Movies: H.H. Holmes

I came across this while doing a web search. It’s a documentary on the serial killer H.H. Holmes who I’ve posted about before here at DS. Unlike the post I did about the Albert Fish movie, this movie is actually available.

This movie has received awards and great reviews as well. Some of the awards won are Winner Of Best Documentary ScreamFest Horror Film Festival of 2004.  Flim Threat has this to say about the movie:

“It’s absorbing throughout; showing a serial killer who you may not have heard of, but now you will remember him well. Reinforcements come in mighty quickly with Making of H.H. Holmes where Borowski demonstrates in 20 minutes what Hollywood should do with the making-of featurettes on their DVDs. The Trailers section shows that Borowski has impressive marketing savvy. Man, is he good!” – Rory Aronsky

To learn more about this movie and to view some trailors and information on how to order a copy just click here. If anyone out there has actually seen this movie and would like to submit a review feel free to!


~ by B on November 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “Movies: H.H. Holmes”

  1. Hey, I just saw this episode of Supernatural about a ghost kidnapping blonde chicks and it was H.H. Holmes ghost that was doing that. Didn’t know who he was but they explained that he was the first ever serial killer! okay, I gotta look for your post about him. sorry if this is off topic. love your blog!!!

  2. I have been interested in serial killers for years,I finally got see this movie it is a very good one.I would highly recomend this movie to anyone who likes these kind of films.I would give it 4 stars.Just watch to see for your self

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