Books: Jack the Ripper: First American Serial Killer

I actually just purchased this book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Of course I did check out the back cover before I bought it and thought it would be a good and perhaps educational read.

The authors of this book argue that Jack The Ripper wasn’t British at all, but an American doctor who had trouble with the law in the pass. They lay out their theories and evidence for you. As I mentioned before, I haven’t had a chance to really get into this book yet but from what I have read it is very interesting. Below is what Publishers Weekly had to say about the book:

The murder and mutilation of at least five prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London in the fall of 1888 continues to fascinate students of true crime, largely because the perpetrator, Jack the Ripper, was never caught. The slayings have prompted dozens of books, and more than 100 identities for the killer have been suggested. The British authors?Evans is a police officer, Gainey a constabulary secretary?here argue that the killer was an American, a quack doctor named Francis Tumblety who at the time was suspected by Scotland Yard. Tumblety, a peddler of fake nostrums, had earlier been temporarily charged with complicity in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. At the time of the Ripper murders, Tumblety, who was living in London and was out on bail for other charges, fled England and made his way back to the U.S., where he died in 1903. Evans and Gainey make a case as tenuous as most, theirs based on a contemporary letter written by the head of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, John Littlechild, who suspected Tumblety. Their book will interest only the most dedicated Ripperologists, who may also find merit in the grisly photos.

If anyone out there has finished this book and would like to share their thoughts on it, please email me. Don’t worry about being a spoiler! If you’re interested in purchasing the book or seeing what others have to say about it, check out the books page.


~ by B on January 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Books: Jack the Ripper: First American Serial Killer”

  1. Prostitutes are such a common and easy target for serial killers, which is why I never became one.


  3. That is really hard to believe! I wonder how the authors found that information. It is nearly impossible! It might actually be a break in the Ripper case!

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