In The News

N.J. Police Suspect Serial Killer in Four Slayings: The third of four women found face down in a drainage ditch outside of Atlantic City, N.J., has been identified by New Jersey…

Seeing through the deception of serial killers: Robert Charles Browne made headlines in July when he claimed he’d murdered 49 people, becoming America’s most prolific known serial killer. But when he beat by one the record set by “Green River Killer” Gary Ridgway, his confession also triggered skepticism. Is Browne telling the truth or just seeking fame? Experts say it can be difficult to make that distinction…

Serial killer appeals death sentence: Convicted serial killer Robert Yates Jr. points to a more notorious serial killer in arguing that his Pierce County death sentence should be overturned…

Life For German Serial Killer Who Drugged 28 Patients: Stephan Letter, Germany’s worst serial killer since the Second World War, was sentenced to life in prison Monday for killing 28 of his patients at a hospital where he worked as a nurse…

Man suspected in wife’s death may have been serial killer : Authorities are investigating whether several Nebraska prostitutes were slain by the same man who killed himself last week amid an investigation into his ex-wife’s death…


~ by B on December 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “In The News”

  1. I found a couple of things you might find interesting…

    Texas truck stop deaths – no news yet on if the cases are related or not…

    John Wayne Gacy music video – song by folk singer Sufjan Stevens.

  2. Very interesting. If you keep finding the stories, I’ll keep coming back and reading them. Very nicely put together blog, by the way.

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