It’s Always Interesting…

when I check the stats for DS after a show like Dateline or 48 Hours does a special on a serial killer or other high profile case.

Take last Saturday for example. 48 Hours did a special on Bill Bradford and the “CSI: Miami” connection. In case you missed it, basicly one of the woman on the show “CSI: Miami” and her sister had a run in with Bradford years ago when he posed as a photographer to gain the trust of young girls. She realized this when she saw the poster that the LAPD created with the photos found in Bradford’s possession. One of the girls in the picture was the sister of the actress from “CSI: Miami.”

Over the next couple days I noticed that the most read post here at DS was LA Seeks Info On 50 Missing Women. That post of course is about the Bill Bradford case.

I noticed a higher amount of searches for Bill Bradford and related information like “missing LA women,” “photographer killer” and other things of that nature.

Annoyingly, the same thing happened when Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released. I had tons of hits from searches about the Hewitt family killers and murders. It wasn’t just over a couple days, I’d say for a few weeks after the movie came out I still had TCM related hits.

I’m not surprised by the hits that come after a show features a serial killer. It’s only natural that people get curious and want to know more about what they saw on TV. I’m 100% sure that after the Zodiac Killer movie comes out the samething will happen.

Just a side note, I actually can’t stand “CSI: Miami.” I didn’t want people thinking I was plugging or pimping the show. I was just trying to explain the episode of 48 Hours. I’m an original CSI girl.


~ by B on November 18, 2006.

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