John Wayne Glover

John Wayne Glover suffered from what people would call “Gerontophilia” which is the technical term for a morbid sexual fixation on the elderly. It’s basicly the opposite of pedophilia.

John Glover was probably the last person who you’d expect to turn out to be a killer. He was a family man with two daughters, a good amount of friends and lived in a very nice suburb in Sydney, Australia. He had a job as a pie salesman and spent his spare time doing charity work for the local Senior Citizens Society.

He was a native of Englang who moved to Australia in 1956 at the age of 24. Within a few years of being there, he had been charged with two counts of indecent assaults on female victims. He was put on 3 years probation and was later arrested on Peeping Tom charges in 1965. After a short stay in jail, he married and settled down. It appeared that he was a reformed man.

In March of 1989 he began his string of killings that would give him the nickname of the Granny Killer. His case is considered one of the most twisted serial murderers in Australias history. His method or calling card, was to kill his victims by bashing in their skulls with a hammer and then strangle the victim with her own panty hose. He would rob them as well. Glover’s victims were always elderly old women, most in their 80’s but never younger then 70 years old.

By the time he committed his 5th murder, Australia had set up it’s biggest task force in history to catch this awful killer. A break finally came in 1990 when he attempted to molest an elderly cancer patient in her bed. Knowing the woman could ID him, he went home and attempted suicide. While recovering from this attempt he did manage to commit one more murder, even under police surveillance.

He was tried in November of 1991 and was found guilty on 6 counts of murder and was sentenced to life for each.

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14 Responses to “John Wayne Glover”

  1. that is just gross! You’d think if you were going to have fantasies about someone you’d at least want their body parts to be smooth and nice. Not wrinkly and gross.

    Then again that’s just me!

  2. Wow…I have never heard of that before.


  3. I have.

  4. this is insane.

  5. John Glover is not known as suffering form Gerontophilia as he never sexually assaulted any of his victims.

  6. This website is fucked up.

  7. Seriously its demented.

  8. This Wayne guy stole my name and then raped Grandma’s. What a cum sack

  9. Serial Killers these days………

  10. they haven’t got a clue.

  11. It’s time they got a real job.

  12. peace out.

  13. I did previously make this reply,

    “John Glover is not known as suffering form Gerontophilia as he never sexually assaulted any of his victims.”

    After further research into these crimes, I can say that there was a sexual aspect to theses murders. Although they were not raped he did perform sexual acts on some of his victims.

    It was not released to the public because police wanted to hold it back so that they could make a stronger case if their suspect admitted to it.

    Read some more similar story’s at

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  14. Just a note, England is spelt wrong.

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