Books: In The Name Of Satan

“In The Name Of Satan” isn’t a book abour serial murder but it’s an interesting read anyway. It’s about a 15 year old girl who had no idea that the 3 boys she thought she knew were planning to include her in a ritual. Her body went undiscovered for 8 months. This book is very easy to read. It’s not very long at 216 pages. It could easily be finished in a day. I found this book to be very easy to get into as well. Sometimes a book starts off slow but this one I had no trouble with. Below is some more information from Amazon:

A lovely teenage girl’s final goodbye….”I love you and I’m going to bed,” were the last words Elyse Pahler ever said to her parents. But she would never dream again, for the pretty blond 15-year-old was about to begin a walking nightmare that would end in her grisly stabbing murder.Three depraved schoolboys’ deadly fantasies….Later that night Elyse slipped out of her parent’s house for a bit of forbidden fun. She never suspected that three local boys – two of whom rode the school bus with her – were outside in the dark waiting….waiting to perform a human sacrifice – in the name of Satan.An unspeakable atrocity that stunned a nation….The DA claims that teenagers Royce Casey, Jacob Delashmutt, and Joe Fiorella – all in a band called Hatred – believed they had found the ultimate offering to make to the Prince of Darkness. They would sacrifice an innocent young girl, a virgin. Prosecutors say the three boys dragged a terrified Elyse to a deserted area they believed was the devil’s altar, where, after being drugged, and attacked, she died of multiple stab wounds.For eight months Elyse’s body lay hidden in a eucalyptus grove until an unexpected tip to police revealed the ghastly crime. In The Name of Satan is an unthinkable American tragedy, a horrifying voyage into deepest evil imaginable.

~ by B on October 18, 2006.

One Response to “Books: In The Name Of Satan”

  1. I might get this book most likely from a library instead. I wouldn’t know about owning a book like this. This also makes you think about how kids can easily be influenced. I feel that it mainly has to do with the Media more so than the childhood with parents. Any child can be raised properly, but with kids, its all about finding that “In-Crowd” and wanting people to accept you or trying to be different in the way of rebeling against society. It is truly a shame about what happened to Elyse and those boys are gonna be spending a lot of time locked away. Unfortuately with kids such as those Satan worshipers, they cannot be helped. Once you intetionally take a human life, there is no turning back. That is just something that stays with you.

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