The Last Victim Author Committed Suicide

Best-selling author of book on serial killers kills himself

Local attorney Jason Moss, who as a University of Nevada, Las Vegas student turned his obsession with serial killers into the best-selling book “The Last Victim,” killed himself in his Henderson home last week, authorities said.

Moss, 31, died June 6 after shooting himself in the head in a home bathroom, according to the Clark County coroner’s office.

There is nothing to suggest anything except suicide,” Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said.

In 1999, Moss landed on the New York Times’ list of the nation’s top-selling books with “The Last Victim,” a graphic tell-all about his close encounters with infamous serial killers, including John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson.

Friends were asking Monday if there was significance in Moss’ decision to kill himself on 6/6/06, a date similar to 666, which is said to be the “Number of the Beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Moss studied devil worship as preparation for beginning correspondence with the imprisoned Ramirez, a Satanist.

“It struck me that he did it on 6-6-6. I wonder if it was coincidence or if he planned to do it on that day for a reason,” said counseling professor Jeffrey Kottler of California State University, Fullerton, Moss’ co-author on “The Last Victim.”

“He’s not particularly religious, but he got heavily into Satanic stuff while doing the book,” Kottler said. “He studied it but seemed to laugh it off.”

When he was 19, Moss used trickery to develop pen-pal relationships with the murderers, portraying himself in letters to them as a worshiper or a victim that fit each killer’s fantasies, leaving false clues about his sexual preferences, Satanic devotions and vulnerabilities.

The most intense relationship Moss forged was with Gacy, who killed 33 young men and boys, having sex with most of them before strangling and burying them in the crawl space of his Illinois home.

The book describes Moss’ visit to Gacy in prison only two months before the killer’s 1994 execution, an encounter during which Moss claimed he was almost raped by the notorious “killer clown.”

Moss said in a 1999 interview with the Review-Journal that frequent nightmares of the two days he spent with Gacy began to fade only when he began telling people his story. He turned his experiences and insights into a thesis for the UNLV Honors Program. After more than 100 people showed up to hear his presentation, one of his professors urged him to turn the project into a book.

“The Last Victim’s” lurid copy, including sexually explicit letters from Dahmer and Gacy, led to it selling by the truckload only days after its publication. The hardcover racked up 76,000 sales in its first 10 weeks of release.

Sales were boosted by controversy over Moss’ methods. Readers were divided on whether the book was a useful examination of criminal psychology or a questionable exploitation of some of the most ruthless killers in history.

Moss landed on a variety of nationally broadcast shows, from TV’s “20/20” and “Hard Copy” to radio’s “The Howard Stern Show.”

After graduating summa cum laude from UNLV, Moss collected a law degree from the University of Michigan and returned to Las Vegas. He entered private practice as a criminal defense attorney after interning with the Clark County Public Defender’s office for two years.

Kottler said he last spoke to Moss a few weeks ago to discuss the annual reselling of the rights to turn “The Last Victim” into a movie. Hollywood mogul Merv Griffin has held the option to make a film adaptation for several years, but has not moved forward with production.

“He sounded harried and busy. He had talked about being excited about doing litigation, that he still hadn’t lost a case” Kottler said. “I keep replaying the conversation in my head: did I miss a cry for help? But I can pretty vividly recreate that conversation and it was Jason as usual.”

~ by B on October 3, 2006.

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  1. Where, oh where, will the Serial Suicide Killer strike next?

  2. Interesting! Maybe he was so into it, that he was becoming parranoid. Scared that he would become a killer himself.

    • Not likely. Considering half of what he said was fabricated crap.

      • you people are cold and i just saw the movie!!!!!
        must of been very odd doing what he had to do and quite scary,as for that daviddale guy and what he said in response to poorjason commiting suicide ,maybe the suicide serial killer will start wit him

  3. Has anyone read this book? Is it worth a look?

    • It is a great book… really weighs on you though. Filled with controversial and disturbing material that might affect your sleeping patterns. Jason presents his accounts in vivid detail covering every aspect of his written, oral and physical correspondance with the criminally elite. Tread with caution, I found the read requires a real mental toughness, open mind and strong curiousity about serial killers to make it through all the pages.

      • What? What a joke. The book was nothing like that. I can name 10 true crime books that are most insightful and more disturbing. Moss wrote like a 12 year old.


      • Because of Jason Moss, Gacy confessed to all the murders. Jason Moss was a brave man to do what he did and the FBI and Physiologist should learn from Jasons Moss experiences. Sad to know of Jasons death.

      • Christine, FYI you have replied to a 5 year old post.
        Jason Moss was no hero, and everything he ever did was for the benefit of himself.
        He most certainly didn’t get Gacy to admit anything,as Gacy went to his death completely denying any guilt.
        Moss did admit to the raping and killing of one young boy to Gacy.
        The Henderson police scoffed at Gacy when he called them to report this.
        They seriously should have begun an investigation.
        Many believe that Moss was a killer also.

  4. I own it Mr. Fab and I thought it was pretty good.

  5. Since not one of you here knew Jason, or anything about his life, I think it would be best to focus your energy elsewhere. His death/the way he died had nothing to do with the way he lived and the book he wrote ten years ago. OK?


      • That wasn’t Charlotte Moss, I am. Jason wasn’t a killer, he was a true genius-the smartest person I’ve ever known but did suffer from mental illness. Also, genius doesn’t mean makes the greatest decisions. Our marriage wasn’t perfect but I miss him and think about him every day.

    • Most of the stuff in the book is made up, right? Anyway, I think it was the ghost of Christmas past that killed him.

    • yes, i did know hi,. I knew him very well. It does not surprise me at all that he committed suicide.

      • Hi, just came across this blog. So, how did you know Jason? I’m just curious….I’m his wife. Why didn’t his suicide surprise you?

  6. Everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion. All I did was post an article that I found. I think it was an excellent book and it’s a shame his life ended the way it did.

    • He was my lawyer 2 mo before he died. He was late for my court case. We spoke out side court house and i noticed that he spoke softly and seemed to be troubled. He gave me his office card and walked away. Little did i know he would be dead in less than 2 mo.

  7. I just finished reading his book tonight – and clicked on Wikipedia to find out more – I was gobsmacked by the news of his suicide. Having just this minute put the book down it really makes you think about the long term damage his project had on him.

  8. im half way through reading jason’s “last victim” and i typed in on google his name to find out more about him, what hes up to etc, and was really sad to hear he has committed suicide. Im very much into this field of work and i guess it just goes to show it really can affect some people. My deepest sympathy for his wife and family. x

    • You assume his suicide had something to do with Gacy/the book yet there is no proof of that. It’s an especially dubious theory since it was years since he wrote it and had moved on to a successful career as an attorney. I could just as easily guess that since he didn’t have any kids, he or his wife had problems getting pregnant which led to fighting and his suicide. The fact is, no one knows why he killed himself.

      • I remember Jason doing an interview a couple of years after his book came out. He did complain that he suffered from terrifying nightmares about Gacy. I truly believe this was his reason for suicide.

      • ladyhawk just to let you know, you have replied to a statement made here some 3 years ago. I doubt if that poster will ever hear your opinion.
        You may have missed my previous posts on this blog?
        My friend of 45 years has extensive taped conversations he had with John Gacy for a full 2 years before his death, that I have listened to quite intensely.
        Gacy’s claim was that Jason Moss had in fact admitted being a homosexual, and divulged certain details of his hand in the raping and killing of a neighborhood boy in Henderson, Nevada.
        The tapes include a call from Gacy to a detective at the Henderson police telling of the crime and evidence that may have led to the discovery of the location of the remains, and prosecution of the killer, Jason Moss.
        The police seemed disinterested to pursue it, and it’s anyones guess why.
        Many have given excuses/reasons for Moss to commit suicide.
        How about the most basic motive, guilt.

  9. i was saddened to find out the news. i have read the book at least 3 times ans it still boggles my mind that he did this.

  10. meant to say “and”. sorry.

  11. I too was in the middle of reading the book and decided to google his name. I could not believe what I was reading. It really seems to me that those nightmares he wsa having really got to him. He really is “The Last Victim” and it is very sad.

  12. I picked up the book on vacation, read most of it and then promptly threw it the garbage. Interested to find out what happened to the author, I came upon this website. This guy was playing with fire. He comes off in the book acting like a social scientist, but, c’mon, he was, what?, 18 or 19 years old when he was interacting with Dahlmer, and Gacy in a sexual manner? This kid was on a collision course with something really negative, and the book simply documents it. Think about it, Moss documents for the world that Gacy likes to masturbate upside down to ejaculate on his own face and then tells Gacy that he has begun masturbating in the same manner to please him? This is journalism? The world needed to know this? And sending letters to The Night Stalker with salutations like, “Hail, Satan?” What was the point? I pray for his soul and pity his parents.

  13. This is a rather separate point but while we are on the subject
    of true crime authors I would like to recomend Elliot Leyton.
    Harold Schecter does not come close in terms of eloquence but
    will appeal to readers who prefer true crime to read like fiction.

  14. Moss completely misrepresented his relationships. There are a few people left around Chicago who remmeber Moss’s visit to Gacy at the prison, how Gacy paid all of Moss’s expenses coming to the prison and had his perverted nephew pick Moss up at the airport, how the prison didn’t want to let Moss in because they caught wind of his real reason for being there: to service Gacy sexually. Which, according to Gacy’s relatives, he did. Which is not to say that this was an uncommon occurrance. Unfortunately, there were many ‘wayward’ and impressionable kids out there who wanted to get close to Gacy. Moss just had sense enough to spin it into a book deal, and since Gacy was dead he must have figured the secret would never get out. Well, its out.

    • Oh my gosh, where did you get your information? Jason and I were married and practically inseparable. We lived in a beautiful home in Henderson Nevada. He suffered from mental illness, he was so incredibly smart. Jason graduated the top of his class from the University of Michigan law school. I miss him and can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since he died.

      • Sorry for your loss. My son is writing a paper on his book for his senior finals. I’m hoping that he learned a lot from Jason’s book.

  15. it truly is sad. weird though is that reading through the comments before posting this is how others like me were half way through when deciding to google jasons’ name to fid out more about him. then to come across the sad news of his suicide. i can’t really say i wish he would have listened to his parents warnings of what he was getting himself into because we wouldn’t have his book, but I just feel that he should have been alittle more cautious in his dealings with these pcychos. it truly is a tradgedy. rest in peace jason.

  16. I bought this book awhile back and I finally decided to read it and I couldnt put it down I was so engrossed in it. I think this guy was very confused and I question if he was telling the entire truth of what really happened between him and Gacy but we will never know…maybe something was eating away at him for years and it finally consumed him…Im sorry that he committed suicide I wish there was some other way he could have released that negative engergy. I have to think though with him pulling a trick on Charles Manson and the Night Stalker if there wasnt something else involved.

  17. Jason was an interesting guy. I had an extensive personal relationship with him. He found people fascinating and loved to find out people’s deepest secrets. I got the impression that he had a hard time relating to people, and had to question people as if they were witnesses on the stand to understand them. I don’t judge him for this, I am just confused as to why he had to try so hard to connect with people. He was one of the least lazy, most creative, resourceful, fearless people I have ever come across, which is depressing, especially since he’s dead.

    • can you tell me more about jason?

    • Oh my gosh, where did you get your information? Jason and I were married and practically inseparable. We lived in a beautiful home in Henderson Nevada. He suffered from mental illness, he was so incredibly smart. Jason graduated the top of his class from the University of Michigan law school. I miss him and can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since he died.

      • Charlotte, I am so sorry for your loss. I read Jasons book shortly after his appearance on ‘Oprah’ and I found it very compelling and I have never forgotten him. One day a few years ago i googled him to see if he had written any other books and was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. I always wondered what really happened when he visited Gacy in prison. Seemed like maybe there were things he didnt say about that. Gacy always sickened me but since Jason’s book and his death I get physically ill when i see anything about that monster and his crimes. The whole thing stays with me to this day. Jason seemed like a great guy and I am so sorry for all he went through. I will never forget him.

      • Charlotte, I just finished the book your husband wrote. I also read sóme of the comments here. I wanted to express that there always will be people who will talk ill about others. Don’t let it get to you.

  18. amazing book!
    I am deeply saddened by his suicide.
    I hope he is at peace.

  19. I don’t know why people thought this man was psycho? What’s wrong with getting under people’s skin? I feel like the reason he committed suicide is because he didn’t feel good enough, not because of the relationships he had with the serial killers. He clearly states through the “Last Victim” that he had a connection with them because he felt entirely alone due to the poor, sad judgement placed on him. Everyone has a different ambition, and clearly his was to figure out the deepest, inner-most fears of people whom the “norm” would never want to “pick their brains”. He also became so consumed in the mind of the killer that I don’t think he could keep up with his personal life any longer. This man could have accomplished so much more, if only he could’ve handled it in a better way for himself.

  20. I have read the book 3 times. I think this was due to the fact that i held huge admiration for Jasons brilliance in not only writing The Last Victim but in the way that he orchestrated his every move to get inside the head of the likes of Gacy etc… I know of no other that has come anywhere close to doing this. would there ever be another like Jason…I think NOT! i have only just found out that he took his own life. I AM GUTTED!!! Maybe he was the listener…Not the one that was listened to? We will never know. 😦

  21. Is this the book that is supposed to be made into a movie with William Forsythe?

  22. BkM1: Yes, the film, Dear Mr. Gacy, is expected for release in early 2010. Starring William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy and Jesse Moss as Jason Moss, the film is produced my Monster producer Clark Peterson and directed by Svetozar Ristovski.

  23. I read this book when it first came out and it is simply; shit. It is total exploitation and totally exaggerated. I’ve corresponded with a few serial killers for years and our conversations are nothing like Moss’s claimed to be. Maybe HIS manipulation and lies were too much for him to handle and it all caught up w/him. It’s a great book if you know next to nothing about serial killers and clinical or forensic psychology. But if you are a true crime connoisseur then you can see through his “fluff” which gave him praise that he didn’t deserve for his book. His book was a one day read which wasted a day’s worth of my time.

    • It’s pretty easy to that now isn’t superstar! 1) He’s now dead so we can’t follow any further accomplishments; 2) Despite serial killers traditionally following a very generalized pattern, they are still all different. So how do you compare the reactions of the serial killers you interview with the reactions of the serial killers he interviewed? You’re comparing apples to oranges and you’re full of shit.

      I’m curious as to what makes you the expert since you mention Clinical and Forensic Psychology but then use the word connoisseur leading people to believe that you are not educated or trained in Clinical or Foorensic Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Profiling, or any other discipline that could make you a specialist of sort in this field. People like you are so annoying and just plain assholes… you make a statement but you never back it up. How is it exaggerated? How do you become the expert on what a serial killer is supposed to say or do? And, if you can’t answer those questions sufficiently or specialize in any related discipline, you have no business knocking his book. If your so much better and your knowledge extends that much further, why don’t you publish a proper account of the mind of the modern serial killer!?!

      Oh yeah, one more thing, these animals are some of the worst criminals in history, who gives a fuck about Jason moss’ tactics in forging relationships and acquiring information. What are you going to say next, that you’re a spokesperson for amnesty international?

      Go fuck yourself dickhead, grow a set, get a fuckin’ life and come back here with some facts to back up your little pussy claims! Fuck you!!!

      • Brian- I’m laughing at you right now. You sounded halfway intelligent until your little rant at the end. If you think this book was so great- you must not be very educated yourself.

        So fuck you too- you weak bitch. LMAO!

    • Jenn- I completely agree with you. I’m sorry for Moss’s untimely death, but his work was just junk… worthless junk. He falsified A LOT of information… There were even several spelling errors in the book. I think he might have realized he was a washed-up, has been at 31 and couldn’t take it anymore.

      • I havent read the book but just watched the movie Dear Mr. Gacy. I was wondering if you could explain what you called “false info” in Jason’s book. I am just curious trying to fond out the truth. I had a feeling that the movie was twisting the facts somehow but I don’t know enough about Jason or the book to back that up. Anyway, I’m just curious…any insight would be great. Thanks

      • And just where is your undisputed proof that the author falsified anything?

  24. The book was utter bullshit. Not worth reading or even wiping your ass with.

  25. I have watched his interview and being a psychiatrist and a body language expert I could say Jason was not telling the complete truth.He was telling and had written what people wanted to hear n read.

    • I kind of got this vibe from the movie. I liked the movie and all I just had a feeling that some facts were twisted. If you have any idea what the complete truth is, please share. I am very interested.

  26. He was a clever, curious and handsome guy.. It’s a shame he died like this. A couple of years ago i had the stupid idea of looking up serial killers story, just out of scientific curiosity. I wish I hadn’t done it. It’s bad for your tranquility to get to know that there are such orrible things in this world!

    Jason, R.I.P.

  27. Just because Jason Moss contacted serial killers in the past does not neccessarily mean it had anything to do with his suicide.It could have been a large number of things that drove him to it and we may never know why.Its like the old saying goes, “Talkers dont jump and jumpers dont talk”.

  28. I read Mr. Moss’ book several years ago and absolutely loved it. I found it to be the kind of book that you open and can not put down. I have since recommended it to many, many people, all of whom loved it as well. Like everything else in this world, there is no one thing that everyone will agree to like, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for Mr. Moss’ untimely and tragic death, I agree with the writer who said that we may never know the cause. And what does it matter anyway ? It is sad and probably devastating for his family, as death usually is. It doesn’t mean the book was any better or worse because of his death, and if you choose not to like it, I would hope that you would be mature enough to raelize that yours is not the only opinion, and that you would respect the opinions of others as well. I believe that the popularity of the book, based on the number of books sold, and it’s assent to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List gives it, at the very least, some credibility. RIP Jason. I hope and pray that you have found the peace you were seeking.

  29. I dont feel sorry for Jason Moss. After sending Gacy pictures of himself in different provocutive poses and convincing Gacy that he was gay,what did he THINK was going to happen when he got to the prison???? Some things are better left alone.

    • This sounds exactly like Gacy’s reasoning for rape, torture and murder.

      • On the surface it may sound like it, but Jason teased a known murderer/rapist with suggestive photos and stories. Usually I think it’s wrong to say someone asked to be treated cruelly, but didn’t he in that particular situation?

        Jason sounds like a Borderline. -Struggling with issues of feeling evil -Easily seduced by psychopaths -Obsessed with “dark” things -sexual confusion -impulse control -emotional instability -lashing out at those he loved when his head was in a bad space -etc…

  30. I myself would never want to write to , much less get deeply into the head of, any of the people Jason Moss was corresponding with. I do think it’s dangerous (to an extent) to mess around with these people, even if only on a psychological level.

    However, having said that, I thought this book was fantastic. I read it in only one or two sittings in one day; it is a page-turner. I really don’t feel bad at all for the killers who were basically tricked into showing some of their true colors.

    And though I’m not generally a supporter of the death penalty, in all honesty I think the world’s a better place without John Gacy in it — regardless of whatever exactly happened between him and Moss during their “conjugal visit(s)”… (I have often wondered if someone working the Gacy execution didn’t allow that second IV line to clog up deliberately, in order to give it more time for the initial sedative to possibly slightly wear off…so he could feel himself basically being strangled and yet not be able to move…).

    Richard Ramirez is also a walking talking advertisement for birth control, obviously. Too bad California will keep him alive for so much longer I’m sure. It’s hard to feel anything but disdain for any of them really but out of the ones Jason Moss corresponded with Ramirez and Gacy to me seemed to be the most loathsome. (Lucas and Manson just seemed more like they belonged in straitjackets in psych wards rather than regular prisons).

    Anyway, it’s a far far greater shame on the other hand that Mr.Moss is dead, and in such a terrible way. I wonder what in the world could have happened to him. He definitely seemed to love life during the time he wrote the book, from the way he wrote and expressed himself at least. I noted one part in the book where Gacy told him in a letter that at some point Jason’s life would hit rock-bottom and Jason would know what to do , and how to do it. I was wondering if his correspondence and encounters with Gacy didn’t continue to haunt him in some way.

    The Moss family must be devastated; they seemed very close. They and Jason will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  31. The Jenn’s, Amanda’s and Brian’s of the posting wars need to take heed and consider calm rational responses based on intelligence and dignity. If they require role modeling, please refer to Mike’s post who so elliquently states facts “objectively” and is able to leave a response and appropriate salutation worth noting— oh thank you #$%##@$%^% is not appropriate you fucktards xoxo

  32. I watched the movie “Dear Mr.gacy“last night and i also read the book when it came out in 1999.
    I did not know until last night at the end of the movie whet had become of Jason Moss since writing the book.
    I agree with NERO on the thought that Gacy still haunted Jason after everything that had happened. Gacy telling Jason they are more alike, and telling him at some point his life he would hit rock-bottom and he would know what to do and how to do it.
    I also agree that these serial killers deserved to have their heads played with, and i do NOT feel bad for them a bit.
    Serial killers get all kinds of mail from crazy people and they wanted to deal with Jason.
    Jason knew he was playing with fire and knew bad things could happen as a result.It is a terrible thing what had happened to Jason. His name will be remembered by many for what he has taught us about his experiment with digging into the minds of these serial killers and what could happen to your own mind if you dig to deep.

  33. I dated Jason in ’96 and believe me the things he said in the book were true, I saw a painting he had from Gacy as well as letters from both Gacy & Manson. I stopped dating him when he couldn’t stop talking about anything but the cases. I just found out he commited suicide, and sadly it didn’t surprise me, I hope his brother is doing ok!

  34. I feel that Jason Moss not only opened up the public more to the topic of “Serial Killers” but also inspired and paved ways for others to correspond with them for their own personal intentions. However, there are alot more people that correspond with these individuals then many would realize or care to know. Many simply write to get a “thrill” of writing a Serial and a great deal are not only interested in it but turn around and sell their letters and related Artwork on related private auctions like and so forth. Each their own I say as have corresponded with at least 300 murderers including Serial Killers, Mass Murders, woman that kill all their children and so forth. (Some have called me). My intentions are different then Jason’s but each their own. He called me a short time before his death and we spoke and he honestly came across as a bit Narcisistic but still an interesting guy and was focused on Ed Gein and we were discussing the possibility of me buying some of his letters but for me to correspond and reach them was/is my passion. Me personally – I try and reach as many murderers as I can and attempt to gain some level of insight as a “person” not as a killer but welcome Dark content. MAny prisons won’t allow you to be graphic in detail and will block your mail and viceversa. I cna only speak for myself but after writing killers across the US (few Foreign countries) and receiving on avg of at least 30 letters a month still. From experience I know that it’s not for everyone -either is a cop or a fireman or banker. Many people sit back and make comments on a pc about serials and their repulsion to them as well as those that write them yet everyone is entitled to their own opinion but know the facts first. I have a MAster’s degree in Psychology (Gen) and work in a lock down Psych unit and for me human behavior is fascinating and intriguing(esp deviance). That’s just me – what can I say as sitting on a couch with a beer and yelling at a football game doesn’t stimulate my mind – each their own. (Any personal comments or questions email me at:

  35. i wish i knew jason!!!!

  36. i wish sombody who knew jason would say somthing ,i wish i knew him!!!!

  37. Erik,
    While you’re sitting back and bragging about all the serial killers you converse with, I wonder if you’ve ever once thought of their victims and the hell on earth these people have brought into so many lives? I can only feel sorry for someone that has nothing better to do with their life than waste it on these monsters. All that education and you have absolutely no compassion or wisdom. Shame on you, shame on all of you and your sick fascination with these monsters. I will never read Jason’s book now that I’ve read all these comments. Search for the light, people. If you let the demons in, they may never leave again….just ask Jason.

    • Jules,
      Your comments are simply typical and portray your own pain. Again each his/her own on how they use their “free time”. You don’t know me, them or even yourself for that matter and your simply using this forum to vent your dislike of the subjectat hand. Nothing can get the victims lives back, so either as a whole we simply continue to carry on like yourself and vent about the tragedies and evil in the world or we attempt to attain “some” level of insight in their mindset. As far as “bragging” i’m blessed with a fair level of rapport building skills with individuals that won’t make your X Mas card list this year. At least i’m using my “free tim” to attempt to make something positive out of the evil actions done by them.Move on with your own hobbies and outlets and save the comments and pain your feeling to yourself and do something positive with it. Taking the ime to address me personally or others on a pc makes one wonder about yourself – enough said.

      • Seriously? You have a Masters in Psychology? … from where….KMart? Your spelling is atrocious and you’re horrifically redundant. I think you’re a wannabe who spends his time panhandling for seriel killer paraphernalia to sell online… maybe even from a lock-down … whenever you get computer time.

  38. So, i don’t get it. I just seen the movie and read all your comments, did Jason actually do “things” with Gacy?

  39. I read the book when it first came out and have read so many true crime books on serial killers. I have had a long time interest in this subject, from the perspective of having a Psychology degree and being in the health care field. It is about wanting to know what makes these people tick, but after a time I stopped pursuing this due to the rather negative emotions it conjured up.
    I just watched the movie tonight, and was shocked to hear that Jason had committed suicide. So I went to google to look up more information, which lead me to this page.
    I do believe that when we dabble in things so far from our own perspectives and beliefs, it shocks and excites us at the same time, but the long term effects, I think can be devastating and in this case ultimately deadly.
    I used to always joke about having a psychology degree, saying that I have a real “affinity” for it. Well, retrospectively I do think I pursued a degree in this field, because I wanted to know more about myself and the behavior of others.
    Since then I have pursued a career in the healthcare field, and it is funny or I should say ironic how I can’t stand psych nursing…
    I don’t know what lead up to Jason’s suicide, but I really believe that he had a dark passenger that he couldn’t contend with. I feel empathy for his friends and family, for they must go on and deal with the reality of this situation.
    Ok I have droned on long enough.


    • Jane, your ‘degree’ is a degree of INDOCTRINATION, and when you “graduate”, it is a gradual deterioration of your God-given intuition. This is why the ‘educated’ are the most IGNORANT, and MIND CONtrolled. Also, the most difficult to convince of the REAL TRUTH. ALL of these infamous serial killers are engineered MK Ultra,CIA,Mossad trained Manchurian Candidates. I bet you didn’t get any of that info from “school” did you? You have met hundreds in your daily droning you call a ‘life’, but b/c of your ‘education’ you cannot SEE them. Lucky I dropped out of ‘school’ early. Gacy wasn’t innocent, but he was the fall guy, and took the rap for the “pillars of society” most of you MORONS look up to, and vote for. Moss committing suicide on 6/6/06 is highly unlikely. He may have some first hand, sensitive inside info from these different serial killers that would hurt the PTBs, and he had to be silenced. Do any of you IDIOTS think a baby is born, and just turns out to be a demon serial killer b/c of choice? They are CREATED to spread fear, and chaos in society. You can’t legitimize a POLICE STATE without lots of CRIME, so the crime has to be invented/created. BTW, ‘psychology’ is a FARCE, and a SCAM. The only people it helps is the psychiatrists.

  40. Excellent movie! It was a pleasant surprise to watch a well developed story between Jason Moss and Gacy . Very disturbing portrait of the last days of Gacy and how much worse he was in person. It will make people think before falling “in love” with serial killers. Now Jason wasn’t “in love” with this psycho at all, but what Jason teaches us is the brutal reality of these “celebrity killers” . The moral to the story (I wish there were more intelligent directors as this one and as compelling as most of the films out there are just garbage) is: “When some one tells you who they are, believe them.”


    It was disappointing to learn that Jason Moss had taken his own life. This is the first that I have heard of this young man and I never knew that he was interviewed on talk shows or that Gacy had even experienced this last chapter of his life with this young man in his last days. I was proud of Jason when he manipulated the manipulator. Literally, poetic justice to the victims at its finest.

  41. Actually, it is disgusting (when you read the forward in the book) how often these serial killers recieve such kudos for their deeds. It makes you stand stronger for the death penalty when it comes to serial killers. It is ridiculous that Ramirez and Manson live on the internet in their cells and that they have the nerve to charge fees just to exchange letters with them. It angers me more that they are enjoying their time in prison and that they are actually making an income off of the death of so many innocents. There should be a standard law across the country that murders should NEVER enjoy any of the luxuries of the law-abiding in any way , shape or form. I am fascinated by the psychology of the deviant, however, that same fascination also brings an utter disgust and strong appeal to make certain that these animals are never released into society. I wish that they were NOT as celebrated , however, looked upon as a shame and disgrace to the development of our society. They should be ridiculed and hated rather than loved by these individuals who merely write to them to propose marriage or to “bond” with them as friends. Don’t these people realize that if these killers were free that they would be their victims? We need to propose that these killers, somehow, are denied the privilages that we enjoy as decent and law-abiding citizens.

    Is there any one out there who feels this way? Is it right or fair that these animals deserve the very same or BETTER treatment than YOU do as the average person?

    • @”Lady” Anna, which ‘innocents’ are you referring to? The toxic violent POS with dead animals rotting in their guts? You call these innocents? I DON’T THINK SO! And who are you to use the term animals in such a vile manner? What do you have against animals? Most animals have much more dignity than their ‘human’ counterparts. I can read you like a book! BTW, ALL these infamous serial killers were created by your Govt./CIA/Mossad. It is easy to see you are the typically CLUELESS, ‘educated’ IDIOT of today.

      • I merely googled “nutjob vegan / deranged conspiracy theorist / mental asylum internet access” and this post by Russ Hook was the first result returned.

  42. Would like to purchase “Last Victim” for my sister I need to know the publisher in order for me to place an order . Have looked at a few book stores and can’t find it

  43. i liked the way he researched,when things becomes more clear or in other words more complex,more bitter,in both cases,men falls into fatal depression and that depressions ultimately results into Sui-side.

  44. I think Jason was gay and his initial intention was to get close to Gacy for personal reasons. But like Gacy, he couldn’t deal with this acknowledgment. Where Gacy explored his homosexuality by overpowering young men (exerting an ultra-masculine sense of control, power, and sexual prowess), Jason explored his by engaging in a highly erotic correspondence with someone he felt was powerful, hyper-sexualized, and perhaps possibly for filling some sort of “daddy” fantasy(that many gay men have) and blaming it all in the name of scientific/criminal research.

    • I totally understand what Jason Moss did, he was a bright student. He wanted to get into the heads of these people. Unfortuntly he did just that and it killed him. He wanted to go far in his studies, being young and not really knowing how and what would take and expire from this whole ordeal. People here that are putting Jason down, you don’t think much of yourself to do that. He was nothing but a bright straight young guy trying to better himself in his interested field. He just unfortuntly got more then he bargained for. It wound up sending him over the edge. Rest in peace Jason. Sorry it had to come to this. I wish that you could have reached or someone could have seen the sighns for you. YOu might be here today. You were only 31 years old. Its a sad ordeal. Personaly i had to open up my mind for this. I to did what he did on a much smaller stance. What i learned really did a number on me. Glad it did not go to far. RIP Jason. You seemed like someone i would have loved to have known.

    • I agree 100%

  45. I found the book The Last Victim a really interesting read, although I thought he recklessly endangered himself and his family, ultimately in search of a good grade. Although he saw his research as a stepping stone to becoming a FBI profiler, the nightmares he describes of Ramirez and Gacy, along with the torturous mindset from the correspondences with these serial killers must have deeply affected him. I have just watched the film Dear Mr.Gacy(average TV movie), which is how I found out that Jason Moss committed suicide. My sympathies to his family. I am not going to speculate as to his motives.

  46. The crazy thing is that you could guess this was ultimately going to happen.

  47. saw the movie, loved it.. might get the book, i really dont read books tho. To die on 6-6-6 and being known to have some kind of interest in ‘devil worship’ is insane,the guy was crazy enough to do this kinda reasearch in the first place, so i think he was involved with that stuff more than we knew.. Kinda hard to believe you can be a lawyer and know your death date is coming up if you ask me. Anyways great movie 🙂

  48. I have recently read this book. I found some of it very interesting reading but after I finished, the only thought that has been running through my mind is; what kinda parents would let their son write, talk on the phone too and visit a serial killer such as Gacy? A parents job is to protect their children (they should want to.), and I don’t think any parent in their right mind would allow their child to do such a thing… So over all it wasnt the stuff about Gacy (we all knew he was a sick individual),that distured me! But the lack of the interest and interaction of his parents, is totally mind blowing for me. How sad that they didnt care enough or put forth the efforts to control this situation and due to their neglect they lost their son to suicide.

  49. wow. lots going on here man.inherent evil, latent homosexuality.interesting.good stuff. r.i.p. bro.

  50. R.I.P. one can know why u did what u did,but u will be missed

  51. I believe Mr.Moss went 2 far with his subjects. After each encounter with these mentally ill men he should have undergone extensive mental therapy.

  52. aw I loved the movie…yes I just watched it on Netflix n was so intrigued by it….

    • I was going to watch the movie because I saw it on Netflicks , but after reading the comments here, I’ll probably read the book first. I’m probably also just a bit scared to watch it alone…

  53. I haven’t read the book or watched the movie Dear Mr. Gasey but I want to. I’m saddened by this authors death. I have watched other movies on these killers. The public should. Be made aware. X Sincerely, Eugenia

  54. Sounds a bit cliche but if you play with fire, you really should expect to get burned. Jason was entirely inexperienced when he played with this fire, too, clinically speaking, but wrote a brilliant thesis. In his quest to get inside the darkest parts of these insidious men, I think he may have triggered some dark parts of his own mind. In the film, the scenes that were especially disturbing to me were the hooker scene in the motel where he came dangerously close to submitting, it seemed, to his dark side, and the scene in his bedroom when Gacy had him so paranoid he had his father’s gun pointed at his own head (and of course at the end credits – that one becomes prophetic). Thought-stopping inability and night terrors can occur when one has chronic insomnia, so just imagine the sorts of things Jason’s mind was dealing with on top of the frenzied life-style/job he was dealing with at the end of his life according to the co-author of his book. I wonder, though, if he did end his own life, as he was seemingly quite successful and this sort of thing was his passion. Gacy did threaten him and said inmates anywhere can murder people, guards were paid off, cops are paid off, cops don’t like defense attorneys who have never lost a case like him, and a suicide note was never found. The whole suicide thing sounds fishy to me, especially on 6/6/06. Just sayin… Anyway, I didn’t read the book, but the film was great – great writing and acting. And Jason, I don’t believe in imaginary men in the sky or heaven or hell, but am glad you lived and followed your dreams no matter what they were. As Dr. Seuss wrote, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  55. Just saw the movie on Netflix (also). Gonna look for the book online … I would say his death was a satanic sacrifice, given the date. Maybe satanists he came to know during his research… They live for that shit. These “people” he researched were also powerful! And did Jason become controlled by others? Total mind f*ckers you know. Kinda like our media and our politicians and our legal system and organized religion etc etc etc. but I digress.

    • That’s entirely possible and they could have seen him as an interloper or traitor or whatever satanists call people who investigate them undercover. I just don’t think it sounds like a suicide, and the reporting on it was suspiciously vague. No one mentions what his marriage was like, for instance. No one. Could have to do with his dealings with satanists, or could be a cover-up by crooked cops or DAs – he was a criminal defense attorney who had never lost a case after all, and they hated that (those who were elected). Any way you look at it, it just doesn’t add up. I mean really, with all that desert around him, would he really do it in his home so his wife would find him like that? And no note? Of all people he would leave a note. A damn thesis! Seems someone was sending a message, but alas, it could have been Jason with this final act of desperation expressing pain instead of writing about it. I hope someone does investigate this further, though, his truth deserves to be known. With regard to your last sentence, I’m right there digressing with you! I completely agree!

  56. Freida –
    I check this spot from time to time and noticed your intelligent words left for me. Next time leave them on my email directly for me to get to it faster. If your that focused on typos on a pc in this forum then that says enough about yourself. Kmart? – right…. The discussion was/is about Jason Moss, Serials and related topics such as perosnal correspondances. It’s rather obvious that you know nothing about any listed above. Do yourself a favor and stay on facebook with your related correspondences. Leave the topics at hand to those who have some related experience.You sound very young and from that profile of yours i answered my own question…

    • Hardly young, Eric, and there is no profile to speak of.

      I, too, check this spot from time to time… well, when I get a commentary notification… otherwise, I have no interest and a multitude of better things to do. What I notice in your remarks and stands out like a sign that says “look at me”, is your attempt to appear intelligent, even to the point of condescending to others. If you can’t stand the heat,.. yada, yada.

      You are either of two sorts; you read the book and are curious about the back story or like Jason Moss, you have a grandiose opinion of yourself and aren’t above lying about your credentials in an effort to gain approval and/or acceptance as an authority. I say it’s the latter.

      My reference to your K-Mart “degree” was less about typos than your tone, grammar and a need to ridicule those who don’t share your empathy and admiration for someone who was clearly unstable and stepped off into a place he was ill-equipped to manage.

      It takes no talent to dangle your penis in front of a latent homosexual serial killer who is safely tucked away in a lockup. I have no doubt that Moss struggled with homosexuality, lord knows he surrounded himself with enough of them. I don’t feel sorry for Moss, nor do I feel there is anything to be learned from his mistakes. He was motivated by morbid curiosity, end of story.

      Folks like Gacy aren’t to be glorified under the pretense of “research” and any other reason for immortalizing such personalities suggests, to me, an infatuation worthy of concern.

      You, Eric, are hot air and no wiser or learned than Moss, so perhaps if you “dial down” the acid in your defensive attempts to ridicule others, you’ll be less likely to risk have someone like me call you on it. Do yourself a favor and quit lying to people about an education you don’t have… it’s, at the very least, juvenile. I have no intention of addressing you through direct email. It isn’t that important to me.

  57. Freida,

    I love your response. Good evaluation!

  58. i had seen the movie..which then prompted me to read the book…little strange..i personally think that jason had some sort of depression he was dealing with weather it pertained to his project with serial killers or from something not even having to do with his serial killer project-we will all never know-especially since there was no suicide note…either way very sad…RIP jason,,,

  59. I Think Jason Moss Is Truing The Man Strill Be Miss & This Like They Always Said (Life No Fairy Tale)

  60. & This Like They Said About Wrestling (Please Don’t Try This At Home)

  61. great movie, thinking about reading the book.
    rip mr moss

  62. i met jason in ann arbor back in 97 or98 i was working in a club and he used to come in one night i found him all out of it he couldnt even walk he said someone slipped him something so i helped him get himself together it took a couple hours but he finaly went home he came back the next night and thanked me and i talked with him for awhile about his book and he brought me a singed copy of his book i talked with him once in awhile when he would come very nice person he was a little odd but polite couldnt beleive how he died R.I.P jason

  63. I have an autographed copy of the book. I know someone that dated him not long before he killed himself..he was a disturbed individual.

  64. When you tip toe into the souls of darkness, make sure you leave some breadcrumbs behind you, so you can find your way back.

    I can not imagine the mental trauma when one walks with these monsters (serial killers) and lets them into their heads. What walls can you place up mentally at 18 years old, when you correspond with them what barriers do you allow them to cross or not cross? When I watched the movie last night, from the very beginning of the movie, Gacey must have been drooling while he was reading Jason’s letters. A young boy, so vulnerable. so innocent to be writing him in jail, someone so easy to control and manipulate into doing his bidding as a monster. Something Gacey saw in all in his victims.
    I do not think Jason was like him, but more like the 30+ other victims that Gacey killed. I think Gacey was an evil sadist and Jason was a budding masochist, a highly complex dom/sub relationship. In order for these relationships to work, the victim, has to allow the sadist an environment in which to be controlled, something that Gacey must have saw in Jason, (a consent to surrender), not just taking, (as he did with many of his other naive young victims) but an actual giving of himself freely, something Gacey wanted one last time, (hence the name of the movie and the book) a last meal that he had been drooling over and waiting for, for years. In the movie, no one controlled him, in his actual physical environment, he was behind bars, but he controlled the Guards, the Warden, Jason, but in the end he lost his appeal. (He discovered all their individual weakness, (exploited that weakness) then he controlled them as his non consensual victims. He created an environment of give and take based on fear, greed and need. For example, he can not create the need or greed that each victim had, but he was able to enable it and then control it and then exploit (need/greed) for his own means. Was Jason a man confused by his sexuality, (like Gacey) I do not know. He did not take out his confusion like Gacey did, of rage, repulsion and denial and then manifest that denial into killing, but in the end on himself. That is the comparison that Gacey spoke of, not of being of killer, but in the loathing and denial of being a homosexual and lashing out. Maybe Gacey saw him as a disciple of himself, who knows.
    Gacey was a monster that feed on the innocence of his victims and stimulated by control they gave him, even to the very end. Society is filled with people like him, maybe not to his extreme, but like him never the less.

    Please email if you like.

  65. Some people are to smart for there own
    good, clearly the case with Jason Moss,
    you play with fire, you get burned…..

  66. I am also obessed with serial killers, however my obession stops with the reading the books, watching the movies of them and maybe writting papers on them at school. I never want to meet them, have a phone conversation with them, or go to the jail and be within breathing space of them. Thats where it stops.

  67. It’s hilarious how so many people can watch a movie and come looking to post on a subject. Not only that, but so many think they’ve “got it figured out,” because the film spoon-fed the conclusions they’re coming to…You’re not enlightened because you can regurgitate it here. Go do some real footwork and investigation if you want to be able to say: “I know why he did it,” “it was the mind of the killers, haunting him to def!”

  68. In the book, he talks about how since childhood, he was an overachiever and overly diligent because he was completely unable to cope with failure. He cried for days as a child when he received one demerit point. The pattern of his life, even after the book was published, was to obsessively train/study one area to become “the best”, only to quit after he’d achieved this, fearing he may not be able to keep up his success.

    I believe some major failure or impending failure in his life is a more plausible explanation for his suicide than being haunted by the memories of his correspondence with serial killers (although that probably would have contributed).

  69. The book seemed like he was holding out on what else happened @ the jail visit with Gacy. Good possibility, that he got raped by Gacy while there, was too ashamed to write about it in his book or tell anyone…and the past kept haunting him, so he shot himself. I just got done reading the book, I enjoyed it, so I googled his name(Jason Moss) to see what news there is on him about his other encounters with serial killers and I seen he killed himself…he was asking for trouble when he started the whole indepth with the serial killers. it was just screaming “im gonna have issues after all this”…my prayers go to his wife though.

  70. I just watched the movie.I DO NOT BELIVE they put him in a cell with Jonh W Gasy and let him almost rape Jason

  71. Sorry Gacy spelled wrong

  72. I’m so sad to just learn of his death. His book was amazing! I have been looking to purchase it and read it again as I’m fascinated by the way he conducted his research. My heart goes out to his mom, dad and little brother.

  73. That line in “Silence of the Lambs” where Jack Crawford tells Clarise Starling, “You don’t want Hanibal Lecter in your head.” Well, this is why. I see him as a naive kid who let a monster in his head.
    You dance with the Devil, you don’t change the Devil. The Devil changes you.

    • I just watched Dear Mr Gacy,not even 5 minutes in and I wanted to do some research on Jason Moss,and also read the book,but I held off until the end, so that I wouldn’t find out any info that would change my perception on how he was portrayed in the movie. I was completely taken back when it was revealed that Jason took his own life and I was upset by this. I feel terrible for his family and friends. I wanted to read his book,but after realizing the mental toll it can take,I’m not sure if I could handle it. Does anyone know of how he behaved,what kind of mindset that he was in before he started his
      research and communication with these monsters?

      • I haven’t read the book, but thought about it. I have seen him in interviews. To me, he appeared a bit arrogant, with a pinch of idealism. When I say, “arrogant,” I mean that he fooled himself into thinking he would interact with these socio/psychopaths and gain the upper hand. This kid (and I do mean KID) was clueless regarding what he was getting himself into. It’s arrogant and naivie to think that one can “do what the trained FBI criminal profilists could not.” And that was “get into the head of these monsters.” You can’t “get into their head.” They get into yours. These men (and some women) are dangerous, conninving, and manipulating. They have spend their entire lives honing their skills at manipulation and making you see only what they want to see. Janet Leach, the “appropriate adult” for Fredrick West. He got into her head, too. He manipulated, cajoled, lied, sympathized, feined compassion and concern for his approriate adult, (or victim) until he had her conned/convinced that she was special, important, and significant to him. In the end, she was nothing but a means of getting what he wanted. Poor Jason Moss was the same for John Gacy. His only mistake was that he went into his research thinking he was in control. That poor kid was NEVER in control. And in the end, it f*cked up his head in ways he probably never imagined. There was a particular serial killer that I contemplated writing a book about. My therapist said that it would be a very bad idea. “There are people who are extensively trained in how to interact with these people without it damaging their psyche.” “Michele,” he said. “You are not one of those people.” He was right. And I steered clear. Smart decision, I thought. Do I really want someone like Edmund Kemper in my head? No, I don’t think I do. Hope this helps.

  74. Yeah, I can’t see anyone with a real degree posting something here. Nice to see the arsehole gave the profits from his book to the victims families. Yáll better take notice of what I post because only I was his girlfriend, his best friend, his Postman and have a masters degree in Psychology

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  79. John Wayne Gacy was a homosexual.
    He killed only homosexuals.

    Jason Moss was a homosexual, and a killer.
    He sexually assaulted and killed at least one young boy in Henderson,Nevada. There may have been more victims.
    He admitted the details to the one killing to John Wayne Gacy.
    I have personally heard the telephone recording where Gacy relates the whole story to a Henderson detective.No follow up was ever done.
    The tapes still exist.They are in Las Vegas.
    I believe Moss became interested in serial killers to try and understand his own thoughts and actions.

    Yes, Jasons writings were filled with fiction and embellishments.
    His guilt probably drove him to suicide.

    • Could it be one of Jason’s “pretend conversations” with Gacy to gain trust and get into Gacy’s head? Perhaps that’s the reason there was no follow up.

      • There can be no doubt that if the authorities had questioned Jason about this, your suggestion would have been his best defense against the inquiry.
        Yet, any shred of credibility once afforded to Jason is completely torn away because of the suicide. It is by far one of the most significant telling factors of this whole story.
        He based an entire book on aledgedly lying to the serial killers he interviewed.
        It’s not much of a stretch to conclude that the man was just simply that, a liar to everyone.

    • Why should Gacy have told it to a detective? The book was actually published YEARS after Gacy’s death…

      • Why wouldn’t Gacy want to inform on Moss’s detailed confession to him?
        He may have had a pang of jealousy since he was facing the death penalty, and Moss appeared to be getting off scott-free after committing a similar crime.
        Gacy was clever enough to discern what was phony, and real about Jason Moss.
        Being a serial killer doesn’t mean you are not intelligent.
        Moss hardly had the professional credentials to be writing an essay on serial killers.He was not even a certified clinician.
        He interviewed these people who had this horrible infamy only hoping to gain monetarily from sharing in it.
        Moss’s book of fiction and fallacy has nothing at all to do with the 1994 phone call to the Henderson detective.
        We could even speculate that as slow as the wheels of justice turn, the suicide came because an investigation may have finally been getting to close for Moss to deal with??

      • What intrigues me is the fact that Moss interest included mostly homosexual serial killers and also a few strange inconsistencies in “the last victim”… Is there a chance for a common mortal from Europe to listen to those tapes you metioned?

      • You can inquire about the possibility of the Gacy calls being compiled on a CD format for sale at
        J.T. is the legitimate source there who can also provide a certificate of authenticity.Tell him Mr. O’Shaunessy sent you to get a good deal.

    • So Moss was a liar, but whatever Gacy said in this supposed taped phone call was fact?

      Looks like you just believe what you choose to. Would not be surprised if you’re a serial conspiracy theorist.

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  97. Okay, so Jason Moss was an extraordinary individual who took his intrest of the criminal feild to the next level. Not only did he became a brave man to do this, he reveals much needed insight on these killers. Moss undertook major physiological blows to his body and mind. No wonder this poor man had to end things. And yes, he studied
    satanic patterns. But what good surge doesn’t when they are writing a book?

  98. i am shocked about the suicied and the date!. thats why he got along so good with them but he really did have a bond and he probably really was a serial killer or satanist in disguise.

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  100. He was my attorney about 2 months before he died. I was trying too evict my tenant but Jason lost this battle in court. We met outside the court house.He told me he was sorry for being late. He gave me his card and told me to contact him if I needed his services. He spoke in a soft voice and then I watched him walk down the street to the parking garage. That was the last time I saw him alive. Later, I saw a picture of him in the lv review journal. I was shocked that he committed suicide. Then I remembered how he looked the last day I saw him alive at the courthouse. He was depressed that day. I wished I would have asked him why he was so sad. But I was angry that the tenant was allowed to stay in my house. Then I walked to my car and left.

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  103. Incredible story there. What happened after? Thanks!

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  107. Reblogged this on Angelina0506.

  108. nobody questions the fact of June 6, 2006!!! If the guy was so depressed
    and suicidal ok ..fine. (lol) He knew FULL WELL what that date meant.
    B fucking S to the nay sayers oh! A coincidence . He was into Satanism
    and excuse me but every interview I ever saw of him he looked like he
    perpetually was a victim of low self esteem. Maybe he had a hard on for
    Gacy. Hope none of us ever see them……getting married….flowers…….
    little clown paintings…..fofl.

  109. So will there ever be a movie made of Jason moss and his experience with these serial killer?

  110. I just watched the movie . Now I want to read his book. Some how I feel the demons off the serialkillers and the criminals hè later defended were much to much .

  111. I did not watch the movie but I did read the book some years ago. I did find some of Jason Moss’s comments in his book some what arrogant. His idea that he could delve into a killer’s mind more so than trained professionals arrogant. I do think at the age of 18-19 he got himself into something so dark and beyond his control. I have no idea if he really murdered any one himself but it would not surprise me as he delved into so many dark areas of life at such an impressionable age. I cannot nor will I judge Moss. The book was somewhat interesting. What I do see is someone much like girls and women who become interested in men behind bars. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. I have never understood that. Clearly Moss became a victim but of his own doing. A kid who believed he could manipulate himself into the minds of some of the most deviate monsters on the face of the earth.

  112. I read the book twice. I believed what Jason said in it and I felt the things he didnt say as well. While reading the book and seeing the look of horror on Jason’s face in the pictures with Gacy I always believed more happened in that prison visit. And dont tell me Gacy was a prisoner and couldnt have done anything to Jason let me teel you i am very familiar with the prison system at that time & money talks. When i read Jason had died i was devastated. I still am. As if i knew him. I cant read or look at anything concerning Gacy because of the pit in my stomach over what he did, emotionally and/or physically to Jason. Jason got in so far over his head so fast he didnt stand a chance of walking away from this whole. I’m so sorry for him and for his family..and i hope Gacy rots in hell.

  113. Dude was murdered and suicide is a cover up or Ramirez used psychology to talk him into suicide cause from how easily he states himself to have been “manipulated” and “charmed” by Fact rameriez probably manipulated him into ritualistic suicide. I’m more inclined to murder though. :/

  114. Who is to say that this man ritually murdered? The police by and large, are so infiltrated they are last group to be trusted.
    I am sorry but it is true.

  115. […] Source: […]

  116. To the real Charlotte Moss, Jason and his book have both stuck with me for years. I was so sad when i read of his death. I am really sorry, he seemed like a great person. Please be well.

  117. Charlotte, so sorry for loss , …..for you and the entire Moss family…..My opinion about the book is that I enjoyed it thoroughly…..I appreciated that it was written as a life experience (as it was)….Jason’s personal experience and I felt his writing came from his soul, I was glad that it was not written as some type of academic Journal. However, I’m sure there was plenty of information, documentation and research that if he chose to create an academic journal….he would have. Perhaps he did later …I dont know. My point is ….Jason told his story …his way….from a human perspective. Anyone who read it….could understand his experience. As far as his suicide goes, yes it is very sad, anytime anyone feels that desire to kill oneself….its heartbreaking. Strictly my opinion here again…..But the feeling I get is that Jason probably suffered with PTSD , anxiety, depression, and bouts of insomnia…..And maybe he wasn’t taking medication, or perhaps not taking the right medications, or perhaps not the correct dosage….perhaps he needed therapy…..perhaps him having been a high achiever most of his life, having mistakenly over exposed himself to the insanity of serial killers, then juggling a demanding career as a Las Vegas criminal attorney, and holding down a family….Is it just possible his humanness, his stress, and his internal pain finally gave way. As a mental health professional , and as a person who has suffered with major depression in my own history…..I understand that people don’t really want to kill themselves…..people just don’t want to hurt anymore…people just want to be out of pain…….and that after you experience major depression long term, the idea of suicide can become appealing…… matter how extreme it seems to be to people who have not experienced extreme pain longterm. It seems like the only solution to the person who is actually suffering mentally, physically and spiritually…..longterm. I also know that depression is frozen anger and guilt. …Jason could have been angry at John Wayne Gacy and the prison for them allowing him to be exposed to such danger(as they lied to him about the safety of that visit) and he could have felt guilt for putting his self in that position with John Wayne Gacy in the first place..but he could not see that until he had that experience….by then it was too late……and it changed it his life forever. One thing for sure,……..we all make mistakes, so I’m not judging. Rest in peace Jason.

  118. Charlotte, if you are still out there, I just want to tell you I still remember Jason and I still mourn him on a certain level. I cant seem to forget him. I will always have a place in my heart for him and what he must have gone through. I hope he is able to rest now, and I hope you have found happiness in life. I wish all the best for you.

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