Serial Killers Recall Their 1st Kills

I found the following in one of the books I own called “Serial Killers: Methods and Madness of Monsters.” It’s interesting to see how they recall the events and how some even spoke in 3rd person when discussing the events.

Henry Lee Lucas
I had no intention of killing her. I don’t know whether I was just being afraid somebody was going to catch me or what. That killing was my 1st, my worst and the hardest to get over. Everywhere I’d go I have to be watching for police and be afraid they were going to stop me and pick me up.

Ted Bundy
He was horrified by the recongnition that he’d done this, the realization that he had the capacity to do such a thing or even attempt, that’s a better word, this kind of thing. For the first time he sat back and swore to himself that he wouldn’t do something like that again or even anything that would lead up to it.

David Berkowitz
You just felt very good after you did it. It just happens to be satisfying, to get the source of blood, I no longer had any sympathy whatsoever for anybody. It was very strange. That’s what worried me the most. I said, “Well, I just shot and killed some girl to death and yet I don’t feel.”

I’m not surprised that Bundy spoke in 3rd person. It’s a way to distance or seperate yourself from what happened or from what you did. It seems like he never accepted the fact that he did kill those people.


~ by B on August 31, 2006.

3 Responses to “Serial Killers Recall Their 1st Kills”

  1. that is creepy for sure. I wonder how you could become so de-sensitizied to others feelings and your own actions.

    keep it up, I love what you are doing. Can hardly wait for the big letter project.

  2. You all ways post great pages.

  3. “king og thing,” such an odd choice of words, isn’t it?

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