Ebay & The Serial Killer

While you might not be able to find gruesome items of interest on Ebay regarding serial killers, you can find some more basic items.

The most common items are books and DVDs. Why spend $15 on a book when you might be able to find it on Ebay for a little cheaper? The same goes for DVDs. I was able to find an A&E DVD about Dahmer and a few others on Ebay for much cheaper then what the A&E website wanted. If you’re lucky, you can find “package deals” where someone has grouped together a few books or movies. This way you get more bang for your buck. Instead of paying $10 for one Anne Rule book, you might be able to get 3 or 4 for that amount.

Every once in awhile though, you can find something a little different. It all depends on luck though. I think Ebay has a strict policy about what can and can’t be listed. I managed to find wood from a shed that belonged to Ed Gein. The seller can’t confirm just how real the item is though since he purchased it from someone else at a show. A few pages later I came across Dahmer’s yearbook. This auction has a crazy ass “Buy It Now” price of $598.00. The auction as the moment has no bids, imagine that. A search for Ted Bundy brings up an auction containing his death certificate. The auction includes an image but you can’t really read it.

A few days ago in the news I read that someone was trying to sell items and wood from the house of the BTK Killer. Ebay took the auction down and the police in the area have already said if anyone is caught trying to steal items from the house, they will be arrested and charged. The house is scheduled for demo and in it’s place will be a park.

If you take your time and look, you can find both typical and interesting things on Ebay as far as serial killers go.


~ by B on January 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ebay & The Serial Killer”

  1. I can’t really read this site.

  2. I can read it fine.

    Anyhow, the ebay thing is quite an interesting post here. I’ve never thought about how many “things” people would want of others. Strange but true, eh?

    I mentioned the BTK guy in the SB the other day. I’ve got to dig up some of those books I was talking about (they are over on the bookshelf across from me, shouldn’t be too hard) so I can let you know what I have if you’re interested.

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