Richard Chase

Richard Chase was also known as The Vampire of Sacramento. In his early years he would kill and torture small animals including birds, cats and dogs. Not only would he kill them, he would drink their blood. He would eat the intestines of his helpless animal victims. Chase thought by doing these acts he would be spared death.  He would go as far as injecting rabbit blood into his veins. The most digusting thing was when he would combine the parts and blood in a blender and drink the mixture.

Chase would spend two years in a mental institution where he puzzles his fellow patients and doctors. No one could understand his lust for blood. Jokingly they would call him “Dracula.” They assumed that his lust was just for the blood of animals. You know what happens when you assume…

By 1977 he had moved from small animals to larger mammals. During that year police found Chase stumbling in the Neveda desert covered in blood. When they found his car they found a bucket of blood and two rifles. Tests showed that the blood was from a cow.  He was released.

Chase’s first victim was a man that he killed on the street for no real reason. In January of 1978 he broke into a Sacramento home where he shot a 22 year old woman to death. He disemboweled her body and covered himself in her blood. She was 3 months pregnant.

Four days later he killed Evelyn Miroth and her 6 year old son along with a friend. He mutilated her face and collected her blood which he drank. Miroth had been babysitting her 22 month old nephew. When police arrived the baby wasn’t found. Chase had taken the baby with him. The child was later found in a box dumped in a lot.

Luckily he had left fingerprints and footprints all over his crime scenes and had even used a victims car. He was soon caught. Inside his apartment was covered with blood. 

Somehow he was found sane and stood trial. He was convicted of 6 murders and sentenced to die in the gas chamber. FBI profilers interviewed him and found out that he thought that UFO’s were following him and that he thought his blood was turning to powder. In the end though he committed suicide by overdosing on antidepressants that he been hording in his cell.


~ by B on October 9, 2006.

7 Responses to “Richard Chase”

  1. Well how neet to find this. I’ll have to give you a chance.

    I wrote a rough book on a serial killer and have posted a portion at if you’re interested.

    Good luck on this adventure.

  2. It’s nice that Sacramento had its own vampire. They have so little.

  3. I would have to say that that story is the most disturbing thing I’ve read or heard today….

  4. sick! but oh, so intruiging. Did you get this from crimelibrary? I’m going to have to go find the full account. Like the new layout, is it just me or are the blogroll and categories supposed to be at the bottom? The schedule is going to be great.

  5. The theme is right. The blogroll and everything is suppose to be at the bottom. I actually found this in one of the books I own but I’m sure if you Google his name you’ll find something!

  6. Interesting…I don’t normally read these type of blogs. Gory..but in a nice way!

  7. That is one sick bastard! It’s incredible how far some people would go when it comes to types of fetishes. This guy seems as though he may be suffering from a high case of schitsophrenia and annxeity.

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