Calling All Readers

Shocking as it might be, I’m starting to burn out a bit. Believe it or not, it does take alot of time and effort to keep this thing running. Have no fear though, I’d never close this thing down. What I am asking for though are guest posters or people who want to submit articles.

I’d really like for people to submit some reviews on different books and movies that they’ve read or seen. Maybe something on why you find this sort of topic interesting. Basicly anything that fits into what this blog is about.

As with anything that gets submitted here, credit and linkage will be given. If you have an idea or anything you want to submit just email to me at and make sure the subject mentions DS. Remember to include all your information in order to receive linkage and credit!


~ by B on August 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “Calling All Readers”

  1. I can imagine it must take a lot of time to do this. You post a lot more frequently than I would have imagined you would.

    I’ll keep trying to get in touch with Julie, as we discussed before. And I’ll put my thinking cap on how I might be able to help. Non fiction is not really my strong point.

    I have always thought I would make a great serial killer, but I have not actually done it yet. When I do, I will give the exclusive!

  2. I say don’t worry about it B, just cut back on the frequency of your posts, it’s basically what I did and I think the sporadic updates give a nicer touch than something that you have to struggle with every day to try and find interesting. But that’s just one side of the coin, I’m sure you know the other quite well.

  3. I think I may be able to submit something for you to post. I’ve got a morbid fascination with the canibal variety of serial killer, so maybe I can do something on that for you. I’ve seen a great deal of documentaries on them…of course, each time I’d watch them, I couldn’t eat meat for a few months because of what they covered, but I found them all interesting.

  4. I agree with max, you don’t have to post EVERYDAY. I’ll write up a review and send it your way. give me a few days though.

    Keep it up, however frequently you can, because it’s great!!

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