Hadden Clark

Unlike most serial killers who come from horrible backgrounds, Hadden Clark came from a privileged background. There was abuse though. Both parents were alcoholics which created an unstable home life. The youngest daughter would run away in her teens. Their oldest son would end up in prison after killing a girlfriend.

Then you have Hadden. His father would call him a “retard” and his mother would treat him as a female. She would dress him up in girl’s clothing and call him by the name Kristen. He enjoyed running down children on his bike and he would decapitate house pets and leave their heads on the doorstops of children who annoyed him. Sounds like a lovely child huh?

He somehow managed to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America. With his degree he then found a job in Provincetown. Meanwhile he was using his skills in the kitchen to murder various victims in Cape Cod. One victim he buried on the sand dunes of Wellfleet after he cut off her hands.

After Cape Cod, Clark went from job to job. Some of these jobs included working on a cruise ship, at the 1980’s Olympics in Lake Placid and at various banquet halls in Long Island. He enlisted as a cook in the Navy but his shipmates didn’t take to him very well. They didn’t approve of his erratic behavior or his fondness for pretty panties. He was beaten by his shipmates on various occasions.

He was given a medical discharge after he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. After that he went to live with his older brother, Geoffrey, in Silver Spring, Maryland. Less than a year after moving to Maryland he committed his first confirmed murder on May 31, 1986. Clark had been kicked out of the house for masturbating in front of his young niece. While packing his belongings the neighbors daughter wandered over looking for the niece. Clark lured her into the house and butchered her with one of his chef’s knives. He would put the body in a duffle bag and then dispose of it in a shallow grave at a local park.

After being kicked out, he lived in his truck and would work odd jobs. His mental condition continued to spiral downward. By 1989 he was arrested on various charges. He assaulted his mother, was caught shoplifting women’s clothing and destroyed a rental property.

In 1992 he would commit his final murder. He was working for a woman named Penny Houghteling as a gardener. Around midnight on October 17th, he sneaked into her bedroom of her daughter, Laura, who was a recent college graduate. Dressed in women’s clothing he woke the girl and demanded to know why she was in his bed. He forced her at gunpoint to undress and take a bath. Afterwards he suffocated her by covering her mouth with duct tape.

He was quickly ID’d as a suspect when his fingerprints matched those found on a bloody pillowcase he had kept as a souvenir. In 1993 he plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years. While in prison he bragged about the young girl that lived next to his brother. For that crime he was sentenced to another 30 years.

Following the second conviction, for some reason Clark believed that a fellow inmate with long hair was actually Jesus. Thinking that this man was in fact Jesus, Clark confessed to more murders. He claimed to have killed at least a dozen throughout the Northeast area in the 1970’s and 80’s. On a piece of property in Cape Cod owned by his grandfather police uncovered a bucket that contained over 200 pieces of jewelry. Clark claimed these were trophies from his various murders. As of now though, the only bodies that have been recovered are those of Michelle Dorr and Laura Houghteling.

I think this case was on one of those crime shows. When the neighbor girl was killed, the police went after the father as the main suspect. I think it was perhaps Cold Case Files or something along those lines. I remember it because the “CSI” crew had to pull up the floor boards to find blood that matched the girls DNA. It’s bugging the hell out of me that I can’t remember which show it was. Ah Ha! I found this. It must have been the show MugShots that I saw this on. It says 2002 as the year which means I must have caught it as a repeat.


~ by B on August 22, 2006.

6 Responses to “Hadden Clark”

  1. The program has just currently ended on court tv FORENSIC FILES. March 20th 6-7p Court tv channel 65. It’s title is “Dressed to Kill.”

  2. Cape Cod is awesome.

  3. I DO COCAINE !!!!!

  4. I saw monkeys fly out my butt.

  5. Show was called EVIL I on ID TV..

  6. It was forensic files. It made me cry.

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