people continually deny that there are Black serial killers. Such denial emboldens such crimes to continue without any outrage of any kind.

  4. I was watching forensic files or investigators . Cant remember which one . It was about the most prolific serial killer in american history. He was a black man. [recently] I only caught a small portion, but it said he killed more than Bundy and the green river killer. I wanted to look him up but cant find anything of him. It wasnt Wayne williams. The story said “and you’ve never even heard of him” Anybody know who this guy is . Or did anyone see the story? I’m curious .

  5. I think I found him. It was Coral Eugene Watts. He is suspected of killing 80 people. That must be him

  6. Yes, That’s him. I witnessed the killing.

  7. There are actually 35 African-American serial killers. See the book “Serial Murderers and their victim” -by Eric W. Hickey for more information. See also “Profilers” -by John Campbell and Don DeNevi

    • WRONG – I have a list (incomplete considering recent killers like Anthony Sowell, Joseph Harwell & John Floyd Thomas, Lonnie Franklin, Jr. – these were just the past YEAR)
      and there are at least 65 names on my list.

      Keep in mind, THESE ARE JUST AMERICANS.

      Africa has many serial killers, europe has had many black serial killers, south america, etc.

  8. The reason we don’t hear so much about Aferican American serial killers such as Maury Travis is that the media doesn’t consider them or their victims worth mentioning in a true crime book or article unless the victims happen to be white. This is a shame but it’s true. I plan to write about several and will point this out as I already have to Anne Rile and Crime Library.

  9. that carlton guy really knows how to escape

  10. there was a story on A&E about a black male who was killing prostitutes and video taping his murders. I cant remember his name though.

  11. There are a whole lot more than 35! More like 12% here in America. You left out the worse ones to boot! Coral Eugene Watts (100+, Texas) pleaded to 14 and was almost paroled! And what about Kendall Francois, as big as Edmond Kemper and killed prostitues and kept their bodies in his house while living with his parents and sisters in Pouskeepskie! Many more than 35. Many more!

  12. It intrigues me to notice how many people are so narrow minded to the fact that African-American people are incapable of being serial killers. I am a Criminal Justice student in North Carolina and we had this topic today in class. Serial killers are stereotyped as mhite males somewhere between 30 and 35 years of age if I remember correctly. The justice system has misled the public with this theory. Although, on average, most serial killers ARE white males. White….Black…….it doesn’t matter to me. They all deserve the death penalty. Who cares if they didn’t get enough hugs as a child?

  13. all i have to say is OBAMA 08!!

  14. contessa, the death penalty would only make someone else a murderer. how can the death penalty work when you are then punishing death with another death. if you can beleive that death is the right thing to do then do you beleive in abortion. the unborn child by choosing the right to live has apparently made a wrong choice just as the murderer made the wrong choice to kill. both murderer and child are unwanted and therefore able to be cast away and killed. it could be considered an injustice to let one live and the other die. justice is a two sided sword.

    • To murder a murderer is like killing a rabid dog. Neither of them are productive to society. It is known that murderers are cowards that pray on the weak and innocent, and it is because of their cowardace that the death penalty would surely be a detourant. And you said, “The unborn child by choosing the right to live has apparently made a wrong choice”. The unborn innocent child hasn’t made any choices at all. The decision for his life is made outside of the womb, and to murder the innocent is wrong, child or beast. If someone tried to take your life and you took theirs that is self defense. In the same way when a murderer takes a life, the Death Penalty is the self defense of the people. A murderer is given a CHANCE to live his life right, but an aborted child, like a murder victim, isn’t given a chance or a choice. There is no place in life for people that plan to sneak, plot, or hide in the shadows to kill someone who can’t defend him/herself.

  15. the reason most serial killers in the u.s. are white is that most PEOPLE in the u.s. are white. in fact, blacks make up about 12% of the population, yet commit about 22% of the serial murders, doing double-duty. it has become so p.c. to say that serial killing is a white man’s crime that, in many minds, the definition of serial killing includes a white perp, thus completely discounting the many instances of black and hispanic serial murderers.

    • I have seen this statistics from white nationalistic sites. However, it excludes Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Basically it only counts blacks and whites, which makes blacks overrepresented in serial killings. World wide though, most serial killers are white or Asian.

  16. pregunta,when a person forces you to give them your money it is called extortion, but when the state does it it is called taxes, same thing when a person kills it is called murder, but when the state does it it is called the death penalty. get that right.

  17. THe reason why there seems to be more caucasian serial killers is because of the media coverage. It is considered sensational for a caucasian male to commit atrocities whereas it is considered normal response for african americans to kill. Except when its caucasian women as the victims. All races are equal in its actions, but where are not all portrayed equally in media coverage. I had a class where a professor said it is believed that an african american male was more proned to commit a murder than a caucasian american male. I find that funny because my hypothesis says that the majority of people in a race commit the biggest share of murders. If you listen to the news it will say there is always killings in the lesser incomed neighborhoods. That is not where the majority of the people live. Most live in middle class areas. Like everything nothing is 100 percent absolute.

  18. thanks for the names i need one for my black history project!

  19. The black killers seem to be protected from exposure to the general public in the old media. There should be more web sites and books showing people the factual evil extent of americas african american killers and there heinous crimes.

  20. Our society is not perfect, and know people are perfect be it the white, black, yellow, red or the green.
    We should judge people not from their race but what they have in the gut, soul and the mind.
    If our society continues to be biaise we will not progress.
    We will say whites are serial killers and blacks are drug dealers.
    Killing is wrong be it the government or the killers.
    We see our own countries problem, look at other nations, people and races and see a comparison between crime here and other places around the world.
    We realize that its not different from here.
    Think twice before judging others due to their race and nation.
    Man is suffering because we have put God aside from our lives.
    Good luck everybody
    and let justice continue to prevail around the world.

  21. It really does seem as though black serial killers are not talked about as much as the other races.Their also hispanic ,latin, mexican,and asian serial killers

  22. I think the question Americans should ask oneselfs is why the US produces the most serial killers and modern time canibals. That is a far more interesting question than how many were white and how many were black.

    Im european, live in the netherlands and my girlfriend is a psycologist studying serial killers and modern time canibals.

    Ask yourselves why the us produces so much more serial killers than any other civilised country rather than the race they have.

  23. The reason there are not as many Black Serial Killers as white Serial Killers is because many Blacks got caught after their first Kill, and he is charged with Murder. Look into prison stats and you will see a disproportionately large number of black men up for murder vs. white men. Not to mention black men make up a very small portion of the united states population.

    • Good point! But how many ppl must you kill to be labeled as a serial killer? There are dudes on the street that kill ppl all the time. So is it because they’re not calulated & cold & hunt they’re prey are they not serial killers or are they just murderers? I’m a CJ student so I need to know these type of things & either way I’m just interested

    • Just because a black man is up for murder doesn’t mean he’s a serial killer. You have prodomanantly black gangs with high rates of murder and imprisonment. Thats why theres a disproportionate number of blacks up for murder. Gang Violence not Serial Killing. I don’t know any white gangs.

  24. Good point, How many African Americans would have been serial killers if they wouldn’t have got caught after only one killing ????

    • Thats stupid! You really think that the reason there are more white serial killers than black is because, blacks only got away with the first kill? Man! You are really reaching. I guess a black man isn’t as intelligent as a white man, when it comes to sneaking, killing, and covering things up. Maybe you’re right! My bad. Man, some of you people are true idiots!

  25. Unfortuantely, many of us are perturbed when it comes to looking back at history. The malevelonce which was heaped on to the African community by caucasians, these are things which must not be researched…or looked upon in anyway.
    A new president has emerged, who has not erased this from his mind…Read his biography !!!

  26. Wow you people are a piece of work responding as if the pain of the victims family changes because the killing was done by blacks it still is horrific no matter who does it. Race is still so strong in america that if you are a white killer you get sympathy from your own kind stating things like awww he had such a hard up bringing he was treated bad as a kid awwwww but when it comes to other races killing it sounds more like this DAM fucking nigger killer should send them all to HELL. I think all bad people are going to HELL in GODS eyes and he doesn’t discriminate.

  27. Soo this seems to be more about race and or religion than the facts. I am looking for facts not more race slingging BS, what is the actual porportions of serial killers to race and age? Then we can look at the reasons for this. As For God and the death penelty well ask Moses!

    • Finally some intellect.

    • If you’re looking for facts then this isn’t the place for it. You should be on a statistic site or something. To be a serial killer you have to kill at random whenever you have a feeling or a itch something that can’t be resisted. A serial killer don’t kill because you did something to her/him. They have a pyscological problem most blacks aren’t serial killers because they usually kill for a reason rather personal or for resorces if that’s the case most italians would be known as serial killers they kill lots of ppl but they had premetitated reason behind it not a itch that was triggered and the first person you see fitting your what’s the word critieria you kill rather u know them or not.

  28. Howard Arthur Allen. Indianapolis. 3 or more victims.

    Jake Bird. Tacoma, Washington. He offed two in the Tacoma area in the 1940s and a total of 44 nationwide.

    Terry A. Blair. Kansas City area. 8 victims. 2003-4.

    Arthur Bomar. Philadelphia and Nevada. 4 or 5 victims.

    Daniel Andrew Bowler. Richmond, Virginia. 3 victims.

    Eugene Britt. Gary, Indiana. 10 or more victims.

    Maurice Byrd. St. Louis area. 20 victims.

    Reginald and Jonathan Carr. Wichita, Kansas. 5 victims.

    Jarvis Catoe. New York City. 13 victims. 1941-42.

    Leonard Christopher. Philadelpha. 7 victims. 1980s.

    Alton Coleman. Midwestern USA. 8 victims.

    Andre Crawford. Southside Chicago. 10 victims.

    Paul Durousseau. Jacksonvile, Florida; Georgia. 6 victims, two of which were pregnant women.

    Lorenzo Fayne. East St. Louis, Illinois. 5 victims, all children.

    Kendall Francois. Poughkeepsie, New York and environs. 8 victims, all women.

    Carlton Gary. Columbus, Georgia. 3 victims.

    Lorenzo J. Gilyard. Kansas City, Missouri. 12 victims, all women.(May be Missouri’s worst serial killer ever, according to the Kansas City Star.)

    Mark Goudeau. Valley of the Sun, Arizona. “Baseline Killer.” 9 kills, along with 15 sexual assaults and 11 kidnappings during his year-long spree.

    Harrison Graham. North Philadelphia city. 7 victims, possibly more.

    Vaughn Greenwood. Louisiana. 11 victims.

    Kevin and Reginald Haley. Los Angeles. 8 victims. 1979-84.

  29. part 2 .

    Ralph Harris. Southside Chicago. 6 victims, along with 13 armed robberies and 6 sexual assaults. The first four murders in 1992 and the final two in 1995 sandwiched a prison stint for armed robbery.

    Clarence Hill. Bucks County, PA. “Duck Island Killer.” 6 victims, three pairs of “lovers lane” couples. 1939-42.

    Ivan Hill. Los Angeles. “60 Freeway Slayer.” 6 women. 1993-4.

    Elton M. Jackson. Norfolk, Virginia area. 12 victims.

    Calvin Jackson. New York State. 9 victims, possibly more.

    Edward James. Las Vegas. 3 victims.(He and Troy Sampson [see below] were both “thrill” serial killers, who brutally murdered random, innocent white people — EPH)

    Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite. New York State; Georgia. 15 victims.

    Milton Johnson. Joliet, IL. 4 victims.

    Devine Jones. St. Louis area. 3 victims, possibly more.

    Henry Lee Jones. Southern Florida; Bartlett, Tennessee. 4 victims, possibly more.

    Arhon Kee. Harlem, New York City, New York. 3 girls. Late 1990s.

    Gregory Klepper. Southside Chicago. 8 victims.

    Derrick Todd Lee. Southern Louisiana. 5 victims.

    Matthew Macon. Central Michigan. 7 victims.

    Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Florida. 20 victims, possibly more.

    John Allan Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo. Washington, D.C. and suburbs in Maryland and Virginia; Montgomery, Alabama; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tacoma, Washington; Georgia; Tucson, Arizona. 13 to 19 victims, and probalby many many more.

    Edward Lee Mosley. Southern Florida. 25 to 30 victims, all women.

    Mohammed Alan Omar. Country of Yemen. 16 victims, all women.(Omar is Sudanese.)

    Gerald Parker. “The Bedroom Basher.” 6 white women, Southern CA.

    Craig Price. Warwick, Rhode Island. 4 victims.

    Cleophus Prince. San Diego, California. 6 victims.

    Richmond Trio. Ricky Jovan Gray, Ashley Baskerville and Ray Joseph Dandridge. Richmond, VA. 8 victims among the three of them in several loosely related serial murder incidents.

    Robert Rozier. Miami, Florida. 6 victims.

    George Russell. Washington State. 3 victims, all women.

    Troy Sampson.(See Edward James, above.)

    Lemuel Smith. Upstate New York. 4 victims.

    Timothy W. Spencer. Arlington, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. 5 victims.

    Maury Travis. St. Louis area; Atlanta area (?). 17 victims, possibly more.

    Chester Dewayne Turner. Los Angeles. 12 victims, all women.

    Unidentified. Indianapolis. 15 victims.

    Michael Vernon. The Bronx, New York. 7 victims.(Five of his victims he killed in a shoe store because the store did not have shoes in his size. He later offed one pizza delivery man and one gypsy cab driver.)

    Henry Louis Wallace. Charlotte, North Carolina. 9 victims.

    Coral Eugene Watts. Texas; Michigan; Canada. He has confessed to 13 killings, but is suspected in as many as 80 killings.)

    John Williams, Jr. Raleigh, North Carolina. 5 victims. 1990s.

    Wayne Williams. Atlanta area. 33 victims.

    Donald E. Younge, Jr. East St. Louis, Illinois; Salt Lake City, Utah. 4 victims.

    Zebra Killers. Three convicted in San Francisco. 78 victims.

    The current aggregate running total using the above list is 65 perpetrators and at least 615 documented serial murder victims. In comparison, about 2900 perished in the September 11 attacks at the WTC, the Pentagon and rural Pennsylvania, and 168 died in the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995.


    is this enough?

  30. Considering that Ted Bundy escaped from prison twice, I’d rather have the death penalty just in case the authorities make another mistake with a worse serial killer. Just like cancer needs to be excised from the body, so too do these cancers of society need to be excised from the body. Ted Bundy had no remorse for any of his victims, but he sure experienced the same victimization he inflicted on others at the time of his own death. That is what needs to be televised over and over again. The victimization of Ted Bundy is the justice the victims needed to heal their wounds.

    Bundy received 200 love letters a day from women during his incarceration. Are these the same demented people spewing against the death penalty? I think so. I just wonder why none of those women offered Bundy to visit while he was free. I suspect they miss their hero.

  31. This is pretty pathetic!!! Why, does it matter, what his/her race is.? The point of the matter,is very clear…their murders of all colors and creed…get a life and do us all a favor…stop HATING!!!

  32. Who cares about their race. Each race has there share of crimes, and murders. The media only exploit what they think will give more publicity. Regardless of the race, its still wrong. I don’t think they should get death penilty cause that is gods judgement. They will have to answer to him. God will determine what he want the rest of there life to be like. Trust in him he will make the right decision.

  33. I really think its bizarre to be so obsessed by a killers race than the magnitude of the crime. I think Amercians have an amazing capacity with getting fixated about trivial and unimportant issues than anybody else in the world. Or elsehow can you describe this craze about the color of the killer?
    In any event, without being labelled as playing to the gallery, the whites are more proned to premeditated murders than blacks- an average black-induced killing is more of a spontaneous, impulsive and self-defensive act than just taking a life for the fun of it.
    As a whole, killing is a heinous crime, whoever or whatever the perpetrator may be!!!

  34. Everyone knows is that serial killer’s are the white male and female to be the psycho killer. Black people always get slash, and dash, in horror films. Never seen or herd a black killer just only an hood black gangster.

  35. David Middleton a black man who was a former police officer is on death row in Nevada for the torture killings of 2 women. He is the only police officer that became a serial killer

    • Incorrect. Gerard Schaefer (FL), David Alan Gore (FL), David Keith Rogers (CA), Anthony “Jack” Sully (CA), Matthew Quintiliano (CT) were all active or former police who became serial killers, and that’s just off the top of my head. There are probably quite a few more that I’ve forgotten or have never heard/read about.

  36. Obama will be rightly called a serial killer due to the number of abortions that his policies will lead to and allow.

  37. […] […]

  38. William Jefferson Clinton killed many children, women, and men in Waco Texas by proxy just like Manson & Hitler did.

  39. No, Proudmomo, he’s not the only police officer who became a serial killer. There was also John Gerard Schaefer.

  40. The facts show that black serial killers represent roughly the same proportion of the total US black pop as other black crimes represented in similar comparison to total pop. Overall, blacks represent about 14 percent of the total population, but they commit about 48 percent of the crimes over any 10 year sampling of FBI crime states. Blacks commit more serial murders in proportion to their total numbers.

    About 1 in 4 serial killers are black. You just don’t hear about them; just as we don’t hear about most white serial killers. Only the most salacious and sensational ones normally make the news beyond local coverage. Ditto for mass murders.

    And, in the category of rape, blacks far outpace any other races. Black serial rapists are much more prevalent.

  41. I’m a black female and A&E as well as Investigation Discovery (ID) are two of my favorite channels to watch all day. Until I searched on the internet one day, I had NO idea that there were so many black serial killers. Considering that I’ve watching tons of shows about criminals, you would think that I would see more.

    The reason most people are unaware that other races besides white males can be a serial killer is due to the media bias. Look on the news and you’ll notice they always make a big deal out of pretty white female missing. Males and other races, they could care less if you go missing because it doesn’t bring in ratings. We don’t know about these serial killers because the media is more concerned about finding the next Ted Bundy.

    In the end, we really should be concerned about bad people, not their skin color. When these victims were being butchered I’m pretty sure these poor people were not thinking about skin color when they drew their last breath.

  42. Very interesting, although sad, blog.

  43. As far as race being an issue. It is and absolutely should be. Those in the fields of criminology, psychology, and anything dealing with studying these types of people; all details that can be a mitigating factor are important. If there are biological implications regarding gender, race, or age then statistics should be accumulated. We still do not know what causes a person to definitively become a “serial killer”. This information is vital for those who create profiles on these evil predators.

    And as far as the death penalty goes those who are pro death penalty should realize something. You look at murders as “inhuman” or less than human. You view them as unworthy of life. This is the same way a soldier looks at his enemy. And it’s acceptable in war times to kill, but many times the lines get skewed, and many soldiers commit violent acts against civillians such as rape and murder. And this is also how the serial killer views his victims. Murderer is wrong and innately we know this whether we choose to ingore it or not.

    I don’t know why there is mention of Obama and abortions in this thread. I’m sure there is a better medium or platform for those arguments. There are some intriquing implications at the idea of a black serial killer and by making these distinctions there are methods that can be devised based on study in catching these men earlier and not allowing them to go undetected. Let the facts speak for themselves. I am black and I have no more affinity for an african-american killer than of any other kind. But I do recognize as a being of intellect that the media doesn’t cover this demograph of killer as they do the white male giving the public the impression that they don’t exist. It is obvious why this is a cause for concern.

  44. To Facts are better than anecdotes:

    When citing statistics PLEASE PLEASE recognize those statistics do not take into account federal white collar crimes, crimes that may not be reported by officers (it is a known fact with racial profiling blacks are targeted and their crimes reported more frequently as well as the sentencing for blacks are more stringent). Additionally, you are not counting the lynchings done by whites against blacks that were unreported, incestous relationships among whites and the like. Additionally, the relationshp between impoverished blacks and the police is not strong. Low income Blacks may not report an adult family member missing either due to a known drug problem (binging absences) and the reality the police simply do not care and won’t put any effort into an investigation.

    Factually, I know of two cases in my states where black college students (girls) were visiting and were never found. Their parents were middle to upper middle class and raised a nasty stink about the lack of discussion in the media about their missing. Eventually, one of the girl’s boyfriends was implicated.

    Then you have a case of Casey Anthony and Calee Anthony—North America is begged to cease existence because of the death of yet another white child by family members.

    This is the fault of white owned media. Their intent was to perpetuate blacks people as the most dangerous group and dangerous communities (citing statistics like you have mentioned)—-and like Calee and the Hassidic Jewish boy recently murdered—this inclusion and safety amongst our own is proven to be deadly. Now we have A. Bietvik in Norway killing “his own.”

    When the media stop the propoganda about black people being the boogey man—and everyone realizes evil has no skin color, no religion, no nationality–it relishes in a host and flourishes—

    Think of Andrea Yates she is mentally ill—the black woman roasting her baby in microwave is described as drug addict welfare mom. Andrea goes to a mental ward and probably will be released in 3 years. The black welfare mom no doubt will be doing 25 to life.

    Welcome to America.

    • Yes I love it. You really said what I was about to say. White racsist love this so they can post it on their racsist sites to say see blacks do more murdering than we do. Please do u know a native american…… I’ll wait and how many africans were murdered and by whom? So go head on and say blacks only murder less because its more whites and believe your own ignorance.

  45. Anthony Sowell 11 women

  46. why are there more white serial killer the any other race?

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  49. I always thought most were white… the more intense ones were anyways.

  50. All killers should be procecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The world is a better place without them walking the streets and living next door to us, No matter what color they are. I’d like to point out to the american public , That there are different levels of serial killers. In order to be classified as a serial killer a person has to kill 3 people . (Which is a level 1 serial killer) Most black killers who have killed 3 people are put in the same catigory as White killers who have killed a much higher number of people . A level 5 serial killer who has killed anywhere from 10 to 30 people. Thats why the false satictics state that there are almost the same number of black serial killers as white serial killers. For every black serial killer who has killed 3 people , A level 1 serial killer . I can name 100 white serial killers who have killed well over 10 people. A level 5 serial killer. From what I’ve learned from reading and using good common sense . The majority of people who are likely to go on some sort of killing spree , Especially a shooting spree are white males who are loners, Not happy with their jobs, Not in a real relationship with a woman. Between the ages of 20 and 59 and feel that every person that they meet who is some what successful is part of the reason why they can’t be successful in life. These are the type of white males that the police need to watch very closely. Some of these white males have no real criminal background. Has been around guns most of their lives. Most of these White males who go on these shooting sprees have friends and family members who are not suprised in the least that their friend or family member decided to go on this killing spree. When I’m out with my wife and kids and I see a lone white male between the ages of 20 and 59 , looking a little strange, with a bald head. I feel very concerned.

  51. Wow, the level of racism in this country is amazing. Just own that serial killing is a white male thing. These men do not think twice about going in a school or place of business and taking out 20 people if they can. It just happened in Aurora, CO and already they are characterizing him as mentally ill in a clear effort to get him off. Killing is what white men do. It is quite sad but true. Even sadder is watching them try to make others seem like monsters just to take the focus off of their insanity. This blanket denial will guarantee many more school, restaurant and movie shootings. The average black person who kills is usually protecting themselves or there is an emotional trigger; they do not go around killing 30 people in one shot. Manipulate the statistics all you want but we all know that there is no conspiracy to not implicate black men. To the contrary, if what you say is true, the white media and population for that matter would not hesitate to make it known. None of the “explanations” above can explain away the truth. There may be some black serial killers (if that i what they really are), but believe me they have strayed away from their cultural values and taken on the values of the so-called majority. In other words, they have been successfully indoctrinated.

  52. I need to to thank you for this excellent read!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new things you post…

  53. The thing that concerns me is not so much the number of African American serial killers there were but that most if not ALL were sentenced to death,while most if not ALL caucasian serial killers have had their sentence commuted to life in prison.

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  56. The things that boggles my mind is that people argue over the race of the actual killer, in my mind they are all demented, as a person who has studied the history of serial killers does it matter, they all need to be locked up for life. As an African American woman, I am much aware of the horrendous crimes committed by those of my race.. Keep in mind the race of those who profile serial killers initially, when African American kill their own kind, it rarely makes the news…You mentioned Wayne Williams, the only reason so many died is because the value of an African American life wasn’t deemed important enough for them to investigate. Instead of trying to figure out which race did what, we need to be teaching our children, how these monsters look just like us. Some live normal lives, they are intelligent, like Ted Bundy. I find it quite ignorant that the issues\debates are over the killers nationalities. Does it matter which race did it most, how many Jews were killed by Hitler. How many slaves were killed by their “Masters”. I’m quite sure a bunch will give me the let the slavery issue go, but talk about serial killing, each life that was lost was a life that the killer black, white, Hispanic or whatever had no right to take, and my last point, if a black\Hispanic person commits horrendous crimes they are sick animals, if a Islamic person commits horrendous crimes they are terrorist, if a white person commits horrendous crimes they have mental issues. The statistics will show over and over, year after year, decade after decade that the government does show leniency towards white perpetrators. Instead of creating site about the nationality of the killers, why not make site dedicated to their victims. The killer is often made the focal point and the victims fade from the media, and the mind of the people. I have lost loved ones to a race other than my own, my issues is they had no right. Peace and Blessings…

  57. Also @Bill yes that is quite enough, thank you for bringing those monsters to the attention of those who were unaware of them. Now take all those names and their victims and multiply them by a number you can not even fathom, but I’ll provide you with three letters K.K.K. The topic can be rallied back and forth each person stating what’s on their minds. The real issue is how do these monsters’ manage to keep doing this, take this issue all the way back to Blue Beard. The killings of innocent people must stop. Peace and Blessings..

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