Maryland Serial Killer Pleads Guilty

I came across this while reading my local news website. I hadn’t heard about this case before. I did a Google search but the only thing that was found were various news articles. The following artcile came from the

Serial Killer Pleads Guilty To Five Murders, Four Rapes

BALTIMORE — A man accused of killing five mostly elderly people since 1999 plead guilty Friday to murder rape and other offenses in connection with the crimes.

Raymont Hopewell, 35. pled guilty to five murders, four rapes and other crimes to avoid the death penalty. Under terms of the plea agreement, Judge John M. Glynn will sentence Hopewell to four consecutive life without possibility of parole prison terms at a Sept. 14 sentencing hearing. He also faces numerous other concurrent sentences, including life and several 25-year and 20-year prison terms.

Hopewell was charged with first-degree murder and assault in the murders. The victims ranged in age from 60 to 88.

Hopewell, who has a history of arrests for burglary, theft, drug possession and other charges, was convicted on a drug-dealing charge in 2004 and given an 18-month sentence. He walked away from a halfway house in Southwest Baltimore.

He was arrested in September in the Aug. 21, 2005 death of Carlton Crawford, 82, a deaf man who was beaten and strangled. Hopewell was indicted in January in the February 1999 rape and murder of Constance Wills, 61; the November 2002 rape and murder of Sarah Shannon, 88; the May 2005 murder of Sadie Mack, 78; and the August 2005 rape and murder of Lydia Wingfield, 78.

Police documents show that DNA evidence links Hopewell to all five killings, three of which involved rape, and the rape of a woman who lived. DNA also was recovered at the sites of the other two killings, police said.

The crime spree targeted older people – most of whom had a connection to Hopewell or his family.

His victims would willingly let him in, police said, and, once inside, he used a knife to threaten residents.


~ by B on August 12, 2006.

6 Responses to “Maryland Serial Killer Pleads Guilty”

  1. garbage. this guy needs to be knelt down, have a bullet put in the back of his head, and have his body left for the carrion eaters.

  2. Forget the bullet . . . just leave the body for the carrion.

  3. it was mostly old farts so who cares

  4. Andy, hopefully, YOU will never have to experience the pain of losing a loved one…OLD or YOUNG

  5. hey Andy some day (if you’re lucky) you will be an ‘old fart’

  6. Hey Andy, you are a Re-retarded retard. I wonder how many times a day someone thinks that of you, possibly every time you open your retarded mouth!

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