New Ed Gein Movie

I was Googling around (imagine that) and came across information on a new Ed Gein movie. I haven’t heard too much about it but I thought I’d share it anyway. If anyone out there has heard anything else about this movie, feel free to share what you know in the comments. Links to the articles can be found at the bottom and the information came from Fangoria.Com

We first told you here about ED GEIN: THE BUTCHER OF PLAINFIELD, writer/director/producer Michael Feifer’s new film starring Kane Hodder as the notorious real-life killer/necrophile. Fango caught up with Hodder and got some comments from him about the film, to go with the first pics Feifer sent over (see more below). The actor got involved with GEIN when “Mike Feifer [pictured at bottom] contacted me to see if I wanted to be part of the movie,” he tells us, “and I said, ‘Sure.’ I wasn’t sure what he had in mind; I thought maybe he wanted me to play the sheriff or something, but he said he wanted me to play Ed. And I was a little surprised, because of the physical difference between the real Ed and myself; obviously he was a little guy, slight, short. But the cool thing is that when we were shooting the movie, I was exactly the same age he was when he was caught.”

And that wasn’t the only reason Hodder welcomed the role. “It was a great part, because there was tons of dialogue, which I don’t get the chance to do too much of,” he notes. “It was the lead character and I had to do some emotional stuff, and I’m real happy with the work we did on it. Playing a character without any makeup or prosthetics was a lot of fun. It’s gonna be a good movie; it had a strong cast. Michael Berryman [pictured below with Hodder] plays Ed Gein’s buddy, and I actually end up killing him, and Priscilla Barnes is in it—killed her, too!”

Not surprisingly, like the previous Steve Railsback-starrer ED GEIN and the Gein-inspired DERANGED, the new movie doesn’t flinch when exploring its antihero’s activities. “He was pretty deviant, but we didn’t really go into the sexual side too much in this movie. We just concentrated more on his obsession for dissecting bodies and making things out of body parts,” says Hodder, who boned up on Gein lore to prepare for the role. “I knew a lot about him just because I follow a lot of serial killers, true-crime stuff. But I investigated even more on the Internet when I found out I was gonna do the movie.”

The new ED GEIN isn’t the only new film that allows Hodder to act with his real face; he just wrapped a role in the supernatural shocker BORN, directed by Richard Friedman. “I had worked with Richard on DARKWOLF,” Hodder recalls, “and I was very pleased that he asked me to play a part in this movie, because once again it’s one of the lead characters—tons of dialogue, tons of great scenes. I play a demon that poses as a Catholic cardinal, so I’m going to hell for sure. So I was in all the robes and everything, but it was basically me—no prosthetics, no lenses, no nothing. Just regular makeup and myself, doing the work. Again, there was some really good emotional stuff in that one. I think that movie’s gonna be really good too, with some very good performances; the girl who plays the lead [Allison Brie] is just terrific. Between ED GEIN and this movie, I’ve really been lucky lately about getting real, substantial parts.” —Michael Gingold


~ by B on September 13, 2006.

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  1. Good old Ed…a seemingly never ending source of inspiration…

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