Halloween Requests

I could go all out for Halloween here at DS but to be honest, you could consider everyday here at DS to be Halloween. Ya know, the stories of monsters who steal children in the night, those who kill live stock and family pets and then of course those who keep body parts in their fridge.

Instead  what I’m going to do is post a list of some horror movies but I want you guys to send in some as well. Perhaps you know of some cult classic that many people don’t know about. Maybe you’re favorite movie is one that is “loved” by one and all. Either way, send them in! You can just send the title of the movie or you can even include a link to perhaps a website for the movie or a IMDB link so people can get some more info on it.

The list will be put up on October 25th to keep with the schedule and to give people some ideas of movies to rent for Halloween Weekend.

Why are you still reading this? Start sending those movies to deargoodbye@gmail.com!


~ by B on October 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “Halloween Requests”

  1. The Shining, The Ring, Alien

  2. oh, duh! JAWS…I walked home by myself after seeing it, IN THE SNOW, and was looking over my shoulder the whole way.

  3. The ring is good, very scary. However I scare easily so some of these might not be scary to other people.

    the village
    the ring 2
    darkness falls (this one terrified me, because I’m still afraid of the dark)

    A fun one and one of my favorites of all time. Supposed to be funny scary, but all funny.
    So I married an axe murderer.

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