Arthur Gary Bishop

Arthur Gary Bishop was born in 1951 and was raised by devout Mormom parents. He excelled at school and was ranked an Eagle Scout. After graduation from high school he served as a teenage missonary in the Philippines.  By all account he seemed to be a “normal” teenager.

By the time he reached his mid-20’s he had become addicted to child pornography. He was excommunicated in 1978 after embezzling almost $10,000 from his employer and took on the new name of Roger Downs. He moved into an apartment complex in Salt Lake City. Once settled in, he joined the Big Brother Program in order to gain access to young boys.

In 1979 he progressed from molestation to murder. He lured a 4 year old neighbor into his apartment where he began to fondle the boy. When the child started to cry and scream he hit the child with a hammer and drowned him. He stuffed the body in a box and carried it to his car. He even passed the child’s mother who was frantically searching for her boy.

In November of 1980, Bishop killed an 11 year old boy after luring the boy into his apartment with the promise of buying his old roller skates. Other victims included a 4 year old who was snatched from a super marker in October of 1981 and a 6 year old who was taken from a play ground in 1983.

He was finally caught in July of 1983 after killing a 13 year old who he was scheduled to chaperone on a camping trip. After a six week trial in 1984, Bishop was convicted of 5 counts of Capital Murder and put to death by lethal injection.


~ by B on November 6, 2006.

12 Responses to “Arthur Gary Bishop”

  1. You know, the only reason I don’t comment on this blog as much as your other one is because of posts like this. It’s hard to make a wise ass remark on a post about a child murderer.

    Oh, I can do it, but no one will speak to me LOL

  2. wow, I’ve never heard about this guy and I don’t live too far from SLC. Looks like he was killed about the time I was born. sicko!

  3. Yeah, this man was a monster. He lived down the street from me. He kidnapped a boy about my age the same day I was at the store with my grandparents and my older brother. He has haunted me and many of my other male friends for years. There was a long time I felt helpless as a child because of the terror he rained down on Salt lake City. It was awful.

  4. I worked with this man while he was destroying young lives and their families. No one suspected him of anything at the time, but after he was caught and pleaded guilty, the one thing that many of us knew that worked with him was the fact that he was into porn. He use to invite some of the male co-workers over to watch porn, and I remmeber one of them saying that he would never go over to his house again because what they watched was so discusting. But some went more than once, and no one ever thought anything of it. In hind sight, the ones that went over and watched porn movies with this murderer realized that porn is not normal, and I don’t think any of them to this day will go near porn. Porn messes with your mind, and to this day anyone who thinks it is ok I am not even polite to them, myself and those of us who knew Gary that I still am in touch with see those who watch porn as sub human!

    • Porn doesn’t turn people into serial killers, fuckhead. If that were true, we’d have millions of serial killers running around. You’re just making pathetic, shitty excuses for the the CHOICES of serial killers.

  5. I know a lot of people that watch porn. That is, the legal kind. My only objection to porn, as a woman, is that much of it is sexist and degrading. I do not, however, accept that pornography turns a person into a serial killer, or anything even remotely dangerous. I don’t buy Ted Bundy’s excuse for a minute that it was all porn’s fault that he killed women. Arthur Bishop was disgusting for wanting to see under age porn. But it’s a HUGE jump to say that anyone who watches something will suddenly go and kill and rape. I can’t beleive we actually still have people buying these excuses. Serial killers want to blame something so they blame what’s easiest. They blame what people will buy. When, in reality, it’s not what they watched while they got themselves off. What fascinates and sickens me about serial killers is that these simple explanations are exactly that…too simple. There is something inherently wrong with these people. It’s possible porn watching influenced them, but only a deranged individual would cross over to such an extreme after simply viewing something.

  6. I am the mother of Alonzo Daniels, Since that day I have not rest… I have been threw hell… There is no words that I can express of all the pain and hard ack that I feel. While I am writing this … I still feel the pain as if was yesterday. This is why I am determind to help others. I love my son aso much his memory will also be here in me. Even tho I can’t bring my son beck to me in flesh … He is here with me in spirit … and no one can take that away. He has a passion for Jesus and I feel that same spirit in me. I know my son is with Jesus and what ever I can do to help other that is my goal. It took me this long to come to terms with what happen to my son, and at this point in my life I devote myself to God to see what his will for me and my son.. I am starting a project in memory of my son Alonzo and the other 4 boys ( Danny, Troy, Gram, Kim)…

  7. Deborah, I am sorry for your loss. I lived across the road from Arthur Gary Bishops parents and relatives for 7 years. They were a strange bunch of people, and to hear them described as devout Mormons is an insult to other Mormons (Latter Day Saints) Last time I visited the Hinckley cemetery where Bishops ashes are buried, I kicked over his grave marker because I hate what he did to your son and the other innocent victims.

  8. I was frends with Cunningham, we used to play sports together. Ever sence the day this monster took him my life has forever changed.

  9. I’m not even sure this thread is still active but I have a question. The TV show I watched said Bishop had a boy living with him when he was arrested. I’m not finding any mention of him anywhere! Any ideas or answers?

  10. I am also interested in how this poor boy came to be abducted. Where is his family in all of this? Is he okay?

  11. Also wondering about this poor boy who was with him when Bishop got arrested. Bishop was a monster but I think there are many, many sick individuals out there who sexually molest children and never get caught. It’s sad but we must be suspicious of everyone in order to protect children.

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