Dexter on Showtime

I saw a preview for this new Showtime series while watching CSI on Thursday night. Now, I don’t have Showtime which means I won’t be able to watch or review this series but it looks very interesting!

According to NY Daily News “Dexter” is about “about a seemingly normal man with a ghoulish job: providing expert blood-spatter analysis for the Miami police.” We learn that the character suffered a horrible childhood and was adopted by a foster father who recognizes the signs you could say of a killer. Instead of having the boy “backaway” from his desires he helps him channel them because as he says “Son,” says the dad (James Remar), “there are people out there who do really bad things. Terrible things. The police can’t catch them all.”

The NY Daily News sums it up as “So Dexter matures into a killing machine without a conscience. At work, he examines crime scenes for clues. But on his own, he hunts down serial killers and murders them, making sure they suffer in the process. ”

How can this NOT be interesting? It really makes me wish I had Showtime. For those interested it airs Sunday @ 10.

More links about “Dexter”:

NY Daily News
NY Times
USA Today


~ by B on September 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Dexter on Showtime”

  1. DAMN! You make me want to get SHOWTIME, and my cable bill is already through the roof!

  2. interesting site, blogexplosion brought me here.

  3. mmm this show does totally rock! it’s a shame you don’t have SHO

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