Herbert Mullin

For 22 years Herbert Mullin seemed like a average, normal guy. No one could forsee what would happen when his psychosis took over his mind. He would go on to take the lives of 13 innocent people.

Herbert was born in California during April of 1947. He seemed to have a normal childhood. He played little league baseball and was a member of the Boy Scouts. Flash forward years later and Mullin would tell you a different story. A story that included the fact that he thought his parents were sending telepathic messages to his school buddies to kill him.

Mullin had a close friend named Dead who died in a car accident. After his friends death, Mullin manifested bizarre symptoms that included building and keeping a shrine dedicated to his deceased friend.  He would spend hours just staring at the shrine. Of course it goes without saying that many people have gone through a lost of a close friend or family member and not gone on to murder people.

In March of 1969, Mullin displayed strange behavior at a family gathering. He would mimic every word and movement of his brother in law. That’s when his family thought it was a good idea to have him checked into a mental hospital. The hospital diagnosed him as suffering from a schizophrenic reaction. After 6 weeks though, Mullin left.

He would spend the next few years drifting around and working at various job sites. He was a dishwasher, a gas station attendent and a delivery driver. During this time he was also in and out of mental hospitals. He began to hear voices that ordered him to shave his head and burn his private areas with lighters. Mullin listened to these commands and did as the voices asked. He was in the grips of extreme paranoid schizophrenia.

By October of 1972 the voices had started to tell Mullin to kill. It might sound crazy but he was convinced that Albert Einstein had chosen him to go out and kill people as a way to stop deadly earthquakes.  On October 13 he found his first victim, a 55 year old drifter that he clubbed to death.

Around 2 weeks later he picked up a female hitchhicker who he stabbed to death. Eight days after that he entered a confessional in a Church and stabbed the Priest to death.  Mullin went on to massacre 5 people in a remote area of the Santa Cruz mountains. Not long after that, he came across a group of 4 teenage boys in a cabin. He shot each one as they begged for their lives. His last victim was a 72 year old man who he shot while he was working in his yard.

He was found guilty of 8 counts of 2nd degree murder and 2 counts on 1st degree. On September 18, 1973 he was sentenced to life in prison. In the year 2020 he will be eligible for parole at age 73.


~ by B on October 16, 2006.

59 Responses to “Herbert Mullin”

  1. Unfortunately in the “olden” days they did not know enough about Schizophrenia and had no real good way to treat it. Hospitalization was the way to go and if they got out, you took chances.

    I’m very thankful for my friends that suffer from this organic brain disease and the treatments they are able to go through now to help them become more normal. Wow, we’ve had a few schizo. patients that have done serial type murders.

    Love the blog idea.

    Happy C&C Monday–hit you on your other blog earlier 🙂

  2. you know 2020 isn’t really that far away. I hope this guy isn’t released. SCARY!

    sad that he couldn’t ge proper treatment, but Cat is right, that’s all they did back then.

  3. Was Mullin’s young friend really named Dead? all the other reports I’ve looked at on Herbert Mullin mention no name, just the fact that Mullin began his dissent when his friend died… also i think the 4 teenage boys were illegaly camping in a tent, which is why they were a little shaken when he told them he was a ranger. i think his parole hearing has been changed to 2025… people are scary…

  4. I was a little boy across the road from where herbert killed kathy francis. I had stepped on a nail (age 7) and was in the hospital with blood posioning. My mom went to get me and we saw herbert walking up the hill, it looked like he got his station wagon stuck in the mud. If anyone knows his prison details and when his next parole hearing is email me lambrettasxtv@hotmail.com

  5. At the end of the article it mentions his parole information. He won’t be up for parole until 2020.

  6. Well I have a feeling that he wouldn’t live that long, but if he does, then God help him.

  7. i hope he is relerased

  8. wow i took a quizz on facebook which serial killer are you and i got this guy it freacking me out

  9. yea i did a test onfacebook too and got this guy..kinda kool tho

  10. LOLOL

  11. I too, ended up with this ‘visionary killer’ as my Facebook match, so thought I’d research him a lil more.

    Seems he was pretty indescriminent whom he killed, which does mark him out as rather plagued by those voices.

    Nice ‘tache, though.

  12. I took a quiz on facebook to and got this guy. So I decided to research him. Its really interesting. I wonder how many other people got him?

  13. this shit is fucked
    but i hope he gets out alive and does some crazy shit
    i to got him on facebook
    very interesting
    i think they should make a movie about this crazy motha fucker

    • lets hope he comes across a sick demented fuck like you then if you say shit like that!! utter contempt for fucktards such as yourself!!

  14. i don’t thin k he will be a problem at age 78, they should let him out at his next parole hearing. why not let him live his last years in peace?

  15. I did the what serial killer are you on face book and got this nice chap in my result.
    I am very proud of myself.

  16. he’s great, xaxaxaxaxa…. albert einstein was his friend, he actualy talked to him….i wish i could do that ! i got him on facbook too so maybe i will talk to albert one day….cool

  17. The parole board should contact daniel so he and Herbert Mullin can be roommates when he’s released.

  18. Enough about stupid Facebook!
    can’t wait for 2020…*evil laugh going on* JK
    i have a picture of Herbert on my wall in my bedroom. haha

  19. i also got him on face book but i kno im crazy rite now cuz im puttin 2 and 2 together and its comeing out 13

    he killed 13 people in the span of 13 months
    his first killing was on october 13th 1972
    his identification code in jail was b514101
    ok now assume th b is a 2 ((it comes 2nd in the alphebet))
    2+5+10=17 ok now 17-4*1=13

  20. that nasty freak that should rot in hell………. he took two childs lives that were aged 6 & 9. They did not have the chance to grow up and live.

    I think he should get the electric chair or gas, or give him to me, all I need is a baseball bat and I will smash those voices out of his mental head.

  21. haha i got this guy on facebook as what serial killer i am

  22. They should have killed this prick. What a waste of life.

  23. u fags who r afraid of Ole Herbie aka Herbert “the Monster” Mullin…i hope some serila killer gets u and ur lil kids…pussies…..fuckin crybabies….at least this guy had the balls to get rid of some human scum who didnt deserve to live…he was chosen by nature to do population control…period! Hail Herbert Mullin…and Ali u pussy…ur mommy sucked my dicj and i cummed on ur son and daughter:)

    • youre one demented fucking retard, two young boys dont deserve to live? wow, youre a fucked up in the head as that faggot cunt, lets hope if he does get out he goes and wipes out a few cock sucking niggers like you and your kiddie raping dad!!

  24. then why didnt he get rid of you arjuna dasa..i bet you felt huge after writing that msg…loser
    to all those people who got this guy in the facebook quiz, does that mean ur all crazy too? hehe those quizzes are funny, i got ted bundy but my mate got herbert so i looked him up…interesting

  25. Why on earth would this ANIMAL be up for POROLE? To think that those 4 boys begged for their lives and that S.O.B didnt think twice. Why should we cant we just kill him the same way?

  26. Listen up! The asshole who posted the remark under Arjuna dosa. What a nasty fag!!! only someone truly hateful could write such horrid things. I hope one day you have something like that happen to your ugly self you LOSER!!!!! You my frieb\nd do not deserve to live with us HUMANS you ANIMAL

  27. I’m thinking that the majority of you should be locked up. Scary to think of the people who left the comments re: Mullins actually walk this earth.

    Those who suffer with schizophrenia should never be placed in prison, but rather a hospital. Our socity is so screwed up when it comes to mental illness. Many lives could have been saved had the psychiatrists kept him in the hospital indefinitely.

  28. i would like to invite him round for dinner1

  29. I got this guy on my quiz too..although we definalty dont match, I am not as motivated..lol..Just kidding..and to the asshole that left that message, he obviously needs attention and this was his ten seconds for the day..He is probably sitting at home jerking off to National geographic while his mom calls him for dinner…lol.”Oh Jimmiieee…hot dogs are readY”..LOL…LOSER..Hey give me your address I send you some vaseline and a roll of paper towels..I know you cant afford em living at home at 42 with no job..JAck-ass

  30. how do i contact him now?

  31. kodee you are a major wanker

  32. like you have tried to suck your own dick by climbing your legs up the wall. like kind of wanker.

  33. i took the facebook quiz and go this guy and now he is my sciece fair project… i find him very interesting and scary at the same time…i kind of hope he gets parol and goes to an institution… he should have gone to one in the first place, insead of jail…


  34. Enough with the stupid Facebook already!
    Herb Mullin was an awful person, OK? There in nothing “interesting” or “cool” about the jerk. Michelle, he went to prison and not an hospital because he had the capiblities to PLAN the murders, ok? He knew what he was doing. Sure he was sick in te head, but he was smart.
    Image how the parents, sisters, brothers and friends of the victims felt when they found out how their loved ones had died. Jim Giannaras’ (Mullin’s forth victim) parents were my neighbors and I never saw them outside their house again after their son was murdered.
    The old man, the final victim who was gunned down in his driveway? That man was my friend’s uncle. These were real, living breathing people who were killed by a fruitloop.
    I heard from one of my classmates, whose father was the Park Ranger unlucky enough to discover the bobies of the boys in the tent, that the poor kids died horribly. Tried to claw their way through the tent material.
    He won’t get paroled. Edmund Kemper, another serial killer in the Santa Cruz area at the same time as Mullin, just came up for parole and it was denied.

  35. well everyone has there own veiws an thoughs about thw situation. An its true that to not have been there or see the effects that is causes most can just discard it. But for ones that have or been there its nothin new. Just another way of living. So if it bothers u just remember shit happens. Theres nothin u can do about it. If hes denied, well i say take care, if he gets out Id ptolly shake hie hand. Questions may arise to this but i care very little for what the world has to say. Tho truely great killers manage to walk away or dissaper just completely. We all die in time so no point to shead a tear. If it effect the love ones so much that it changes there way of living well either get over it or u can always but the barrel to ur dome an watch ur brains fly.

  36. i can’t fault the bloke

  37. I have read the other comments. They go on for years. I met Herb on B Yard at Mule Creek SP. He was the guy you see in the picture, same hair, and his two front teeth are gone. He has false teeth, but if he is going to talk for awhile he takes them out. He is a serious person and does not like people to bug him over something. If he has to tell someone to leave him alone, his face changes subtly, like, don’t make him tell you again.

    I have also been in a mental hospital, at the same time, but I am five years younger. How the comments could contain statements about never letting us out when I have been out forty years, lets you in on the problem of assuming that someone in his driveway or camping in a tent has a right to this world all sewed up tight, when that is wrong, as shown. Herbert Mullin made himself a god, and he has a regal bearing. You are never going to get rid of that. We walk among you. The next one is going to look just like one of you. Herb did not choose to do that, to his reckoning, something chose him. He still seriously considers this planet and why it behaves like it does. He is paying for his crimes.

  38. I was 13, and Hubert Mullin’s 13th victim was my uncle Fred who was the last to die.

  39. I am researching for a book on christopher wilder. There were a series of murders of young women in the south florida area in the 1970,s. particularly in the summer of 1973 in the miami beach area. does anyone remember this?

  40. I am surprised that there is not a movie about him. This story is so crazy and so interesting, so thats why I took the liberty to write a script myself.

    I’m setting it in the early 2000’s (its hard to make a period piece), and I am obviously taking some liberties with the story and characters, but it will hold true to the aspect of human sacrifices and scitzophrenia.

  41. my brother went to school together,they belonged t o the same clubs,he didnt start acting up until my brother and his freinds we into the service.i gave.bb him a ride to the bottom of his hill,the nightbefore ge got caught. very sad. he was fu.ny when he was young.

    • What was so sad about it ? him just killing my family ? or him destroying his life ? sounds like you were an accomplice to murder eh ?
      I hope he rots in prison , he should have got the noose for that crap , but no , he gets to live , your right , very sad indeed

  42. In the fall of 72 me and a friend were hitchhiking along the scenic coast highway outside Sant Cruz.. We had stopped at a resturant to have a coke. I noticed a station wagon sitting across the street but could not make out a face but could see he was waving for us to come out. It had been a long trip as we had hiked all the way from Minnesota and one of the girls that was waiting on us had struck up a conversation with us and she had said her parents were going to be gone for the weekend and that if we needed a place to crash we could party there and crash out there. They didn’t have to offer twice, I said that was a great idea and we’d stick around till they got off. All the while the guy across the street was still sitting in his car and waving us out. I finially told my buddy to go out and see what he wanted. Tim went to the car and spoke to person for a minute or two and waved for me to come out, I stuck my head out the door and yelled “what do you want” he said this guy is going our direction and will give us a ride. I told him no thanks and went back into the resturant. Tim remained out there talking to him and again waved me out. I again stuck my head out the door and this time Tim was kinda of being a dick and was stuck on this ride. I grabbed my backpack from the wall outside the resturant and headed for the passenger seat. Now at the time I was 16 but had logged thousand of miles over the previous 3 years. There had been times that I had turned down rides because of of either the way the person looked or a bad feeling. This time because of my anger iI completely overlooked all my safe gaurds and jumped in placed my backpack between my legs and and waited for Tim. Yim climbed in and we pulled out. I glanced over at the driver and felt a pit in my stomach. The guy had long black hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed for a long time. His eyes had what I would call a distant look. As we were driving I began to notice that he wanted to look at me but only when I was not looking at him. Each time I would glance at him he would jerk his head back to the road. After a short distance I noticed that he had gotten off the main hwy and was heading west into the hills. I ask him where we were going and he looked at me with those distant eyes and said “we’re going to a party”. Within a matter of minutes he was increasing his speed and began to sing to the radio. He turned up the radio as loud as it would go and yelled to the song. The whole time he would turn to me and say I should be in a band shouldn’t I. Yea man your the best singer I’ve ever heard and reassured him that we were his freinds. I glance in the back seat and Tim was as white as a ghost. I then ask him where the party was and he said it was at a junk yard not far away. Now we were taking many of those curves up the hills at breakneck speed so I had one hand on the door handle and the other on a large bowie knife that I carried in my backpack all the time. I had a real bad feeling about the way this might end. He slowed down and pulled into what I would call a drop site for old washing machines, refers, and assorted junk, Ok a junkyard. I immediately ask him where the party was and he looked at me and said “The parties over”. I watched as he slid his hand down the side of his seat between the seat and his door. He looked at me to see what my reaction was going to be and I said hey let’s go back to Santa Cruz and party. I feel now that we were probably going to be his first victims because he seemed unsure of himself and the timeline fits. He pulled back out onto the highway and now he was going down hill and seemed to almost completely lose his mind. I did the best to reassure him that he was our friend and he should look into getting into a band, all the while I had my hand on the door handle and one on the knife. After a short while we reached a stretch of flat hwy, I can’t remember being more relieved, the next thing I knew we are stopped in the middle of the road and what now seems like something out of a Stephen King novel he points at a lone tree on a small hill with a full moon in the background and say’s I think you guy’s should go sleep under that tree. This time as he slid his hand down between the door and the seat I hit him with a punch that sent his head slamming into the window. I grabbed my backpack and jumped out the door and down a small embankment. As i looked back I could see him slumpted in the seat but not moving. Tim was know where to seen but I thought I better wait for him so I laid on my back in what seemed to be about a couple feet of tall weeds. I immediately took out my knife and laid there cluching it to my chest. I had made up my mind at that time that I was not going alone if I was going. I sat up and peaked at the car to see if it had left but I could see the lights on the road and I knes this could get worse

    • In this story I said we were going west out of Santa Cruz but in reality we were going east. But to make a long story short Mullin finally came to and drove away but not before I got to see his face in the moon light as he made one last pass to see if he could see us. I will never forget it the look of total anger on his face and the thought of how this could have turned out had god not intervened. It wasn’t till many years later that I was doing some research on serial killers that I found the picture of Mullins and realized just how close we came to being victims

  43. Just watching ID Channel (and did online research) This killer is super cool and evil

  44. When you were in Mule Creek, did you also meet Patrick Kearney?

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