Sadistic Killer

Here are just a few Sadistic Killers from the past few years. If you want/need more information just simply do a Google search and I’m sure you’ll find something!

In March of 1989 alleged Satanist Tony Hall is convicted and sentenced to death for the 1987 murder of victim Ngoc Van Dang near Orlando, Florida. Accomplice Danny Bowen is convicted in May and sentenced to life.

In April of 1994 Self-described Satanist Carey Grayson, 19, and three younger defendants are charged with the murder of a female hitchhiker in Birmingham, Alabama. Police say the victim was mutilated “in an apparent ritual that involved cannabilism”

In 1970 Steven Hurd and four other California Satanists are charged with two murders involving ritual dismemberment and cannibalism. Hurd is declared insane and remains in a state hospital “his accomplices are duly convicted and sentenced.”

In July of 1991 Michigan Satanist Jaime Rodriguez is convicted and sentenced to life for beheading a teenage runaway and cutting off one of her fingers, to wear as a charm around his neck. Accomplice Augustin Pena, who kept the victim’s head in his refrigerator, is also charged in the case.


~ by B on October 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sadistic Killer”

  1. Even more occult crimes are listed here (about 190):

  2. “Even more occult crimes are listed here (about 190):

    It’s up to about 320 crimes listed now! it goes back from 1900 to the present. Great link, thnaks!

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