I Was Watching American Justice…

the other night and it was an episode about Aileen Wuornos. They mentioned that she had a child when she was either 14 or 15, I don’t remember exactly.

It made me wonder what the child is like. I don’t recall if they said if the baby was a boy or girl. I started thinking if the child had a normal life, ever found out who his/her real mother was. It made me wonder if the violence that Wuornos committed was “passed down” or not. I have plenty of questions yet no way to get any answers.


~ by B on January 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “I Was Watching American Justice…”

  1. wow that is a good question you would think that there might be a trait passed down that makes people kill. But i dont think so. People are made serial killers by things that happen to them at an early age. from really bad parents to just a random incident it could turn someone normal to someone psychotic. so i dont think there is a trait passed down that makes someone murder. but i would not like to find out my mom is a killer that would kind of trouble me.

  2. Asking a question like what makes people kill is like asking
    what makes people like football.Everyone who enjoys football
    does so because there is an aspect of the game that appeals
    to them.Every fans passion develops differently and they may
    have been interested/facinated/obsessed since they were 5 or
    since they were 45.There are so many things to take into consideration and often a throrough examination into the life and mind of a serial killer falls short of explaining let alone
    mitigating the actions.To suggest that such behaviour stems
    from”things that happen to them at an early age”encapsulates
    the mentality of the many idiots out there who will casually adress a topic as bewildering as serial murder and seek to
    explain the ENTIRE phenomonen in one mind numbingly stupid and tragically over simplified sentence

  3. I feel that there probably is not some gene that causes people to kill, people kill for different reasons, but serial killers all seem to pocess similar backgrounds regardless of their econonical surroundings! Many are from well to do families however the way they were treated is what is in common! I think that there are genes that can indicate the predisposition to different personalities however the actions of the idividual are the choices that they make!

  4. It often takes something really bizare to happen to make people kill. It is, as they say, the heat of the moment thing, it just happens, sometimes for no reason…

  5. I don’t think it’s a gene, although I suppose some people might. I think that while commonly it takes something bizarre, I think that some times, people just have a childish mentality and get… I don’t know, curious? It’s like when you wonder what it’s like to die… or be lit on fire while you’re still alive. Maybe they’re just curious to know what it’s like to kill?

    There has to be more than one legitimate answer.

  6. humans are like chameleons. we adapt to our surroundings, and circumstance (God and the free will factor) determines who we are. Abused persons often create defense mechanisms. some choose to become better humans than those that abused them. they are driven towards succuss. others can’t embrace the reality of their fears, and they dominate, torture, and even kill in an attempt to have power over their fears.

  7. No, it’s not passed down in a gene, not in the slightest. It comes from something that happened in there childhood. Being abused, raped a lot of times. Then the signs show up. Arson, torturing animals, sometimes even wetting the bed past puberty. It also comes from being in a female dominated house (for men.).

    Serial killers are very smart, yet do poorly in school.

    They also think of it differently then we do. They’re trying to prove a point because they think they are higher then god, or that they’re incredibly wise and need to spread there wisdom to the world by doing something drastic, in a sense. (in Ted and Charles’s case.)

    Or they’re mentally ill. (David Berkowitz).

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