Interesting Email & More

Yesterday I was checking my email and saw that I was sent something rather interesting. A woman by the name of Jane emailed me. She is the Publicity Coordinator for monterey media. She explained that they have the rights to the Karla Homolka story and a movie about her is coming out later this year. I had actually heard a little something about this movie because Laura Prepon from “That 70’s Show” is playing Karla. I remember when Laura went blonde it was because of a movie role where she played a serial killer. Well, here we have it.

Jane is going to be sending me some information on the movie starting with a press release and perhaps later on a screening copy of the movie. She would like me to watch it and review here on DS.

How interesting is all this? I never thought anything like this would happen because I started a blog about serial killers. Just goes to show you never know who’s reading your stuff.

For more information on the movie click here.

Watchlist suggested adding sections with recommended books, movies and TV shows. Well, I did just that. Those pages will be an on going process as I read more books and watch more movies and the various TV shows that are out there. If you have anything you want me to add to those pages, like always just let me know and I’ll add them. Full credit will be given for any recommendations. Also, the links for the books will take you right to the their Amazon pages incase you’re interested in purchasing any of them.


~ by B on August 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Interesting Email & More”

  1. It’s true- you never know who is reading your blog. A while back I received an email from a magazine editor who was wanting information about Jennifer Garner- just because I went to school with her. I of course didn’t offer her any and semi-politely declined.

  2. Man, that is really cool! This is really turning into something…

  3. I have been away for a bit so I am trying to catch up on DS. I got to this article and almost dropped a brick. The whole video screening is awesome. I got a link on a newspaper to an article of mine, but that is no where near as cool as press release info and early screening stuffs for a movie. Nothing better than a place with stakes in something viewing you as a viable resource… Rock on ANO! Keep up the great work.

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