I’m sure that if your into True Crime you’ve already been to this website but for those who haven’t it’s one you must check out. It covers everything from unsolved to sex crimes to the weird and strange. It’s very well organzied and easy to search as well. It features information about various Court TV programs as well. was one of the first websites I ever used to look up information on various crimes and killers. They don’t just have a few paragraphs about someone, but they have pages of information. Some more high profile cases even have special updated pages such as the “Ken & Barbie” Killers Bernardo & Homolka. One their page you can find updated information about the case and information on books about it.

They don’t just have anyone writing for their website. One of the writers is David Lohr. He’s written a number of True Crime books including one in 2003 about the BTK Killer.

I highly recommend this website if you’re looking for some good information. Before you go off on a Google search, make sure is your first stop!

~ by B on December 13, 2006.

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  1. It sounds an interesting site, I will certainly be checking it out.

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