In The News

Serial killer gets 245 years in Lake case: Serial killer Eugene Britt was sentenced Friday to 245 years in prison for three murders and one rape…

Daytona Beach Serial Killer Not Linked to New Murder : Authorities in Holly Hill are blaming “overanxious news people,” for erroneously linking a body found wrapped in rotting carpet last week to a series…

Phoenix serial killer suspect’s brother arrested in shootings case: Phoenix police said Thursday they have arrested the brother of accused serial shooter Dale S. Hausner as part of the same investigation…

Serial killer on loose in La Crosse? : This is where eight young men have apparently drowned in the past nine years, just blocks from the busy downtown bar district where many victims had been reported seen last…

Body of serial killers’ 28th victim found in Sabi river: The Gurgaon police today arrested two more members of the serial killers’ gang and recovered the body of another of their victims…


~ by B on November 10, 2006.

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