Books: Cannibal

This book was a very easy read. I probably finished it in a day if it took me that long. It’s easy to read and is just gorish enough to keep your attention. It’s the story of Armin Meiwes who placed an ad looking for someone who was willing to be killed and well, digested. I was amazed that such websites exsisted and what not. I even did a search myself and came across a few. I think the most interesting part of the book or case is really the trial. Yes, he did murder someone but at the sametime the victim was willing and knew what he was doing. It was a whole new level that the courts never though they’d have to deal with. I mean, who willingly offers themselves up to be killed?

Here is what Staci Wilson from thought of the book:

I’ve read a lot of true crime. While Cannibal may not be quite on par with Ronald Markman’s Alone with the Devil for sheer, shocking terror at man’s inhumanity to man, it comes a close second. The gruesome, unbelievable story will stick with you for a long, long time — and what makes it all the more appalling is that the victim was such a willing participant. He begged to be butchered alive, starting with his penis (of which he ate some, sitting bleeding in Armin’s kitchen as the cannibal fried it in a pan and served it up on the good china).

The book mostly covers Armin’s search for a willing victim (there are hundreds of websites and chat rooms that cater to cannibals and their “meat”), goes into great detail about the two men’s fateful meeting and how the crime was carried out — on videotape (later, police officers who viewed the tape had to go into counseling) — and the trial that followed.

Lois Jones is a name to look for in true crime (this is her first book). She is a superb writer.


~ by B on September 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “Books: Cannibal”

  1. Holy shit. I thought I had heard it all. I thought I couldn’t be shocked.

    I was wrong.

  2. Oh my goodness. I had a hard time reading this one, and I was raised on horror films and novels. I’m like the guy above. I thought I couldn’t be shocked. But now I know there is still that possibility. Wow. That guy was deranged! I will definitely be coming back to this blog. I found you on Blogexplosion.

  3. I would have never guessed there were things out there like this. With the sick people though, I should never be surprised.

    Glad I wasn’t on that jury, can you image trying to condemn someone who had a willing victim?

    that video makes me shudder just to think of such a thing.

  4. Also, here is a really good link for Armin, but don’t visit unless you have a strong stomach. I almost couldn’t finish reading this!

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