California Serial Killers

Consider this a “follow up” to the Florida Serial Killer post I made last month. Afterall, California leads in the US with the most serial homicide cases. For more information just click their names.

Richard Ramirez: He was better known as “The Night Stalker” as he terrorized the LA and San Fransico areas in the 1980’s. His victims ranged from young women to the elderly.

The Zodiac Killer: The most well known unsolved serial murder cases out there. This case has confused San Fransico police for over 30 years. The crimes were committed during the 1960’s and 70’s.

Randy Kraft: Prosecutors suspect Kraft killed as many as 45 young men in Southern California, Oregon and Michigan. He targeted hitchhikers between 18 and 25 years old. Many were sexually tortured before being strangled with their own belts. His murders were committed in the 1970’s and 80’s.

William Bonin: He’s also known as the “Freeway Killer.” He liked to pick up male, teen-age hitchhikers to rape and strangle along the freeways of Southern California. Although only convicted of 14 murders, Billy confessed to killing 21 young men. He was put to death my lethal injection in 1996.

Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy: Another murderous couple. The pair would pick up hookers from the Sunset Strip and then murder them. He was sentenced to death on February 15, 1983. Carol was convicted of two killings.


~ by B on August 15, 2006.

21 Responses to “California Serial Killers”

  1. Hmmmm, I wonder if there’s a map of the States anywhere that lists the number of serial murders in each state. That’d be an interesting item to see/ own.

  2. Man..that’s not fair. California has a lot more people.

    Well, hopefully we’re at least number two.

  3. my friend brick encountered the night stalker twice when he was young. scares me so bad! did he escape?!

  4. Randy Kraft is the epitome of the serial murderer/sexual sadist. His crimes rank as the most sadistic and coldblooded of any of America’s known serial killers. His capacity for the enjoyment of inflicting pain on his victims remains ‘off the charts.’ His contribution to human history has to be considered as horrific as only a handful of others. That’s pretty bleak….

  5. WILLIAM BONIN and his degenerate followers (VERNON BUTTS) was one of them, RANDY KRAFT included…should have had to go through some of the medieval tortue and suffering they so enjoyed inflicting on other people…well children really…i often think…the poor victims last minutes on earth must have been horrible and terrifying.

  6. william bonin was the FREEWAY KILLER randy kraft was titled the SCORECARD KILLER

  7. where are the hillside stranglers, and gordon northcott??


  9. I read a book about a serial killer who killed this girl I knew she was killed in Calif.I will say about in the 1980s Trying to find the name of the book her name was in. Her name was Brenda French, the guy who picked her up drove a van,Please help me find the name of this book,Yes she was a prosit, Thanks


  11. I suspect that Samuel Lee Robinson, a former basketball player
    for Jerry Tarkanian at PCC and Long Beach State is a serial killer
    because he said online that he was bitter and he felt cheated.
    He did not graduate from college and he did not suceed in pro
    basketball either. I believe he is a psychopath with no regard for
    human life. Investigate the death of Cameron Williams; Born:
    November 20, 1974; Died: December 31, 2009. Her mother, Pamela
    Caruthers, died on December 8, 2009. (California).

  12. i was a prostitu for 20 years i’ve hitch hiked all over.i got a ride from lenord lake a few times but i was a calaveras co.local my family knew lenord help work on his “recording studio” so he wouldn’t dare hurt me it was allways day time and i was very pretty he invited me to ride down to san fransico once to pick up some stuff at his old place.he gave me the creeps!! naw len,i’m cool i’m going swimming then back to my moms house if you see my aunt cindy on the way back to wilseyville tell her i’ll be by later…..and i would jump out the back of his truck i allways felt something yuk was with him and never let my self that close…thank god huh????

  13. oh sorry lenard lake and charles ng were two of calif most sadisic was just lake punk really they were out of calaveras co.calif. in the 1980’s they didn’t kill locals and when busted for a petty shoplifting lake took a sinide capsill and killed his self during interogation in holding the bay area police knew then they had alot more than a simple shop lifter in a missing persons car they knew the missing person was most likely dead and lake was to so they headed to the hills so they could try and see if there was any one alive that could exsplain the mad man and why??? well lake being a informative soul even dead left detailed docrumtaries.on all the murders and video some of the actaul slayings as they did them……they were both sick and ng took off to canada guess how they caught ng ?shoplifting boy lake would have been proud and canada made a exception with ng they never made before or senese they extrodited him with the ok to kill his ass ….hes on calif death row now his case is the most delayed case in history,most costly in history and most exseptions made in history in any murder trial or case……

  14. New here, but looking for information on a killer of at least 2 young ladies in Rio Del Mar (aptos ca.).He killed these 2 around 1976. His nickname was Blue, and he had a headshop in RDM, very close to the beach.
    I cannot remember his first name, but his last name was Martin.
    He made awesome deer antler pipes, and was an artist.
    He was a big bad muscular guy, but was pretty mellow when with friends.
    I just want to know what anyone else remembers. I know he got stabbed in Folsolm, something like the second day he was there, but I doubt he was hurt bad, he was also a brown belt.
    I have always wondered,D…

  15. Ok I thought it was wissconson. Really like ur sight. I’m a 40 year old grandma that just started reading up on serial killers. I went to one sight that shocked me when talking about affrican american serial killers they used it as a hate forum. I was discusted to see that there is still ignorance of that nature in 2012.

  16. I am upset to see that Billy Lee Chadd failed to make the California list. Chadd’s Supreme Court Case is one of the most significant death penalty case in history, and a seemingly countless number of death row convicts and have used case law from the People v. Chadd to stay off death row…sort of an interesting guy too, although he’s a sick fuck who should have been castrated and allowed to bleed to death for the shit he did.

    California is so embarassed about the way they handled the Chadd case that you cant find anything in the archives about his original case in San Diego County. The Supreme Court case is all that can be found, and it doesnt go into the murders at all. An FBI guy included Chadd in a book about sex crimes, and basically stole Chadd’s manuscript that he wrote in prison, and wont release the typed copy that he had made of Chadd’s hand-written memoirs.

    Why is it so hard to find pictures of comvicted killers?

    • Billy lee Chadd is my uncle. The reason he was not on the list was due to the fact that what he did was bad, but not compared to the guys on the list. The reason why his book never came out, was he needed my grandparents permission to release it, my grandmother asked him not to. So the book will not be shown to the public.
      Pictures, not many were taken during the trial, and my grandparents never gave any out to the media. I however have several.

      • if Billy chad is your uncle then we are related, he is my cousin.

      • Billy Chadd is also my uncle. His biological father is my grandpa. He is named after my grandpa.

      • I feel like I just had a family reunion. So Levita bbq a is my second cousin?? I think that’s right.

      • I was a neighbor to the Chadd family when we lived in California, when I was a kid. He must have a brother who my brother was friends with.

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