Detroit Serial Killer Suspect In Custody

Once again I found this on Google News. Interesting how all these current cases are starting to pop up. I think the stat for current serial killers is something around 20-30 at any given time are active in the US.

Suspected serial killer in custody

Detroit Police have arrested a man who is suspected of killing prostitutes on Detroit’s east side.

Police officials confirmed the arrest of a 37-year-old Detroit man Tuesday evening. The suspect was arrested July 30 on a separate criminal sexual conduct charge and has been in custody since then, police said.

Four slayings have been linked to one suspect’s DNA, Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings said at a news conference last month, and the same killer is suspected in the deaths of 13 other women, though no physical evidence was found to connect those victims.

On Tuesday, police said the four slayings in question match the DNA of the man in custody.

The victims, found dead between 1999 and 2005 in the area bordered by Van Dyke and Alter, and Jefferson and East McNichols, were all prostitutes, drug users and older than 30, police said.

Hundreds of witnesses have been questioned in the cases, and at least 150 men have been ruled out as suspects since the investigation began in 1999. In 2002, investigators began to see a pattern linking the killings.

The first victim with the DNA link was found dead in January 2002 in the 9700 block of St. Paul; the second was found in April 2002 in the 1300 block of Manistique. Their identities have not been released.

Police said a 2002 television news story on the slayings might have forced the killer underground, but he resurfaced. In November 2003, a woman was found dead at Mack Avenue and Holcomb Street.

The final victim, linked by DNA, was found in October 2005 at Chalmers and Houston Whittier. Police have created a profile: The killer is male, familiar to the women, and likely lives in the area. He presented himself as a customer, police said.

Each of the four women was killed by blunt force trauma, police said. The man in custody was arrested with a blunt object, police said.


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