Texas Serial Killers

Here we go again. This time I’m going with the state of Texas. Remember, I’m not posting all of them, just some of them. To find out more you can always Google or check Crimelibrary.com.

Charles Albright: Charles Albright surgically removed the eyeballs of his prostitute victims.

Dean Corrl: A closet homosexual who killed 27 youngmen. He was known as Houston’s Candyman.

Joe Ball: After several barmaids, girl friends and two of his wives vanished into thin air, the local authorities began to suspect Ball. Some claim he fed the remains of his victims to his pet gators.

Coral Eugene Watts: In 1982, Watts admitted he killed 13 women. He would kill them before he went to church on Sunday’s. He basicly thought women were evil.


~ by B on August 27, 2006.

42 Responses to “Texas Serial Killers”

  1. It’s nice that he went to church afterwards.

    BlogMad hit!

    • How about Charles Whitman, the UT Tower sniper? He falls between the cracks of serial killer and mass murderer. He’s certainly worth a mention though.

  2. Can’t wait until my wife and I move to Texas next week. Sounds like a great place. M.

    • Well you can always move to LA california Since the early 1980s, at least five serial killers, and possibly more, were active in the South Los Angeles area some to this day. We dont need you here in Texas so please feel free to go to Cali

  3. that last one is a little twisted. How could the barrer of life be something evil? Anyways, I know you could come up with something that’s a little more detailed. Still, I will conduct a seperate independent study of my own.

  4. this is very true and yet sick but the irony of all the sicko’s out there people gone missing, vanishing into thin air. What is to come of this? Are we to be parched as a blood bath? Where does our real fate rest? Rather then a load of crap that says you make your own its others lives that give you life or not.

  5. anthony shore
    wayne henley

  6. its incredibly interesting how maniacal and twisted all you men are. especially in texas, wow, it must be all that beef you ingest.
    Isn’t it fascinating to know, at any moment, even the closest people to you could murder you in an instant?

    • hey us texas men aint so bad

    • Anyone, anywhere is likely to kill you in an instant. And if you act like that, it might come sooner than you think. Don’t stereotype men from Texas because other states have bigger nut cases than Texas.

  7. especially the people closest to you..

  8. wish I could help a friend who his sister came up missing. They where on a family get away in Houston. She went for a coke in the hotel and never returned 12 to 13 yeas old . That happened some 20 years ago

  9. We are serious when we say “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”…..

  10. This stuff is pretty Twizted especialy the the one that went to church afterwarrd

  11. Looking for information about Johnny E. Meadows who killed several women in Odessa, TX in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

  12. The Hewitt family, where they real, like on the “Teaxas Chainsaw Movie” ?

    • Try google.com – Texas Chainsaw, Psycho, Silence of the lambs; all based on Ed Gein from WISCONSIN. Stop messin’ with Texas…

  13. yeah texas …. ammmmmmmmwah .

    from north of saudi arabia /

  14. when the killer kill = 10000 feeling in one moment.and sure
    mercy that moment just like ,,, how you feeling about my talk now:|
    killer = mind know how mom heart feeling and know how a man work feeling.
    mix it and you got a killer .

    my english is very bad .. if it is good , maybe i talk much.
    before forget … numer 3 its just 1+1+1

  15. they are crazzie!!!

  16. you forgot richard ramirez. born and raised in el paso texas

  17. omfg i cannot believe people could actually do shit like diz!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank God we still have the electric chair!

  19. Psh, I love Texas just because we have “crazy” people doesn’t mean we all are. I still walk the streets late at night on the worst parts of town && get wise-ls && honks.You can tell when people are like that. People who don’t give a dam about anything who are willing to get in a car with some one they don’t know like a dumbass those are the typ of people that get killed or mugged or never the less people who walk alone with a bag && think no one will wanna rob them. The people who get killed are just as crazy as the people who kill them.[in ma opinion]

  20. Coral Eugene Watts otherwise known as the sunday slasher or sunday morning slasher was suspected of many more than 13 murders. In fact, it has been suggested that he’s killed more than 200 women from here to Canada. Interestingly enough he didn’t think that all women were evil, and he determined whether or not they were evil by theirs eyes. I’m guessing that eyes similar to a particular stressor, IE one or more women that caused him some sort of extreme emotional trauma, were the eyes that he found to be evil. The fact that he killed on sunday mornings and attended church after each murder indicates a strong underlining religious motive and a sense of remorse for his actions. He is definately a sick, sick S.O.B. who deserves the electric chair with a dry sponge even though he didn’t even get the needle. At the very least he was teased with freedom for a little while due to certain technicalities in the investigation only to be tormented by not getting it. See, he was one of my mom’s college students inside of TDCJ. She teaches for Lee College which is one of the colleges that teach inmates. Another interesting note is that the other inmates, or “offenders”, would arrange their desks in a circle around him seperating her and Watts every class, and it wasn’t until right before she had a one on one sit down with him that she found out who he was. Certainly made her want to go on with his final grade review, eh? Oddly, he had a passing grade and requested that she give him a failing grade because he wanted to re-take the class. She says that she didn’t think he found her eyes to evil. Just thought that this would be an interesting bit of info from someone who’s from Huntsville, aka prison city. We are the prison capital after all.

  21. I love Texas too, born and raised but I think it’s very mean and inconsiderate to the victims and thier families to place the same amount of blame, if any at all as you would on the serial killer. As a child, I knew and lived with a husband and wife serial killing couple. They were clever in their craft, decieving to get their fix. Some of the victims were friends and other’s were abducted from their place of work late night’s. Their motive was a sexual one and no matter what mistake these women may have made, it certainly did not warrent violent rape and death.

  22. They talk about Texas serial killers. Well, for alot of people information most people in texas are originally from louisiana or at least thats where there parents and grandparents are from. They came over to texas a settled here cause of more jobs. You here alot of stories about vodoo and how horrible new orleans is how you know our killers arent orignated from there are any other state. The murders just happen to be in texas. So please don’t put a label on cities, we should jus label the people themselves. They are just sick individuals and need some deliverence from Jesus.

    • Just to correct your misinformation…the majority of people in Texas are not from Louisiana. As a matter of fact neither I nor anyone I know or have ever gotten to know is originally from Louisiana. But you are correct…sickos come from everywhere. As for the comments above yours about “the ones that get killed”…pretty sure that the spouses and children that were victims had no reason to believe they were in any danger.

  23. all this is just the devil doing his job and its sick how could people do stuff like this it makes no sense

  24. my mom disappeared while hitch-hiking in 1976

  25. Enjoyed reading your blog….

  26. Does anyone know of any killers in wylie texas??

    • To Hailey, yes I do know of a killing in Wylie. Candice Montgomery and Betty Gore. Candy killed Betty with an ax after Betty confronted her about an affair she (candy)had had with her (betty’s) husband. Jury ruled it self defense, though. She cut her 41times with the ax, but Betty had come at her first, cutting her twice,,oncee on her forehead andonce on her foot. After Candy killed her, she took a sower with her clothes still on and then went back to church to finish Bible School teaching for the day. ( shower ^ )*. The 2 fMilies had been church friends. (families ^)*.

  27. uhh, what a psycho

  28. Reading all this made me want to thpank my monkey

  29. Wow all this just makes me wanna interview killers I wanna know why they kill what makes them go off the edge is it crazy a voice in there head or just pure hatred of something I’m really going to major in this its what interest me the most if any one knows of any more killers please notify me. Thank you

  30. Do you know of any in hunt county, or Greenville, Quinlian or Terrell ?

  31. what about McDuff?

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  33. were all after the same thing………a peaceful death.

  34. I live in Texas, my parents both work for TDCJ, which, for those of you who don’t know, is the state prison system, all of my childhood and teen years. I’ve done my own research into the serial killers of the state, and these four are just a chip off the block compared to the ones that aren’t mentioned. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind. Either way, no matter where you go, there’s always going to be someone who’s doing some kind of wrong. Just be careful in general.

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