Lucian Staniak

Lucian Staniak was called by some the Polish Jack The Ripper. His sadistic sex crimes would cover a three year span and would coincide with public celebrations.

On the eve of a national holiday, a letter was sent to a Warsaw newspaper. The note read “There is no happiness without tears, no life without death.” It was written in red ink. The next day the body of a 17 year old schoolgirl was found. She was naked and had been disemboweled. She was found in a park in the city of Olsztyn. The next morning another note was sent to the newspaper. This time it read “I picked a juicy flower in Olsztyn and I shall do it again soemwhere else, for there is no holiday without a funeral.”

It would be 6 months before another body would be discovered. In January of 1965 the killer targeted a 16 year old girl who was on her way home from a student parade. She had been raped, garroted with a wire and then her body was hidden in a factory basement.

Then on November 1st, he attacked a young woman who was at a freight terminal. He had immobilized her with chloroform then raped her and attacked her lower body with a screwdriver. Her body was found the next day inside a wooden packing crate. Like all the times before, the next morning a letter arrived at the newspaper.

Six months later on May 1st, a 17 year old girl was raped and disemboweled in a suburb of Warsaw. In a gesture remininscent of Jack the Ripper, the killer left the victims entrails draped across her thighs.

The big break in the crimes came on Christmas Eve in 1966 when the mangled body of 17 year old Janina Kozielska was found aboard a train. Before fleeing the scene, the killer had slipped a note through the slot of the mail car that read “I have done it again.”

Police quickly realized that 2 years earlier Janina’s sister had met the same fate. This fact suggested that the girl had known the killer. Soon detectives found out that both girls had been models at the Art Lover’s Club in Cracow. It was an interesting lead because the police had already discovered that the red ink used in the various letters was actually watered down paint.

Checking a roster of the club, invesitigators zoned in on 26 year old Lucian Staniak. He was the only member that lived in Katowice. Their suspicions were backed up when they broke into his locker and discovered a painted picture of a disemboweled woman with flowers growing from her stomach.

On January 31, 1967, police tracked down and arrested him but not before he managed to kill another victim. Though he confessed to 20 murders, he was only convicted of 6 and was sent to a lunatic asylum for life.

~ by B on September 4, 2006.

10 Responses to “Lucian Staniak”

  1. that is really gross! I’m glad they caught him, but a loony bin? shouldn’t this guy be somewhere more harsh and secure?


  3. I’m glad the S.O.B. was caught. It just sucks that he only got pinned for 6 counts after confessing to 20. People like that I find to be a danger to society and should be sentenced to Death. There is unfortunately no cure.

  4. I dont understand why he got conficted of only 6 when he confessed to 20, The law is all fucked up!

  5. i think that he was pretty creative.

  6. Where do you see the creativity? I can’t find on one thing that makes him any more special (read creative) than other serial killers.

    If you don’t think serial killers in general is “pretty creative”

  7. he’s a lunatic……..he should die

  8. WOW. why are you guys blogging about serial killers. GET A JOB.

  9. Wow.To the person above me.Were you not here too?Did you not leave a comment too?Shut up.Anyway,this guy was sickkkk.But he got a CUBE ass nickname.

  10. Anyone know what asylum he’s housed at??

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