South Bend Serial Killer?

Seems like there could be a serial killer in the South Bend area, even if the police and other officials don’t want to use that word. At the moment the victim of choice seems to be homeless men. After being killed they are dumped into manholes. Another thing the victims have in common is the fact they were known as “scrappers,” people who rumage around for metals in vacant buildings or lots in order to recycle them for money. According to one article “These guys have strong ties to scrapping,” … “We have more of a reason to believe this is related to scrapping metal than to believe it was done by a serial killer.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one part of being a serial killer having more then 2-3 victims? At the moment there are 4 victims, all of which were killed in the same manner and dumped in the same manner. I just have this crazy feeling that if the victims were children, prostitutes or another “group” of people, the police wouldn’t have such a hard time labeling the killer as a serial killer, but that’s just my opinion.

Many killers feel they are doing the world a favor by killing certain types of victims, such as prostitutes or drug users/dealers. They see them as worthless and basicly wasting space. Perhaps that’s how this person feels about the homeless, that they are an eyesore and that the area would be better without them. The fact they are all “scrappers” could be totally unrelated but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Thanks to Watchlist for the heads up and these links:
Two more bodies found in manhole
Various Articles From South Bend Tribune


~ by B on January 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “South Bend Serial Killer?”

  1. Far less risk of being seen attcking someone in an abandoned building than on the street. Perhaps it’s just a matter of convenience.

  2. Even if they were killed for profit, how does that negate the fact that it is serial murder? Black widows and blue beards kill for money. The fact that they were dumped into different manholes seems a little odd to me. How often does a theif hide their murder victims? And then why hide them in different manholes? Two manholes instead of one manhole equals one extra dumping spot to be found.

    The FBI seems to not be sure if some murder for profit peoples count as serial killers or not… Like mafia hitman for example. But they fit the definition… Just because they make a career of something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t count. Also, you could imagine that these people would have still killed if money wasn’t involved. They just might have not killed the same people.

  3. Maybe he’s eliminating the competition. There’s only so much scrap metal to go around.

    Were the manholes already open, or did the killer open them and then close them again? Or has the cover disappeared on the holes that the bodies are found in? A manhole cover is worth about 80 pounds of scrap metal. Although the reclaimers aren’t supposed to accept them, they still do.

    In any case, this looks like a serial killer to me.

  4. Got to agree here. It is a serial killer – obviously.

    I can think of a few reasons why someone might target homeless men. One reason that comes to mind is, exactly as you speculate, that the killer might feel that he is doing society a favour by removing a ‘waste of space.’ That seems the most probable to me. It is also possible, I suppose, that the killer has had some kind of bad experience in the past which involved a member of his present target group. Then again would a member of the homeless community be prepared to kill one of his associates for price of some scrap? Yeah, I think it could happen.

    I’ll be interested to find out what happens over all this.

  5. im from south bend…the guys who murdered the men were homeless losers too. they were in little homeless gangs…one got pissed and brutally murdered the men…i really dont care…they got what they deserved

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